What should be the "National Religion" of America?

Americans must decide what they stand for.  Our values are enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution +Bill of Rights.  

Our country has changed to become a melange of people whose faiths, cultures, languages, music may differ greatly.  But when it comes down to it - we all want the same thing.  Our liberty.

Will Americans step up to the task - pushing back those who wish to deny our great nation an opportunity to take a new leap - as we bring such diverse cultures together under one roof - where tolerance is granted to everyone, where everyone gets a fair shake, yet is free to do as they wish as long as they don't tread on the rights of others?

I cannot find a reference to this quote - my memory may be wrong - but somewhere I heard Abraham Lincoln quoted:

"Let RESPECT FOR THE LAW be our national religion."  

I say:  "AMEN!"

If only Rick and Mitt had a clue.  I think Merle pretty much sums up their vision of America under their (Egads!) ......presidency.....the lyrics...is it fair to say they reflect a viewpoint ripe-no - maybe rotten by now - deserving to be superannuated?  But there are those desiring leadership positions who just can't let go...who can't see the vision Americans have for what our country has become - and would be - if they would stop the madness - the Wars - on drugs, on terrorism*, on this, on that - and finally now on YOU and ME...

We don't smoke marijuana here - not even to save your life...
What's the saying?  "All Hat and NO CATTLE!"  Bombs away!


...Mitt cares...but NOT about you if you desperately need a certain plant for its medicinal qualities to stay alive...yes Mitt cares....about his bankrollers...

...but we have to look out for the rights of other people - like......corporations!

Deny medicine to a seriously ill American ....but "NO" is NEVER the answer when Israel needs something...


It's time to stop the violent religious extremists - especially the American ones.

Vote Ron Paul - stop the wars - save the Constitution - for everyone.
* "War on Terror" - I apologize for using this term, as part of "War on Terror" because I try not to use phrases I don't understand.  I know that "War on Terror" means absolutely anything anyone wants it to mean - which in turn makes it...meaningless.  My apologies ...


  1. The NATIONAL religion should be NONE OF THE ABOVE.

  2. Abe Lincoln...Really?
    I guess Abe's Law is all well and good. Well we have witnessed what Abe's law(s) have done to America. Put aside the murder and destruction of Abe's "lawful armies". Just look at the one's who spout Lincoln's "wise" words. They are the worst bunch in the group. Example: Newt Gingrich and Barry Osambo. Both heap praise on the mass murderer. And anyone who looks favourably upon such a tyrant is an enemy to mankind!

  3. How about Satan worshiping? Check out the pentagon and the layout in D.C.

    1. Yep. Something on the order of a golden calf. Ya know like the one Edward G Robinson was building in "The Ten Commandments". BTW, those were commandments, not recommendations.

  4. Do you think it is rational to blame "laws" for our situation?

    Lincoln's laws? Maybe Lincoln did the best he could at the time - and - taking into consideration the Gettysburg address as a testament to his intent - that he understood that there was work that would remain for posterity...posterity being We The People -

    I think it is more correct to blame the PEOPLE occupying positions in our legal system, positions of power in our government - for not upholding our existing law of the land.

    There is nothing wrong with our laws. They work - but when you have cops murdering unarmed citizens with no justice, Supreme Court Justices who have no respect for the Constitution, presidents who use the Constitution for toilet paper, a Congress that is so corrupt and cowardly they just sit there and let'm start wars without impeachment, cowardly judges, inept lying crooked venal lawyers trained in the black art of sophistry by the most esteemed (great PR bad output) law schools of the land - all so they can use the law to cheat and steal -

    No - there is nothing wrong with our laws. There is something very wrong about the cowards that get through law school, the murderers that wear a disguise (cop with gun and badge) -

    Cowards - yes - cowards are the problem - NOT THE LAW.

    Blaming the Laws for our troubles is like blaming the gun for the act of the murderer.

    Since the " criminal justice" people in this country are such cowards - not cleaning up their own pigsty - natural LAW will eventually clean it up and them with it.

  5. There are a number of Catholic Mystics and Saints, those that had full church approval in the past whose visions and allucutions have shown or told them of a great chastisement coming for both the "Church" and the world, that 3/4 of the world is going to die followed by an unprecedented period of peace and prosperity for a few generations until man falls again and then comes anti-christ - past us. They tell of a massive surprise attack on both Europe and the USA from Russia, one that no one every expected, that Russia is secretly preparing a massive army unknown to the West. We win in the end by at a great price. However what I found interesting is that they say that after this chastisement and war to come very soon, after both the Church and the World are chastised for their unbelief and apostacy - that only one Christian religion will prevail, will exist after this great apocalyptic even - The One Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, that all the Christian churches will come back to the Catholic faith from wench they came: The non-christian religions will still exista and all who do not convert or become Catholic during this time - the Muslims,Pagans,Hindus,Jews, etc, will be the followers of anti-christ, that America for the first time in its history, when this great event is over - will become a Catholic Nation. For those who do not believe this or are very anti-catholic - don't worry - they say you won't be around to worry about it.

    1. It's clear you'll never achieve rational thinking. But could you please strive for correct spelling?

    2. Maybe you should write for the ONION, but they would require that you use a spellcheck program.

  6. lol, that is the funniest f***king sh*t i heard in my life...the catholics huh!!, i think all what Mr. Anti Christ (did i get his last name right, lol) would need to do is offer some lil boys for the chatholic priests and they're on board too, lol

  7. To be able to rub one's backside on a treetrunk without some son of a bitch yelling, "Put your clothes back on or I'll call the cops!!!"

  8. - The National Religion is Hatred

  9. How ridiculous. Just because your religion is not the state religion, does not mean one is not existent. There never has been, nor will there ever be, a separation of church and state, in reality! Amerika already has a state religion. The reason why the Washington Monument is 666 feet in total height. Most know it rises 555 feet above the surface, but how many know, how deep it goes?

  10. It is obvious that American's new Religion is "Warmongering".
    War is peace, War for Israel, Money for war and none for Americans. In bombs we trust" should be on the dollars.

  11. In this dreadful Holy War on Religion, I've had enough. I'm surrendering! 'Cause I'm gonna start my OWN religion, and get in on the good stuff: tax exemptions, and lots of taxpayer money to do what I want... Definitely! Hey Newt -wanna join? We're gonna have open marriages and multiple wives and all SORTS of neat stuff that you're just gonna love! But no nasty stoning of adulterers. Promise! As for Santorum- he makes a fine preacher...in fact, we'll make him Saint Santorum. As for Mr. Obama,  obviously, we'll need to demonize him even further, and his dog. As for Mitt and Ron, hey, just for you guys: no taxes AT ALL ...and human sacrifice of illegal aliens. Televised. Whoooppee! What a country! :-)

  12. Thanks for all the comments - all are appreciated as are the viewpoints they represent.

    I hope y'all know the point of all this is to get a discussion going - I have a lot to learn -and your participation in the conversation makes this exercise worth doing.



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