"With Liberty the Stake"

Eisenhower's farewell address - I watched it many times the other night.  The video is embedded below for your convenience.

Although I have not studied Dwight D. Eisenhower in depth - my impression of him, from what I think I know - is that he was a planner.  Somewhere I read that Eisenhower said "Plans are nothing, but planning is everything" - perhaps because as a general he knew that no plan survives contact with the enemy.  I hope it is fair to conclude from this, that although a thorough plan for battle can never guarantee victory - lacking a plan can guarantee defeat.

I wonder what our plan is?  

In today's technological war, the battlefield has, in many ways become more heavily weighted toward the domination of the minds of the enemy.  The lethality of modern weapons has advanced tremendously as has the scope of target options.  Space weapons, missiles, drones, government-trained murderers, biological weapons - coordinated with secret police - have made it possible for those in power to murder anyone anywhere.

In today's Amerika - the use of murder to get rid of people for any reason has been facilitated by a failed justice system of cowards and go-along-to-get-alongs.  There is no possible way for anyone - whether they sit on the supreme court or at a barstool half-drunk to reconcile the murder of US citizens by their own government within the limits placed upon that government by the Constitution of the United States - the foundation of what the justice system exists for.  There is absolutely no way to reconcile this bizarre notion, this contorted logic - because it can never make sense for anyone to murder anyone else for their protection.  Yet it goes on - this high-browed legalese-peppered propaganda - claiming that somehow those who studied law can see something the rest of us cannot - something that is not there - that black is white, up is down, and back is forward.

In today's Amerika the rule of law has been abandoned - and what should concern us all - is that the disregard for our foundational law that was written down in plain language for all of us to understand - is openly and arrogantly disregarded by the public servants occupying a government designed precisely to defend We the People from the absurd and Monarch-like abuses said government inflicts on We the People each and every day.  Reader - help me out - is there something wrong with this picture?

In today's Amerika - police regularly murder innocent citizens and get away with it.  The circumstances vary - but often they are blamed on a drug raid - as if a drug raid is a good reason to kill anybody anyway.  The entire so-called "war on drugs" is nothing but a turf-war anyway - pitting the US govt. supported drug dealers against those trying to grow their own.  Yet these "adults," - fathers and mothers - get up every morning, put on their uniform, black mask, gun belt, grab their assault rifle and "go to work" just like the rest of us - "just doing their job."  How you cops live with yourselves is beyond me.  If I had spent the last twenty-five years in law enforcement participating in the tyrannical assault on liberty known as the war on drugs, the first person I would shoot dead would be the one I see in the mirror.  But, to be fair, most of the jack-booted gun-slingers that call themselves "peace officers" shouldn't shoot themselves - because they are not like normal people - they are psychopaths who WANT to kill people - that's why they sought out the job.  They wouldn't care if the law said that breathing were illegal - they'd shoot you or me dead just as quickly - the law is the law.

Here are some points made by President Eisenhower with thought-provokers interlaced:

1.  He thanks the television and radio networks for the opportunity to bring important messages to the citizens of the United States.

Eisenhower may have got the word out via the networks back then - but things have changed - as evidenced by the lack of interest in "mainstream media" - the media Eisenhower relied on to inform the public.  From his speech - it sounds like he really cared about liberty and the future of liberty.  Today - these outlets are simply speakers - with their wires running to the audio jacks at the Pentagon propaganda  mill.  

Reader - understand that people you know - people I know - possibly neighbors you think are nice people - actually have jobs lying to the public - and get paid with your tax dollars to lie to you and me?  There is a big push to silence the internet - where blogs like this and others bring our take on current events online.  You, reader, can evaluate the merit of these words for yourself - and either retain or discard the information.  That means YOU are in charge of your own information filter.  Why would anyone want to ruin it?

