Where are the Gun-Grabbers when a cop kills ?

Corporate "News" is propaganda.  They take money and deliver the made-up-minds in exchange.  But there are some subjects our fascist media must withhold from YOU and ME - because to report those subjects objectively would be to expose crime.  Obviously the fascist media find exposing crime a less desirable option than complicity in crime. 

The following paragraphs etc... are for your consideration as a differing viewpoint than is available from the fascists and their marketers tasked with selling you their version of the story, rather than what YOU or I may conclude if we were given all of the unfiltered information on all issues so we can make voting actually matter once the actual ballot process/voting machine scam has been fixed and the crooks that are guilty of stealing our ELECTIONS are punished.  We have serious issues today and will face serious issues tomorrow. I hope the information is useful to the reader.

Some Stuff Never Becomes News
When I look for news - I'm looking for something "new."  Aren't you?

That's one of the most rewarding  aspects of each news-cycle - at least for me.  That's why, when it comes to murderers trained with my money by my government - the "news" is generally boring - because there's nothing new.  Under close scrutiny -  the "new s" today consists of "re-runs."

Gun-grabbers cycles of activity as predictable as cricket chirp frequency.  (Chirp Frequency related to temperature of their environment.....Gun-grabbers turn invisible - or vanish predictably in a similar fashion)

Consider the video several paragraphs down and ask yourself - Where are all the gun-grabbers when the gun used to slaughter an unarmed man - was fired by a cop?  

Are they missing Suddenly to avoid the logical contrasts that are sure to occur to citizens as their obviously dumb-idea-solution to ending violence  - the disarming of people only leaves opportunities for those with guns to overpower those not armed.  

Their propaganda is revealed as their reasoning breaks down.  Suddenly the gun-grabbers crawl back into their think-tanks, beds, caves to lay low for enough time for a "Cop shoots unarmed man to death" story to die while the media buries it for their buddies in the PO-Leese. 

Our policeman's-jackboot-licking media, the lackeys of the "war is good" and "shoot no matter what" crowds are as much to blame  for taking the money of the money-and-market manipulators then propagating their evil agendas - with no regard for the damage and future destruction they bring to the liberty of their nation and fellow citizens.  

No - gun grabbers cannot blame the gun, because the action they recommend to stop unarmed citizens from criminals or unarmed citizens from cops - is the same - take away their guns.

So the gun-grabbers hide for the next real or government-set-up, where citizens or anybody is killed with guns - and the guns are blamed - and the idiotic proposed solution to take guns away is sold one more time by the repeater-media, and the laws are printed and bound for the next axe-law waiting in the wings to take another chop out of the tree of liberty.

What did somebody say about watering the Tree of Liberty?  

