Watching America Die

servitude |ˈsərviˌt(y)oōd|nounthe state of being a slave or completely subject to someone more powerful.• archaic Law the subjection of property to an easement.ORIGIN late Middle English : via Old French from Latin servitudo, from servus ‘slave.’*Apple dict

Scanning the headlines and perusing articles and videos on the net  - it is obvious that the drift toward tyranny continues.  Despite the efforts of patriots everywhere the masses remain hopelessly blind to the fate that awaits them - servitude.

Americans are now "completely subject to someone more powerful"  - that "someone" would be the international bankers.  This is not news to the keyboard patriots, the 911 truth leaders, the Wall Street protesters, the folks like "We are Change" who confront the representatives of the puppetmasters.  It is also not news to the general public since the corporate owned media - the teevee media - the "afternoon drive" radio media and the moribund newspapers most Americans rely on for their information  as such tools of the 1% persist in their propaganda war against the general public.

I say "against" because the false reality - the bubble-world - the poison - fed to the masses is not meant to inform - it is meant to control.  Whether the propagandists realize it or not - whether they intend it or not - the end result of the manipulation of the public mind now underway will result in the death of the United States of America.  

I am not a gloom-and-doomer - I am a realist.  Self-governance - a government Of the People, By the People, and For the People is impossible when the public is lied to.  Just like a computer program tasked to crunch numbers given to it - the output of the computer is based upon the input given to it.  "Garbage in, garbage out" is the saying - and that is where we are today in America.  The public is only a factor in the equation. 

Personally I've given up on elections for now.  Even if the elections were honest - they cannot serve their purpose since the public will vote according to the false premises presented to them by our corrupt General Electric owned and Pentagon poisoned media.  I was impressed when I saw that Alexandria, Virginia had paper ballots recently for an election - but alas - go to Alexandria, Virginia - talk to the robots up there.  For the most part they remain the most highly educated ignoramuses on the planet.  They are surrounded.  They are the true believers.  They see the terrorists everywhere - just like I used to see Santa Claus on Christmas Eve when, as I found out later, my older brothers and sisters were ringing copper cow-bells outside the windows of our house on Christmas Eve.  Yes - I saw Santa Claus - but I didn't.

America has become a nation of children.  Perhaps it's always been that way - I don't know - haven't lived that long - but presently that's how I see it.  This is a nation of true-believers.  A nation of grown men and women who, despite being screwed by every bank, being lied to by "experts" in the "news", despite having their children killed and maimed in wars of aggression based on lies - this nation of "adults" continue to believe that their big-daddy in the government cares about them.  What rationalizations they must concoct!  How a parent rationalizes the loss of their kid, a mother her son, a brother, sister - a loved one - how these folks lie to themselves never ceases to amaze me.


Our police have become Americans' prison guards.  If you don't come up with the jingle to pay the banker - our nation's finest can be counted on to evict you from the bank's property.  It doesn't matter if the bank really owns it or not - the cops don't care.  An eviction is simply an opportunity for our nation's thuggiest to use a Taser on somebody - anybody - they don't care.  There was a recent story where a cop heard a guy talking on his phone too loud - the off-duty cop punched the guy so hard that the victim ended up on life support.  The victim had four kids - and the occasion was Fathers Day: more

"Vander Lee was sitting with his brother and wife on the patio of Tanners Station in Andoverat about 7 p.m. Saturday when Sgt. David Clifford punched him once in the head, according to authorities. The 43-year-old fell to the ground and knocked his head on the concrete patio. Clifford, the executive officer of the Minneapolis Police Department's SWAT unit, then walked out of the bar, authorities said. twincities.com

Witnesses identified the assailant as Sgt. David Clifford but police did not find the officer at his home. Commander Paul Sommer said that Clifford finally turned himself in at about 1:30 p.m. on Sunday after retaining a lawyer. curezone.com

Clifford, 47, was charged just before 5 p.m. Monday with third-degree assault. twincities.com

An online biography indicated that Clifford had served with the Army's 82nd Airborne Division as team leader of Personal Security Detachments in Kosovo and Iraq. activistpost.com

After two brain surgeries, Vander Lee was still on life support Sunday. Doctors are hopeful that he will recover. activistpost.com"

Is this what our SWAT police are for - to bash our heads in for our own good?  This brings me to the topic of restraint.

I must give Americans credit for one thing:  Restraint.  

Over and over again we see that our police are brutalizing the public, Tasering them, doing all kinds of horrible things.  But I never hear about vigilantes striking back.  

It is a wonder to me that armed Americans haven't decided to take the law into their own hands - especially since the courts protect murderous police time and time again.

I am yet to read a story where somebody finally "loses it" and just kills the cop.  Americans are not doing that.  Is that a testament to the restraint of the average American - or just an acknowledgement by the public that we live in a police state?  Are Americans just too dopey to do anything about the murder or maiming of their loved one at the hands of thug police - or are they resigned to the idea that we are sliding into tyranny anyway - and that there really is no hope?  I can't figure it out.

