Keeping a Lid on "it"


While pondering reasons not to blow my brains out today I thought it would be helpful to myself to put a few words down.

Crooks don't lack guts they lack morals.  This brings us to the definition of morals.

I think my morals are good morals.  They are most aptly defined in the U.S. Bill of Rights backed up by the Declaration of Independence.

Only fools and the Jews of World War Two era give up their guns and get sent to camps by people with the guts to (unjustly) use their own guns to subdue the cowed and cowardly masses.

How did the masses get so cowardly?

They were and are presently being taught to be cowards by the mainstream media and forces that dictate the effluence of "our" government.

The fact is that "our" governments job is to protect the rights of EVERY CITIZEN REGARDLESS OF ANYTHING.  The definition of "RIGHTS" is spelled out in the Bill of Rights.


My enemies are simply those who choose to be enemies of the Bill of Rights.

Yes the Declaration of Independence was gifted to us for a reason.  It is exactly for when the Bill of Rights is ignored by a government that has forgotten its subservience to WE THE PEOPLE.

By the way... I'm considering a move to a Black neighborhood.  Should I buy another gun?  I'm going with my stereotype of blacks.  It seems most of the time, not all of the time, most of the time they are a hassle.  Whether pissed off at me 'cause I'm white or just living in a culture where people don't pay each other back the money they owe.  Then they pull out a Bible of all things to wear my already-abused eardrums with.


  1. Pre-comment by Jack Rabbit:

    For the Jew bashers: (rightly or wrongly doesn't matter)
    Doesn't this make Jewish neighbors better than Black neighbors statistically?

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  2. oh yeah, you should play the music while reading the article as background

  3. Rule Of Law Requires Rational Society--Christianity

    Well Jack: Jews rule, don't they?--Jews running the topmost criminal enterprise, the COUNTERFEIT scam of Federal Reserve Bank, (a), (b) not one, not two, but now THREE, if not four, if u count the "Puerto Rican" as a "crypto," Jews on the Sup. Ct., (c) all NSA info going, un-filtered, to Israel, (d) 7 of the 11 places on Nat. Security Council are Jews.

    Ever tried to criticize kikes?--it isn't tolerated, not by any large organizations or corp.s--only by peasants like us.

    See Jack: the "law," and "rule" thereof, only counts in a rational society, for people who respect the OBJECTIVE reality.

    See Jack: Christianity believes in TRUTH, hence objective reality as necessary criterion, as only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6). Jews are masters of lies, most organized, most cohesive, filled w. righteousness and self-pity, etc. Just ck their Talmud, see RevisionistReview.blogspot.com and Come-and-hear.com for best Talmudic expo.

    1. Good stuff - I've noticed nobody takes you on in debate. Perhaps you are right?

      There is a pie chart on the left side of this blog examining that issue - that the tiny Jewish population is disproportionately represented relative to the segment of the population they occupy.

      Only powerful positions in organizations matter - so with just a few key positions held by key players - the dopey Americans better just obey.

      That goes for everybody - not just Jews - but there is an article on this blog somewhere examining the reporting that NSA info goes to Israel company for sifting first...


    2. Apsterian,
      Please give me a bit to review Objectivity before I can respond to that part...

    3. Apsterian,

      I was thinking about those you point out are intent on the destruction of what is good and right.

      Is it fair for me to argue that intent doesn't really matter in this case - the standard has been set by the Bill of Rights, so anyone crossing that line is just as guilty as the next trespasser. Punishment should be the same regardless of their anything.


  4. This is from the link above ... perhaps this is why police just killem all and let God sort them out?


    1. http://www.thugreport.com/

  5. http://www.ajc.com/news/news/breaking-news/wellons-files-federal-appeal-to-delay-execution-fo/ngMpK/


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