Because ideas are dangerous things - and the truth stands on its own two feet.  Contrary opinions provide opportunities to consider what one may not have encountered when their information is controlled.  This is not a dangerous thing - after all - who takes the important financial decisions in your house?  Do you think your decisions are superior to those of an outsider?  Would you consider handing your paycheck to a stranger to disburse your earnings for the month?  What kind of car is best for you?  Would you rather choose from new, used, all brands - or from two brands picked by the corporations manufacturing those brand vehicles?

The total domination of information piped to the public is essential to the subjugation of a population anywhere.  Elimination of free speech and the modern liberty-genie known as the internet is a MUST-HAVE for those intent on forwarding their agenda toward TOTAL CONTROL of our money, land, resources and liberty.

2.  He reminds us that he is peacefully stepping down to hand power over to the next president.

Perhaps Eisenhower sees the precipice ahead of him that we are now on.  

Here is an interesting article - don't give me a hard time about linking to it - just read it if you like - and consider the ruthlessness of our military and those in its control.  The list of abuses by the executive are accurate, the infighting among US military proconsuls.  LINK

"According to this report, Russian Naval Infantry Forces commanders participating in Rim of the Pacific-2012 (RIMPAC) international naval war games off Hawaii (the world's largest multi-national maritime exercise) this week were told by their US counterparts aboard the USS Port Royal (CG-73) that Obama had to be overthrown as he posed the most dangerous threat to the United States since the founding of their nation."

Any military commanders - US or not - participating in wars of subjugation - cannot be trusted as defenders of liberty.  It would not surprise me if there were a plot to overthrow any part of our government - the main point I'd make after reading the article - is that the possibility exists, the environment to commit the act while duping the public will diminish rapidly as our new enlightenment geometrically progresses - and that the intentions of those who would do such a thing would not likely be altruistic.  On the contrary.

3.  He mentions prayer and spirituality.

Religious and spiritual belief is a personal issue - but it is noteworthy that Eisenhower, a witness to the slaughter and waste made possible by the miracles of mass production - mentions the importance of prayer and spirituality.  Wasn't it Eisenhower that added "under God" to the American pledge of allegiance  - to the Flag, of the United States of America, and to the Republic, for which it stands, one nation, (under God), indivisible, with liberty and justice for all?

Our founding fathers noted the importance of a righteous people as an essential component of a self-governing liberty-loving people.

Reader, wherever you draw your own inspiration from - are you tolerant of those finding inspiration elsewhere?

4.  He  stresses importance of wise decision-making - requiring cooperation among partisan politicians to serve the nation well.

Presently there are no partisan politics.  The fake left and right "sides" in the theater of the absurd played out on the propaganda stage are put there with the intend to distract, divide, and conquer We the People. Isn't it more reasonable that we adults "grow up" and engage each other intellectually to achieve  the universal desire for the preservation of liberty?  It doesn't matter who is stealing our liberty - they are all thieves.  Isn't it high time to face the facts in front of our noses - and call things for what they are?  

5.  He reminds us that 4 holocausts, 4 major wars, 3 involving America had recently occurred.

...and probably knew that if the trend he saw in his time continued there would be more?

6.  He reminded us that America's leadership and prestige depends -not only on riches and military strength - but  on HOW we use our power  -to keep the peace, foster progress in human acheivement, enhance liberty and dignity and integrity among people and nations .  He stated that failure due to arrogance or unwillingness to sacrifice will bring  hurt on  us at home and abroad.

Reader - are the actions of our government in any way consistent with keeping peace by starting war?  Are we fostering human achievement by destroying nations and their cultures?  Are we enhancing liberty by hiring goon-squads of government flunkies to molest our grandparents and children at airports?

7.   He warns that we are threatened by a conflict worldwide, a hostile ideology, global in scope, atheistic in character, ruthless in purpose and insiduous in method - a fight promising indefinite duration.

Has the American public lost the ability to recognize that we are indeed threatened and that current events prove Eisenhower's points?  Yes - the public accepts that threats exist - but has a large enough segment of the citizenry awakened to the fact that this threat is from within as well as without?

