Trying to Take Obama seriously

I almost fell for this actor - but friends helped me see past the marketing when he ran for office.  Yes - I'm talkin' about the jackass in the White House.  What a hypocrite.  It's beyond embarrassing - after all - he's saber-rattling for war with Iran.  What a surprise - NOT!

Consider this:
"WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama said Thursday that officials at the "highest levels" of the Iranian government must be held accountable for a brazen and bizarre plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States on American soil, insisting leaders of the world will believe the U.S. case without dispute once they absorb the details."  read more HERE

This is the "hypocrite" part.  Does this teleprompter-reading promise-breaking Constitutional-Scholar-claimin'/champion of the downtrodden-pretendin' war-startin' follower-in-chief really want us to BELIEVE these balsa words?  Talk is cheap - let's take a look at actions.  By the way - forget democrat republican etc... labels - boring.  Let's stick with plain ole' common sense.

Stupid Obama just keeps repeating the same old crap - but wait - didn't he claim to have killed an American on the soil of a sovereign nation that never attacked us?  And hasn't this fraud of a prez presided over the relentless drone-attacks against people who never attacked us?  The answer is YES.  If you wish to argue with me - explain all the dead kids in Pakistan.  Such actions of a government collecting money from me makes me feel like a coward for writing these words, yet still paying taxes that support these war crimes, so I can sustain my existence.  What to do?  

Everybody is looking at each other - doing nothing - realizing these goofball-psychopathic killers will stop at nothing - yet the pain for most hasn't quite hit home - YET.  BUT IT WILL.

The question is - In what fashion?  

Did you know that Barack Obama is a war hero?  That he actually served as an infantryman combat-seasoned veteran?  Would you believe he's been awarded medals for valor fighting the same enemy he is prepared to send your kids to kill - because he faced them in a fight to the death himself?  Would  you believe I have a bridge for sale?  Would you believe I can grow wings and fly? 

Commenters to this blog have asked for solutions.  OK - let's give it a try.

1.  The Draft:  Yep - it is time for the draft.  Why?  Because most Americans believe and hope that their own kids - or themselves will never be involved in these wars.  In fact - most Americans are unaffected so - don't care about the lies, war-crimes etc... enough to take the time to examine the facts.  Good.  If that's the way they want it - then let them have it.

I've spent enough time talking to family members - some with pretty amazing athletes as sons - they don't get it.  I've told them years ago these nut-jobs are going after Iran.  Well the time has come.  When the notice comes for junior to get on a plane for Iran - perhaps never to return in a vertical position - then - and only then will the parents take notice of the blatant lies forwarded by their own government, pentagon with media/propagandist assistance to foment war with nations that pose no threat.

We need a draft right now.  It's sad but true.  As soon as possible.  Then - and only then - will the people come to a realization that WAR is a last resort.

2.  Government and military personnel - stop obeying orders that are illegal.  Any orders issued to YOU during an ILLEGAL UNDECLARED WAR ARE ILLEGAL.  Stop following those orders - or join the Nuremburg ranks.  It is as simple as that.

3.  Whistleblowers - it is time for government insiders and police "in the know" to join the revolution - grow up - come up for air from fantasyland and realize now - that if YOU DON'T ACT - WE THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO ACT ON YOUR BEHALF!

4.  Stop paying taxes.  I don't know how to do this gracefully - but we all have to stop feeding the beast.  They keep taking our money and spending it on the agenda of the best-funded lobby.

5.  Elected officials - if you are in office and are being blackmailed - leave office - do it for yourself and your family, do it for your country - just get out NOW.

6.  Get off the grid:  The fewer dollars you spend on anything - the fewer tax dollars are collected from you.  Somehow this tactic must be focused in a combined effort of millions - and focused upon certain toxic entities - let's say for example Monsanto.

7.  Buy things you need locally - especially meat and produce.  Support your local farmers and pay extra if you have to.  Go down to their property and talk to them - you may be pleasantly surprised when you find out what excellent stewards of the land and livestock they really are - and how responsible and educated they are in the proper and minimal use of insecticides etc...

8.  Take over local radio stations.  If you can't buy one back and start talking about local, national, and international issues with the local listeners - then call in to the local shills and make their lives miserable.  Get on the air and with an orchestrated effort ask questions that set a trap.  Get in their faces on the air.  Remember that most of the shills are prepped and depend upon talking points and don't really know their history.  Let them have it where it hurts.  Consult the seniors you know in the community so you can get a good taste of REAL HISTORY and approach the staged event from an angle the radio liars haven't anticipated.  The audience will follow up when you pique their interest.