Watching the video - our first impression-and the most lasting ........  It appears as though enough people are finally confronting the government and getting active.   Our emotional reaction to such cacophonous gatherings is a "good" "feeling"allowing We The People a temporary relief from the reality of the terrorist threat we all know that Amerikan cops  are to all of us.  We allow ourselves a few moments of childish fantasy - that finally - the cops will be brought back under control like they were in the past - when cops were armed with a six-shooter they never needed to use - a pre-September 11, 2001 America - a time when most cops retiring without having ever discharged their service weapons in the line of duty.   We watch the crowd chant (and hold hands and sing Qoom-by-Ah)during the  the cop-boss explain away why another US citizen needed killing.   We are told by the (surely unbiased) cop-boss that the cop did what had to be done under the circumstances - and the cop HAD TO SHOOT THE US CITIZEN TO DEATH.  There was no other alternative or else the cop would have used it. "Non-lethal" (really?) Tasers have not yet been invented....uh wait....I mean   to use as substitutes for    Yep - finally we've come to that great U-turn here at the bottom of the Amerikan dungeon we've been living in and paying for ...... we can finally relax and wait for the verdict - with justice served -  right?  Isn't this just great? We are assured by the boss-cops that a thorough and unbiased investigation is already underway by (surely unbiased) cop-connected cover-up cronies with impressive-sounding official titles.  Ahhhhhhhh!  Breath that sigh of belief!
Yes!  At last!  The cops understand that we are fed up!  They are going to police themselves and kick out the trigger-happy members of their private shooting club!------NOT!
Bull-sh#t!  They will do nothing except calmly explain away another murder.
Every day, with increasing frequency, the cops are murdering, beating, and tasing my fellow citizens in more creative, absurd, obscene, arrogant, and fearless ways.  Yes - the method of citizen-slaughter in which the cops , SS men, and all ranks of government goons employ to murder us is "new" news.  But what remains the same in most stories is that they escape justice.  Maybe not entirely - but they won't face justice like YOU or I would face justice.  Would you care to consider the following LINK HERE on latest developments on story where an SS member, while in Hawaii, shot an unarmed  young man to death after both brawled at Mickeydees in the wee hours of the morning? I won't know, and neither will you, whether or not SS-shooter Deedy was drinking that night since he refused a test for booze.  As far as the young man the SS shot to death he give permission for a full drug test-during-autopsy-by proxy... since - well - he's.......dead.  That's D.E.A.D.  - you know - just like the Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States. From the above link:
"Somewhat oddly, Deedy’s attorney has also previously claimed the agent was acting in self-defense and/or in his lawful capacity as a law enforcement officer.
Oddly oddly, a federal judge in Virginia ruled that Deedy’s legal expenses in a wrongful death lawsuit pending against him are covered by a renter’s insurance policy issued to Deedy and his wife in Arlington, Virginia in late 2010 by Allstate. A trial in this civil case will likely not begin until after completion of the criminal case. Deedy’s defense attorney is also trying to move the case to federal court, preferably outside of Hawaii. To keep things interesting, Honolulu Circuit Judge Karen Ahn(1) denied a renewed push by several media outlets to make public surveillance video and other documents referenced by prosecutors and Deedy’s lawyer. The case will drag on, with the next trial action not scheduled until September 10, unless the case goes to federal court or is otherwise delayed. Which it likely will be." ----JR comments on above...-----"(1)...   So Judge Karen Ahn says "NO" when WeThePeople demand to see the evidence - all of it -- so that We The People possess for ourselves the LOGICALLY REQUIRED UNFILTERED DATA - as raw as demanded by We The People - for direct interrogation by OUR OWN SENSES. No filtered by your senses. Intent ,on part of the government, to lie, whether  via careless omission or the deliberate distortion of facts:  Both accidental and deliberate are logically possible evidence-filters because miscommunication between people exists always in all human interactions. "  Therefore: to WITHHOLD EVIDENCE is to shield the truth no matter what the reason of the truth-withholder.  So we can conclude:  For Best possible outcomes raw data is a given - what's better for experience the life of a fish?  Looking through the glass into a fish tank, or going scuba diving?   Back to the blog post I cannot fix.
The SS man is allowed to kill people - really.  Don't believe me?  Follow the story as time goes on.  It will take some work on your part because you will get absolutely no help from the media.   See the video above?  Feel the video above?  Ya' know - that "USA!  USA! USA!" feeling that many of us have when we see "something being done?"  That's what you and I are served by the corporate media One bullet went into the ceiling from what I remember which tells me that the SS man was getting his ass kicked after the guy he just kicked got up and started winning. 
I wasn't there but from the information available it is my conclusion that a skilled law enforcement officer would have handled this situation in such a way that the conflict would have been diffused before it had to come to the death of a young man.
But Deedy is trained as a killer I thought.  I thought SS agents were bodyguards that would use lethal force to protect the guy with enough dough to pay them.  I didn't know that their job was to investigate arguments between bar-flies at Mickydees - then apply the death penalty when they can't beat up the guy unfortunate enough to run into them when they are in a bad mood.  Anyway - check out this development - notice how the wheels of justice, before grinding slowly, seem to have shifted into reverse.  Oh that's right - he's connected.  He's part of the organization.  The organization takes care of its own - that is - unless they blow the whistle on government crime, blow the whistle on the abuse of citizens rights, blow the whistle on murder, talk about 911 being done with the help of Israel - stuff like that.  That'll get you kicked out - but for Deedy - he's got better things to do on his government paycheck.
I wonder where all the gun-grabbers are when guys like Deedy blow somebody away while in Hawaii on official business?  Aren't they concerned that guns in the hands of psychopaths are dangerous things?  Why don't they call for the confiscation of the SS men from the Treasury Department?
Maybe it's because Deedy's gun was a "good" gun because Deedy is an SS man - he's a party member - he's "allowed" to have a gun by the "wise ones" in government who are smarter than you or me, and this is the cost we must accept - that one of our fellow citizens and bullet's-for-Deedy's gun-paying taxpayers.  How ironic - to be shot to death over an argument with bullets you helped to pay for.  
Maybe I'm being unfair.  Here's a video of some more "public servants" - serving lead as usual -  I found roaming online:
"Believing he was being chased by men with knives, Ruffino Lara asked a family friend to call police to come to his aid.
But when Houston police arrived, they ended up shooting and killing the unarmed man.
When the family friend pulled out her phone to start video recording, police confiscated it, telling her she was not allowed to record.