The lawlessness existent today in America - perpetrated mainly by those entrusted with power by we the people to protect our liberty - is impossible without the complicity of officials within our government bodies.  A police state is impossible without jack-booted thugs willing to carry out the orders of the power-hungry.  Flouting the law is impossible without the complicity of the courts - people - just like you and me - but differing only in their occupation of an office of power WE GAVE THEM to protect We the People.

8.  To meet this threat successfully we must resist the temptations of emotional reactions to emerging crises - encouraging us to focus on long-term solutions.

The Batman shooting comes to mind.  A complete setup right on cue - as the globalists unleash their next attack on the US Bill of Rights with the Arms Treaty.  Perfect - fill up the news with another bloodbath from a citizen legally armed - the usual suspects come out of the woodwork to complain that American freedom - the right to bear arms - like Philip Calderon of Mexico - that somehow you and I are responsible for the actions of another individual.  Philip Calderon ought to finish matching all the heads seperated from their bodies and bury them in Mexico before he starts giving us lessons on peace.

If Mexican citizens were armed like American - the violence in their country would decrease as they would be able to shoot back.  But Philip Calderon doesn't understand that when guns are outlawed only outlaws have guns - like in Mexico.  Remember that if one person in that theater in Colorado was armed - perhaps only the shooter would have been shot.  That's a fact very consistently kept out of the corporate-owned media - as they carry out the orders from their puppetmasters intent on bringing America down to the level of the hellhole dictatorships gutted by the international bankers.

9.  The need to maintain balance in and among national programs:  balance between our essential requirements as a nation and the duties imposed by the nation upon the individual - balance between the private and public economy - balance imposed by costs and hoped-for advantages - balance between actions of the moment and the national welfare of the future - Good judgement seeks balance in progress - lack of it brings imbalance and frustration.

Balance - that's what is missing.  We have no balance - that's the whole idea.  Money controls politics today with not the slightest nod toward dignity, decency or liberty.  Cops get away with murder.  Banks get away with robbery of the public.  Politicians lie and are not held accountable since the elections are mostly rigged.  Corporations own us and have government backing to keep them from accountability as laws are written to make what ought to be illegal legal.

Where is the balance?

10.  Threats constantly arise:  Our military is absolutely necessary - and a standing army seems to be essential - and has grown to a size where annual expenditures to support it cost more than the net income of all American corporations combined. (1960)

Wow - I didn't realize things were that bad even back then.  Putting things into perspective with the amount of money wasted on the tools of waste, destruction and mass murder - I'd say things have gotten a heckuva' lot worse.

11.  The military power structure in 1960 was a new phenomenon in 1960 for the US.  We must not fail to understand the grave implications of this.

Today's kids are normalized to war as if it is the "way things are."  Changing those minds may be impossible - how does one convince them that things weren't always this way?  They may find that an impossibility in their world view.

12.  In the councils of govt. we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence whether sought or unsought by the military industrial complex.  We must never let the military complex subvert our Republic.

The military industrial complex of today is helping to  destroy the nation.  Those participating in the military industrial complex are all responsible for going along to get along.  

13.  Only an informed public can serve as the balance to recognize the grave implications of the acquistion of unwarranted power by the military industrial complex.

...and that's why the corporate-owned media is public enemy number one.  Rather than informing - they are complicit in the intentional distraction and misinformation of the public.

14.  The prospect of the domination of the nations scholars via government grants.

This is obvious.  With all the rotten things going on the universities, for the most part - and excepting a few brave "rebels" - are complicit.  But maybe complicit is too strong a word - how about just a bunch of hand-picked followers incapable of critical thought?  After all - if you want to control the universities - stock them with the professors etc... we have now.  Don't get me wrong - they can produce the weapons and the spy equipment to subvert liberty - but when it comes to confronting those intent on the destruction of the United States of America - they are doing just what they are supposed to do - fiddle while home burns.

