American "Diplomat" arrested after failed parking space "negotiation"

diplomat |ˈdipləˌmat|nounan official representing a country abroad. a person who can deal with people in a sensitive and effective way.*

"A CIA contractor freed by Pakistani authorities after the families of two men he killed in a shootout agreed to accept a $2.34 million "blood money" payment was charged Saturday after authorities said he got into a fight over a shopping center parking spot.

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Deputies responding to an altercation between two men outside an Einstein Bagel in Highlands Ranch, south of Denver, took Raymond Davis into custody Saturday morning, said Sheriff's Lt. Glenn Peitzmeier. He was charged with third-degree assault and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors."

Well, well, well - looks like the chickenhawks have come home to roost.  

Thanks to our murderous mafia, AKA CIA, and State Department - we have murderous fiends like this murderer running loose here in the 'states.  Perhaps it serves us right.

This scumbag serves as an un-gentle reminder of why we have LOADED weapons in the house.  Good thing this filth wasn't "packing heat" during the reported altercation in Colorado - you never know - he might have had another opportunity to put several more notches in the stock of his gun.

I suppose it is easier after one has snuffed out a few lives - to carry on the practice - you know - blood lust.  Isn't that what it is called?  It's an addiction - killing.  Shooting inanimate objects that don't beg for mercy before the coup de grace, don't bleed, don't scream in agony - and don't pose - dead - for the killer as he takes their picture - no - beer cans just don't cut the mustard.

I hope the folks in Colorado realize they have a man with a license to kill living in their midst.  I hope the folks in Colorado realize that this "operative/diplomat" is a "badass" - a U.S. government bonified, certified killer - and believe you me he can shoot!  After all - he killed two Pakistanis after claiming they were going to rob him - and - thanks to YOUR TAX MONEY - got off Scott-free - since blood money was paid in the amount of $2.34 MILLION US TAX DOLLARS.

Good ole' thug CIA "operative" "diplomat" Raymond Davis (or whatever the scumbag coward's name is) - he's here to protect "US" from the "terrorists" in the parking lots.  And if there is a parking space this loser-bully can't get - or is deprived of - he'll duke it out on the spot - because the CIA and the State Department will bail the sissy-spook out - because he's Raymond Davis - a big man - a big shot - a man with a license to kill anyone he feels like - because the US government will back him up with YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

This is sick.  This man needs to be imprisoned - for his own protection - because as this population - this sleeping-giant known as America - wake up - he is DEAD MEAT.

What a great neighbor this murderer must be - he'll come to your cookout - play with the kids - then shoot someone down like a rabid dog 'cause he feels like it - then the State Department and the CIA will come to the pathetic serial-killer's rescue - because he's an "asset."

Raymond - please - don't come to Charlottesville - we don't want you or anyone like you.  Stay somewhere else - preferably behind bars or in a grave.  I'm sure you'll work it out one way or the other.

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