Hello Military and Police! Anybody home? Think!

Before you watch the second important video - warm up with this one.....

The following discussion is a very serious matter.  I hope those of you still resistant to admitting to yourselves that we Americans are living through the final stages of a war on liberty - waged by members our own government - against YOU and ME.... I hope you will consider the grave implications of the information presented in this discussion.

It is time for us to rally around the Constitution.  Why?  

Our Constitution, when we follow it,  serves as a legal mechanism providing a framework of rules by which we can live together in peace.  Like the We The People, the Constitution is also imperfect - but in our imperfect world it's a practical framework that works - that is - if and only if We The People ensure adherence to its principles.  The recent arbitrary arrest and detention of Brandon Raub - with the participation of the FBI, local police and "justice" system, and members of the medical community prove that our government servants think they are are masters.

Let's not forget the complicit moribund corporate media - who follow the pattern of calling Constitutionalists "crazy" - then visit THIS LINK to see that foreign troops on US soil is a reality.

There are things we will never all agree on - that will never change - so we must accept it and find a way to work together to find a best way.  The Constitution provides a means for individualism to thrive by protecting unpopular ideas while providing for common needs.  It is hard to defend one's country if it is a country of anarchists if an overwhelming coherent force is the threat.  There are times a structure must be in place to keep the peace, provide for common defense, and make sure everyone has their day in court.

There is so much information, personalities, truths, half-truths and lies swirling about us no matter where we look - it becomes overwhelming to some - especially those just now getting involved - just now taking a look - just now beginning to try to understand who is telling the truth or not, what are their agendas, who to believe and the rest of it.  That's where the Constitution and Bill of Rights comes in.  It provides a common ground from which to work together - while maintaining our individuality and pursuing our own goals. Those intent on its destruction, those participating in actions that deny persons their rights without due process - they are the ones we can identify easily as common enemies of We The People.

Today - there is almost nothing left of the Constitution which brings us to the Declaration of Independence.  This founding document clearly states the justification of forming new government when the present government no longer serves We The People.  Today, as when it was written, the Declaration of Independence and the principles enshrined therein are being seen as "terrorist" in nature. Like King George III our present rulers find such ideals as liberty and limits on the powers of government as threats to their power.  Indeed they are .

The Brandon Raub arrest by the FBI and Virginia police demonstrates beyond any doubt that our government WILL come to take you away.  They did it to Brandon and they'll do it to you.  There is more as you will see in the following video.

The people behind this arrest - I mean at the top - have not been identified yet to my knowledge.  No one has been fired despite Brandon Raub's immediate release from a psychiatric hospital he was held in and abused by a member of the medical "profession."  No medical licenses have been revoked for those who willingly acted as low-level enforcers of would-be tyrants.  They must be penalized because our system of law uses punishment as a corrective mechanism - without punishment there is no deterrent to make those abusing their power to think twice when it's your or my turn to be labeled "crazy" or "extreme" or a "terrorist" for doing nothing more than Paul Revere did on his famous ride.

I applaud Oathkeepers for their peaceful exercise of First Amendment rights - the billboard is an outstanding way to keep the pressure on the bad guys by informing the public and members of the military about the present crisis we are living through.  Thanks Stewart Rhodes.

Reader, especially veterans- I strongly urge you to visit their website here - you may wish to watch the introductory video.

The pursuit of universal agreement and love is a noble cause - but human history serves as a lesson that our imperfections as human beings often stand in the way.  These "imperfections" are part of the human experience - sometimes leading to good and sometimes leading to evil.  We must embrace our differences, limitations, and individual limits as part of what it means to be a human being.  The Constitution was created as a framework of laws to protect our individual liberties.  That is the only job of government in the end.  They are doing the opposite.

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