Our food supply is under attack as Monsanto continues their attempts to monopolize the world food supply.  Only Americans seem to get the shaft when it gets to the courts.  Poland has recently kicked these Monsanto-monsters out of their country - but in America - we have guys like Rand Paul voting against GMO food labeling.  Our government agencies agree.  Screw the American public - let them eat.....poison.  And make sure they can't read labels to avoid the poison.  F the public.  That's the attitude here in the States.

Our water supply - this is a big one.  I firmly believe that there is a major effort underway by the big corporate players to control the water supply - of the entire planet.  This will make control and perpetual taxation a reality for the puppetmasters over the herd.  Look at all the wars going on - some of them are in areas where water is at stake.  What about Paraguay - isn't there an ouster of a leader there?  Didn't the  Bush's recently buy land on the largest aquifer in the land?  Hmmmm.  Maybe it's just coincidence.  Libya is another example.  I'm sure there are many more - but I've not been busy informing myself lately - I've been tuning out - the information overload requires rest once in a while.

Soon, we may find ourselves embroiled in war in Syria and Iran - yes - I know - we already have our killers there.  I'm talking about full-scale war - war requiring lots of troops - like - your kids.

Is there any good news?  Not enough.  People are waking up fast - the numbers are growing......

But propaganda works.  

I can only ask those reading this to keep up the good fight - fixing a mess as big as the one we are in takes time.  Since our culture has been so undermined that our values are also in trouble - our task becomes much much more complicated.

The very value of life - today in America - has successfully been diminished.  

Can we turn this mess around?  Or will America die on our watch?

It may not matter anymore - either way we must rebuild our nation - learn from our mistakes - and preserve liberty.
UPDATE July 6, 2012    Paraguay ‘Coup’ has all the ‘Hallmarks of the CIA’ (El Telegrafo, Ecuador) POSTED BY WILLIAM KERN (WORLDMEETS.US) IN INTERNATIONAL, LAW, MEDIA, PLACES, POLITICS, SOCIETY. JUL 5TH, 2012 | ONE RESPONSE


  1. ...as a disabled, retired former federal employee who worked as a "federal whistle-blower" for over twenty years,...all I can say is...."maybe they will believe us now?"....and all of that "Conspiracy Theorist" laughter can quiet down for a few years...until we prevent the advent of martial law and the bloodshed that will lead to...

    ..also...I have been writing for years about my corrupt experiences...feel free to use any of my writings in support of the constitution,liberty freedom and the bill of rights....

    I grew up with corrupt law enforcement parents...one a drunk and the other and embezzling court clerk....corruption has surrounded me since the day I was born...I appreciate your effort to reduce it....


    RJ O'Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  2. Thrift Store America (part 1)

    You can see it in the real estate. You can feel the retreat from prosperity and purpose. You can sense the poverty and the loss of an entire generation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness… and you can see the, “beginning of the end”, for the America of our childhood conditioning.

    Lost in the All-American, time-honored barrage of local moving sales, rummage & yard sales, and the sad but admirable explosion of Thrift and Second-Hand Stores, you can witness the decay of the legend and myth,…the stories told to us in our youth of what America was supposed to be,…and to be about.

    The signs are clear on a local level; uncounted closed down businesses, thousands, if not millions of houses that are boarded up to avoid uninhabited damage. Even in the homes that are abandoned, but not boarded up, you can feel the desperation of The American Dream? You know you are broke when you can’t afford to board up a foreclosed home…? I am certainly no college degreed economist, and most of what I’ve learned is through my international experiences, but it seems to me that when the number of Thrift Stores coming online outnumbers the number of new Starbucks and McDonald’s,…the country may have a bit of a problem?

    The truly frightening signals are those which smolder out of the burn-pit of our corrupt, unethical government leadership; unmanageable debt, increased police abuses, dead and assaulted members of the “public”, a citizenry grown weary of cow-towing to political, government and “law enforcement” systems that are fraying badly at their ethical edges… and have little or no respect for our Constitutional protections and political limits.

    If not for the deadly oil and chemical dispersant wafting over our southern coasts, the radioactive waste misting those of us along the West Coast and the purposeful flooding of the Midwest, perhaps the Citizens of the country may have the time to pay attention to our upcoming political circus, commonly referred to as elections. But really…how many Citizens really still believe in the American Elective process? How many still hold on to that myth of one-man-one-vote, especially when you can push the right button on the voting machine and stand there watching as the vote changes for an opponent? How many Americans still believe in the process?

    Not many I’d bet.

    How long are we as a people going to sit and be told what do, told what is right, and spoken down to as though mere children? How long can an entire population of a country sit and be lectured to, “how we shouldn’t worry our feeble-little heads”… with the “complex workings of the government”?
    How many more years of kidnapping and torture are we going to allow our government to perform?


  3. Thrift Store America (part 2)

    Will my grandchildren someday read a book, just as we now gaze at the stories and photos of the Holocaust? Will my great-grandchildren someday look down upon a similar book, and wonder why Great-Grand-Dad didn’t do a thing to stop the government from torturing and killing its Citizens… and others? How will we explain such behavior being accepted with no probable cause, no trial, no verdict…just turn them into dead people because “The Government” says they should be? Are we that far gone, that we will just continue to accept this? Are we waiting for someone on a white horse and lone-ranger music in the background before we stand up and say, “No more”?