9.  Quit bleating, like a sheep, slogans - like "Support our Troops" without thinking through the slogan.  Support our troops in an undeclared illegal war?  Why?  

10.  Get you loved ones out of the U.S. military since they are being USED to commandeer the assests of other nations.

11.  Get the religion out of politics - once this topic comes up - the emotions and unprovables fly.  You'd might as well erect a human-sized hamster wheel and run on it until you drop from exaustion.  Trust me - you'll have gone NOWHERE.

12.  Drop your subscriptions to stupid publications like Time and Newsweek.  Get rid of you cable subscription to the History channel and CNN AND FOX.  They are feeding you garbage.

13.  Demand EVIDENCE.  Exhibit A:  the latest false-flag Iran bullshit - do I need to spell this lie out for you?



  1. Pretty good except point #1. NO DRAFT> IT JUST FEEDS THE PROBLEM. MURDER IS A PROBLEM. The Viet Nam war killed over 2,000,000 and included a final gesture campaign of torture and murder by Americans called Operation Phoenix that took over 30,000 Vietnamese lives. The same pigs are doing it in Afghanistan and Iraq now. NO DRAFT!!! It will give the top white trash of America a raison d'etre in the history books. NO DRAFT!!!!!!!!!
    And to call Obummer an actor is to provide a false compliment. Part of his brain has been shunted. Bush43 displayed symptoms of presenile dementia. Obummer's purpose is to make Bush43 look reasonable. Obummer is incapable of acting. He can not reason some issues out requiring moral thinking. He just does things.

  2. The unfolding "Occupy Revolution" was made possible by the elite's worst nightmare... ...the internet.

    Those filthy greedy 1% who own everything and control all major political parties had the 'news media' totally in their pocket as well. The internet toppled their propaganda apple cart. Even world class bullshit artists, like chain-smoker Obama, are quickly exposed by the internet's unwavering spotlight.

    Citizen Journalists and Citizen Investigative Reporters (AKA Bloggers), have re-educated the population with Reality 101 and Advanced Reality 202 as well. The Occupy Generation won't be fooled again. "Alternative News" like WRH are the only news for a growing majority.

    Occupy has already set in motion an unstoppable force of good v. evil and truth v. lies.

    Nobody can pretend America is "a free country" anymore. Even the dupes who still cling to the tattered remains of the MSM can see freedom of expression and freedon of assembly being beaten down by the violent thugs with badges.

    Bloggers, take a bow. The revolution is on. The 99% will set us free.

  3. You want a draft? I don't know you jackrabbit but one thing I think I do know: you have no kids, aged 17 to 26. Well, I have two! Daughter in college and son working in the Gulf, just got out of college. Only someone who has no sons would want a draft! Besides which there are enough unemployed young men and women outta college (or not) that will sign up to go to war just because there IS nothing else! Sad, but true.

    On the other hand, you are right when you say a draft might be the only way to get most Americans to be anti-war (because throughout history, it is proven Americans love war...Vietnam (with the draft) may have been the only war Americans started to hate (though it took a while)

    apeman, who you callin' "white trash"?

  4. ANYONE who ever took Obama seriously is a fool. He is Israel's Manchurian Candidate/ now POTUS. The handwriting has always been on the wall.

    He is the most cynical joke played on the American People because his only purpose is to serve Israel, not Black Americans---------or anyone else.


  5. richard bravermanOct 15, 2011, 8:43:00 AM

    Here is a suggestion for #4 Stop Paying Taxes.

    Everyone who is an employee must go to his or her payroll office and ask to modify their IRS W4 Withholding Statement, i.e. the money taken out of one's pay check for a weekly. monthly income tax contribution. By setting withholding to zero. The employer does not forward income tax to the IRS (the muscle for the bankers/federal reserve). If thousands of taxpayers comply with this suggestion, the War Machine will grind to a halt. This is my unique spin on the phrase "Starve the Beast".

  6. I like all your solutions except the first one. I understand that would wake families up to the possibility of their kids going off to war but it is in opposition to point No. 10 and No. 2 as well.

  7. You think its bad, wait until the waccos in Tel Aviv drops Bonkerbusters on Iranian Nuclear sites, and there are, what a hundred sites.

    We are heading right into a new fallout senario, where even the Oil wil be radioactive.
    And thereby useless.
    And those druling idiots are wagging a war with catsrofic consequensess.
    How fu.. stupid is it posible to be. The moment Iran is bombed, we ALL have a problem, not just down there.



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