"Scientists" create monster ants...

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"Scientists showed that ordinary ants of the species Pheidole morrisi contain all the genetic 'tools' needed to turn them into supersoldiers - they just need a hormonal push.

The research is reported today in the journal Science."


This is great news.  "Scientists" - our friends - have found a way to create monsters.  

But don't you worry your pretty little head - the "scientists" have everything under control (NOT) - they are playing around with genetic material - and hey mannnn - sorry if that ant escaped 'n' shit mannnnnn - we were just doing an experiment 'n' shit - ok mannnnn?  (Hit offa joint)

We are amidst a stinkbug onslaught right now.  They never go away - just appeared and now they are everywhere.

I suggest that whoever these "scientists" are - that if these fucking ants escape - we feed these fucking scientists to these monsters they are so fond of.  Let's start by putting these wonderful ants into goggles we attach to these "scientists" faces.

We'll see how funny all this genetic engineering is - shall we?

Genetically modified food, bugs, animals - everything.  Hey - go back to sleep!  The "scientists" are having a party!  They are kinda' like God - but in reverse.

Better wake up folks.

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