15.  Another factor in maintaining balance involves time - as we peer into society's future - we, you and I, must avoid the impulse to live for today - caring for our own needs, must resist the temptation of mortgaging the future of our grandchildren - material, political and spiritual.

This is a good reason to just forget about the debt and start over with a new money system.  If anyone complains - that's a good time to put this mammoth military to use.  Any bankers complain - well, since it's legal - maybe the government murderers will have some work to do.

16.  We must avoid becoming a community of fear and hate.  We must come together, with the weakest at the bargaining table.

Not a bad idea.  Focus on common goals - who doesn't want freedom of speech defended?  Oh - that's right - those robbing us all blind - they are the ones that know that with each passing day, the word is getting out about what they are doing and who they are.  Anyone intent on silencing free speech must be afraid of ideas - like Mao.

17.  He urges disarmament, choosing intellectual problem solving rather than settling our differences on the battlefield.

Maybe one day this will happen - and after all the carnage Eisenhower witnessed - I can only respect such a lofty goal.  

18.  He again mentions "God" - and that we pray that all peoples of all nations have their needs satisfied.

Repeated intentionally I would assume.  He is trying to make a point - I leave that to the reader to evaluate.

19.  He mentions that those who have liberty must understand its responsibilities.

Sometimes it is hard to appreciate something until it is lost.  Then we realize how valuable it was.  Losing liberty is easy - getting it back - that's going to be very hard - when you can't speak out against crime, when you can't shoot back at someone shooting at you, and you live in servitude because your money is controlled by international bankers who, like leeches, suck the lifeblood out of the fruits of your labor.

20.  He urges that we all come together with mutual respect.

It's happening.  Our revolution of enlightenment is well on its way - but the war is far from over.  We are facing very tough battles.  We must remain resolute in our common desire to live in peace with liberty and justice.


  1. er um...what about the Germans in the last century who were mass murdered with malice aforethought by "functioning useful idiots" like the "JEW" Eisenhower..


    ....acting in covinous collusion with the global crime syndicate that also manufactured Bolshevism and Zionism....not to mention the so-called CIVIL WAR and WWI & WWII...for PROFIT !!


    Truth + Justice = Peace.


    Remember Waco ? Vince Foster & William Colby ?


    What really motivates the economic TERRORISTS {money changers & Pharisees}...?

    er um, Maybe Jesus is the Truth teller @ John 8:44....whatdyathink ?

  2. Why does anybody listen to the words of Eisenhower, the biggest hypocrite of all?

    When he gave his speech, it was only a couple of years from the time he DELIBERATELY set out to destroy the German civilians AND the GERMAN POW's.

    Research: GERMAN POW CAMPS

    Eisenhower was hand-in-glove with Stalin to destroy the Germans, and KNEW what the Communists would do to the Germans when they got their hands on them, but he, Eisenhower, as Supreme Commander of Allied Troops, DELIBERATELY held back his Allied troops, and allowed the Communists to enter Germany FIRST.

    The results were horrendous bloodbaths and rapes.

    The Communists were allowed to overrun ALL of Eastern Europe. After WWII, Eastern Europe was as HELLHOLE under the Communists!

    All due to Eisenhower!

  3. To both above, i do not claim to be an expert however, i would suspect that he was 'following orders' and not creating policy. Like patton, he likely saw the light and the truth after serving as president.

  4. what they say and what they do are miles apart...remember that.

  5. I'm starting to wonder if there are any Americns, past or present that readers don't think suck.

    That's all I ever hear - this one sucks, that one sucks - and it's all versions of history.

    Somehow Eisenhower hit the nail right on the head - his warnings came true.

    Predictability means credibility

  6. All former American "idols" cannot be bad - otherwise how could any good have ever come out of America? Good things have come out of America so some former American "idols" have to be good.


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