Corporate Media Complicity in State Crime

"The high speed of news dissemination is used to great advantage in contemporary intelligence assassinations.  The official fiction can be spread to every corner of the world and obtain acceptance as reality long before any separate inquiry, if one ever occurs, has begun.  The sheerest illusion is spun into the only reality the public will ever know.
Creation of a believable cover for an assassination is routine for an intelligence agency of a major government.  The cover story which is initially distributed by the press release creates a degree of acceptance virtually impossible to dislodge.  This is the case especially when the official fiction is supported by the prearranged activities of a decoy pointing in the direction of a false sponsor of the assassination."

Corporate Media Complicity in State Crime


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  1. Jews: Master Criminals

    Well, the mass corp. Jews-media (see http://natvan.com/who-rules-america/index.html) is simply bought-and-paid-for instrument of those powers behind US Federal Reserve Bank which literally just print-up and digitalize all the fiat-money they practically need.

    So powers behind the Fed own and control the "corp. media," obviously, and they hate the free I-net. Powers also own and control practically all the politicians and judges--this, again, by that amazing means of (legally) COUNTERFEITING-up all the money they need.

    And this horrific criminal conspiracy and enterprise is run and master-minded by Jews, those who follow the Talmud and worship lies and lying--criminality--all part of their sublime war-plan against humanity.

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  2. https://natvan.com/who-rules-america/index.html

    bad certificate

  3. same for the article I linked, untrustworthy site certificate when one tries to use HTTPS not HTTP,

    I suppose you've never tried that?

  4. I tried it, and it came right up--it's http, NOT w. "s" at end.

  5. Another good link is http://flyingtigercomics.wordpress.com/2014/06/27/six-jewish-companies-control-96-of-the-worlds-media/#comments

  6. Here's another: http://der-stuermer.org/jewmediaen.htm

    But if u go to any decent search engine (I usually use Yahoo.com), all u need do is enter "Jew media domination," and u get NUMEROUS sources fm all kinds of orientations, left, right, Jew, non-Jew, etc. Jews dominate the main-stream media, period--now HOW do u think this is done?--only answer: they dominate banking whence they just print-up all money they need. Q.E.D.

  7. Dave Duke has lots of info on Jews-media, also on his YouTube vids section. Here's another good source, lots of citations in the comments section too: http://incogman.net/jew-media/


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