    I can understand, given the ethical manner in which government has been managed in my lifetime, I can understand why some would still be willing to accept or believe the proclamations of our morally supreme Leaders? After all, look how up front they have been with us over the years…JFK, RFK, MLK, Vietnam, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Mena-Arkansas, The Clinton Criminal Class, Panama, Iraq I & II, Afghanistan, The Foreclosure Swindle, 911…and so on, and so on and so on?

    I can understand why “we the people” would find no need to examine these illegal, immoral and unethical activities, or why such behavior keeps occurring in “The Shining City on the Hill”? In fact, the light from D.C. is so corporately Bright… one wonders how it could continue to be so infested. Who knows…perhaps the Bankers will loan us enough money to hire exterminators?

    Unfortunately, you can also see the growing desperation in the hard-scrabble part of America…the “Appalachia Sliver” of the American conscience, where the words poverty and poor take on a whole new meaning. The sad part is, we are not alone in our ever-growing Appalachia Experience, and after a recent ten-day trip across half the country, we were witness to the ever-expanding condition known officially as a “Recession”,…or in certain parts of the country,…you’ll even get to experience another “Great Depression”,…you know, something to help you bond with your indigent Grandmother, as you compare who had it “worse”.

    But as a retired, twenty-year veteran employee of The Federal Government, including over two-decades as a “federally protected whistle-blower” (as humorous as that is), I know of the nature of our government leadership, and in my opinion, Webster’s Dictionary is going to need a new definition of the word “corrupt” by the time our country falls apart.
    Or, until we realize that we still have the power and unified strength to wrestle the mechanics of government… back from these “Continuity of Government” traitors.


  4. Thrift Store America (part3)

    As a first step, I would recommend the following:
    A National Constitutional Convention - designed to re-invigorate the original founding concepts, rights and status of American Citizens, while amending The Constitution for a 21st century America and its social realities. Additionally, the NCC will be empowered to impeach every member of the standing US Government, and will remove them from office. And by Impeach and Remove, I mean all of them. Every standing member of Congress, The Senate, The President and Vice President, and especially the Supreme Court which voted to allow and approve kidnapping and torture. All of them, gone.

    - National Grand Jury – impaneled for whatever period of time is necessary to investigate and prosecute all members of government known to have violated their oaths of office, as well as committing treason, larceny and murder on an international scale, with no statute of limitations. NGJ-Citizen Investigators should be required to open up all of the American Government Archives across our entire history, and we as a people should be told the truth with regard to historic criminal activities.

    - Additionally, the NGJ will be empowered to dismantle (through force if necessary) the CIA, the FBI, all “Continuity of Government” plans, operations and operatives, including the US Department of Justice, the EPA, The DoD and every other liberty-sucking parasite that still exists within our compromised government. (These entities can all be reconstructed at a later date, under more limited and ethical standards, if necessary)

    - Freeze & Seize Financial Assets- Freeze and seize all financial assets of any member of government for the last forty years. All of them…seize all of their assets, and create a legal process or method for the “innocent” to get their assets returned to them (perhaps with interest). However, for the vast majority of traitorous souls who have been abusing their positions and the citizens for well over forty years…make them prove that the fortune is legally, ethically theirs; make them prove it didn’t come from decades of corrupt acts. Make them show that their ill-gotten millions in self-worth did not come from abusing their oaths or position.

    - If not, just like we ordinary citizens who have tolerated our cars being impounded, our property seized and the other elements of the current two-tiered justice system, let the thieves and killers of the last forty years fight to stay out of prison, the death-chamber, or the poor house… just like the rest of us.


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  5. I know that seems like a lot of opinion and posting...but I'd rather die knowing I stood up and yelled...rather than lay down and be done in through apathy...


    RJ O'Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  6. Larry Lunch-BucketJun 25, 2012, 5:53:00 PM

    You're being overly kind to the members of La Costra Nostro, commonly referred to as the Executive, Congressional, and Judicial branches of government. All but a few deserve the benefit of an investigation into their activities while serving their AIPAC and corporate masters. Take back from them what they have stolen from us and exile them back to the pits of hell where they came from. As far as the FBI, CIA and all the other thugs go, hunt em down and shoot em with a magic bullet. You know, the kind they said Oswald shot President Kennedy with.

    The time is fast approaching where what you suggest will look like a day in the park. In reality, the men of this country are going to have to be willing to get off their sorry asses and spill their blood. I see no other way.

  7. Thank you, again, Dr. Roberts. We are all making preparations to survive the transition to a new paradighm, a new way of thinking. keep food and water well stocked. weapons for protection and food. We cannot depend on this government construct as it is destroying itself with the corruption and waste brought on by perpetual war and mercenary ventures around the world. I pray for a peaceful transition and I do believe that this is possible with the forethought and planning of many intelligent people as expressed in this writing. Our constitution and bill of rights will provide a guide as we transition back to a more independent lifestyles without many of the luxuries we have been accustomed to
    enjoy. Best wishes for a Peaceful transition!


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