Now Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland is asking the public to “withhold judgment until all the facts and evidence has been gathered and the investigation is complete.”
But that’s just typical cop talk that we should forget about Tuesday's incident until nobody but Ruffino’s family cares anymore.
There are already so many contradictions to this story that the confiscation of the witness’s phone is the least of the issues here.
Police gave the usual account that they were in fear for their lives, so they had to kill him."
You see, my fellow citizen, they just HAD TO KILL HIM.  They had to.  What else were they to do in this situation other than KILL HIM/HER/IT/I/YOU/WE/YOU/THEY - they HAD TO KILL HIM.  It's no big deal - we can't take chances because we are special, our lives are more special than yours, as evidenced by the black uniforms YOU bout for us and the guns YOU bought for us to shoot YOU with.  
But what happens when a citizen commits such a crime - shooting an unarmed person?  
Here's one:  (Link here)
"GEORGETOWN — An Avery Ranch homeowner has been indicted by a grand jury for murder in connection with the February shooting of an unarmed man in his driveway.Fred Yazdi, 47, was indicted Wednesday for the incident in which he allegedly shot and killed a 23-year-old man who was trying to run away from the man's property, according to court records."
That's interesting - somehow a grand jury sees cause for murder charges. Not much info - but who cares?  He's a taxpayer.  Translation:  ATM machine for government workers - especially lawyers, judges and uniform-wearing lackeys.  Even if he's not guilty - by the time these "guardians of justice" get done with him - he'll be begging to go to jail to put a roof over his head after they shake him down for every penny he's worth.
But all cops aren't killers are they?  I recently heard on the radio that Federal grants were gifted to Virginia to hire 4(?) "police" - but there was some condition that veterans were to be hired.  That was how it was sold to their dumbed-down audience of taxpayers.  Like they were doing us all a favor by putting veterans to work.  Who can argue with that- especially in this fear-whipped environment? 
But are they doing us a favor by hiring trained killers?  Wait - don't get mad - let me re-phrase that - I don't want you calling me unpatriotic for not "supporting our troops" - But are they doing us a favor by hiring people trained to close with and destroy the enemy?  In their mind I'm sure the answer will always be "yes" - after all - doesn't anyone who fails to immediately follow orders from a cop deserve to die right on the spot?  I don't think so. Here's one from a nearby town -LINK here  "WOODSTOCK, Va -- Around 9 p.m. Friday night, deputies and officers responded to a home on Shaffer St for some kind of disturbance.
They said William Henry Long, 34, Woodstock, refused to listen to them and then he came at them with a knife. Police said Long slashed one Shenandoah County deputy and two Woodstock officers.
Long was then shot and killed.
The deputy and two officers were treated and released from a hospital."  OK - he wasn't listening then he came at them with a knife.  All of them?  Why didn't they fan out?  Oh - yes - we don't have all the facts - that's the interesting part of the news I was talking about.  As usual - we already know that the citizen has been SHOT TO DEATH BY POLICE.  That isn't "new" news.  Neither is the predictable disappearance from the media of the story and justification for the tragic loss of yet another taxpayer - tragic only to the police and "law enforcement" because another tiny bite will be taken out of the bloated police budget since they just killed one of the people that pays for their power trip. In the "new" news category for this story - what I find "interesting" is that, for once, the police didn't have a taser handy to stop him.  You know - that handy dandy miniaturized cattle-prod they use on kids, pregnant mothers, retarded individuals - the miracle "non-lethal" weapon to be used instead of a firearm - but no time for that - just shoot him to death.  A cop friend I had - years ago - had a favorite phrase he reminded me of at key moments in our discussions:  "There are two sides to EVERY story."  You may be thinking:  "NO kidding - everybody knows that."  True - but in this case, although there are two sides to the story, we'll never hear the other side.   Here's one where an undercover cop is sitting...anyway - as usual there are details that change...and as usual the unarmed citizen is SHOT TO DEATH.  Link Here "Custer fired at the 24-year-old, who died at St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach. Bradshaw declined to say how many shots he fired.
"I can tell you right now that experts will tell you if you wait one second and the guy's got a gun, you're dead," Bradshaw said.
Adams, whose family runs A One Stop Garden Shop on A Road, was unarmed. He had been arrested in 2007 on a narcotics charge in Melbourne.
Through attorney Robert Saylor, Adams' family said Thursday the shooting was "senseless." Adams, who had been in Palm Beach County for about a year after relocating from Albany, N.Y., was a "timid" man who was just trying to return home after a night out with his friends, Saylor said.
Saylor stood outside the sheriff's headquarters on Gun Club Road on Friday, waiting to hear what the media had been told. He said he doubted Adams was the aggressor.
As the investigation continues, Custer has been put on paid administrative leave - standard practice after a fatal shooting.
"There's only two witnesses here: the suspect and the deputy. And the suspect was not able to be interviewed," Bradshaw said. "Why he decided to assault the deputy? We may never know that."
Hired in 1998, Custer has not previously been involved in a shooting.
He has received numerous awards and letters of commendation, including for providing security for House Speaker John Boehner this year and helping to find thieves who stole $1.6 million worth of jewelry in 2011."
Here's the shirt the "undercover" cop was wearing:
Undercover officer's disguise so while working undercover no one will know he's really a cop
Our police forces are brutal para-military enforcers.  Not law-enforcers - just enforcers.   If they were law-enforcers - they'd be protecting the rights, lives, liberty and property of citizens.   If they were brave - they wouldn't need to shoot to kill so quickly because they are so concerned with their own safety.  If you are so scared why are you working as a cop? What good is any cop or any uniform-wearing servant of mine if their only solution to conflict is a gun?   With all the hand-wringing sky-is-falling crybabies and scaredy-cats flitting about in their black uniforms warning us about all the threats that exist from "terrorists" and free speech, and the right to bear arms - as they save us from ourselves on the highways with expensive speeding tickets - as they save cancer-patients from the benefits of a joint - as they fret and worry about our safety - and devote their entire lives to our safety - how can they at the same time just pull out a gun and kill an unarmed person - you know - if they are THAT WORRIED ABOUT US? Our police, SS people, govt agents have been taking an undeserved "thank you for serving your country" pat on the back from the public for too long. I see no bravery or value in our government-approved-and-protected gunslingers.  True bravery takes guts - that means - actually risking one's life placing the interests of others above one's own life. The best place to work if you want to get away with murder is in Amerikan "law enforcement."     


  1. bravo...well done..
    we are harassed by these maniacs more and more everyday.

  2. Thanks Mel for reading and commenting. I apologize for lack of proofreading ...

  3. Yours is a ridiculous premise. No "gun grabber" has ever called for the abolition of ALL guns. Just that guns and other weapons should only be in the hands of trained professionals. You created a straw man here, then refuted it. Good job!

  4. Excellent piece.
    I can't but agree. For me gun control is disarming the COPS. Start by prohibiting the use of automatic weapons and other military equipment.


  5. Roland: No straw man here...he's saying that the people who are classified as "trained professionals" are supposed to be MORE responsible with firearms, but more and more we're seeing that they are the ones we need protection FROM. He also pointed out that when a designated "trained professional" commits a crime there is no call for gun removal but when a civillian acts IDENTICALLY they are persecuted to the fullest and the calls for gun control come out.

    HE pointed out a double standard, YOU pointed out that trained professionals should be keeping their guns as established fact (your straw man arguement of all guns gone or just some guns gone.) This arguement has nothing to do with his topic...nothing at all, and that straw man is all yours.

  6. Hello Commenters,

    I appreciate your time reading this post - and for commenting.

    This post was very difficult for me to write - I tried the other day - then worked on it again last night - I had to put an end to it all and finally put it out there for your consideration. I apologize again to Mel, and now, for the first time to the rest of you for the form and style - it's that way because too much kept coming up as I was writing it - then I thought the original was too mean, then it ended up...well...like it is now.

    But - the ideas are in there for the persistent -

    Flak - it seems you like to give me a bit of hell each time you comment - which is perfectly acceptable here - and expected. If you sincerely thought, after reading other posts, then this one that I would so much as consider using a straw-woman argument as a method of changing minds - please re-read some of my rants where I try to demonstrate that I loathe logical fallacy as a method of doing business.

    If, Flak, you are just giving me flak - well then - what the hell go ahead and have at it. Necessity prevented me being here today to straighten you out on the intent of my words - and I can understand why someone may misinterpret what I'm trying to say - I usually just stare at the screen and the words just fly off the fingertips into the keyboard. Sometimes it's OK and sometimes not - I've found that I should let the readers be the judge of worthiness.

    Spartacus and Anons - I appreciate your encouragement and clarification of my points - always - and any other comments you wish to leave us with.

    There is a spam filter on this blog that traps comments - I have to check it once in a while and only then will some comments get posted. I don't edit out comments since the truth comes out on its own.



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