Judge Andrew Napolitano Goes Off the Grid


  1. Libertarianism Is Proven Loser: West Needs Christian Revival For Anti-Semitism, Anti-Pharisaism

    This was good vid--I hadn't seen that one, out since March, this year. But it was just a couple of typical "libertarian"-types talking their typical cliche's and platitudes--THEY DON'T GET DOWN TO BASIC PREMISES, precepts, principles, u see.

    For what's problem w. USA?--we're in downturn phase of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler. US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam continues to reign supreme, US Dollar continuing to be accepted (though less and less as time passes) for goods and svcs.

    Thus over-populated morons and scum continue to pre-dominate, too satisfied w. "bread & circuses," true Christian patriots still too few, still too lacking in sufficient power. So ZOG continues to dominate, and these libertarian morons and losers continue to babble their stupid, brainless, Jew-friendly crap.

    For NOTHING will change till US Dollar finally collapses, meantime the Jew masters at the top are doing everything to keep things confused, the proverbial waters "muddied," ginning-up for war w. Russia & China, evidently--someone, in any event--'cuz we GOTTA have a war, gee whiz--after all, the economy is collapsing and the culprits have to make their escape as everything goes to heck.

    But then, WHAT is it that underlies even this--the Spenglerian "Decline of the West"?--answer: the people have lost that original Christian HONESTY and heeding for the objective, Aristotelian reality which is determinist, there being no "good-evil," no perfectly "free" will--BUT THIS CANNOT HAPPEN without there being lots and lots and lots of people being killed, I'm afraid--a big die-off. Why is this big die-off necessary?

    Answer is because too many of these OVER-POPULATED dumb-shits can't figure-out they've been too brain-washed w. this "good-evil" Pharisaism-moralism--which they're not intelligent enough to realize isn't reality-oriented--SO THE POOR SONS-OF-BITCHES GOT TO DIE, see?

    We're btwn rock and hard-place, I'm afraid, culturally and psychologically. And only an anti-Semitic Christian revolution can possibly do the necessary REVOLUTIONARY trick for our terminally sick culture.

    Poor deluded fools like Jack Rabbit needs to get a clue about this cultural and mass-psychologic problem--lay-off the stupid, libertarian platitudes which have been around for AT LEAST 40 yrs now and have NOT helped the continuing degenerating situation.

    Reality is objective and DETERMINED; there is no perfectly "free" will and no "good-evil," and this will be fatal for the Jews who live and thrive according to subjectivism and "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy. Christians must re-discover their anti-Semitic principles, for Christianity is necessarily anti-Semitic, first, last, and most.

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  2. Apsterian,

    Christians are hypocrites - who wants to join that club? At least their foes, according to you, the Jews are up front about waging war via deception.

    Christians can always find a reason to contradict your interpretations of the Bible with another statement from the very same Bible. And if the Bible is so great - why did it have to be revised and a bunch of stuff left out?

    I'd say we have to make a deal that is not related to any specific religion - although I would agree that some aspects of a belief systemcould be adopted into a new set of rules everyone can live by...


    1. ...I meant to say "Some Christians are hypocrites...etc"

    2. Judaism & Hubris Are The Problems; Christianity Is Most Successful Attempted Solution/Antidote

      Christians are hypocrites?--like other humans aren't? Ho ho ho

      "According" to me?--u say? Ho oh ho--well, it (the war-like Talmud) can be verified as I note--which u don't care about, so u have no basis for complaint--in fact, I wonder why I even bother talking to puke like u, ho ho ho ho ho.

      Humans are sinners, see?--The Christian literature is what counts, and then "Christians" are those who say they follow Christ above all or anything else.

      And note history is CYCLIC--when times are prosperous people suffer HUBRIS (like in ur case, eh?--ho ho ho ho). People only begin to heeding Christianity when it serves their purposes--like w. anything else.

      JR: u need to face-up to what u are--a hypocrite no less than the "Christians" u contemn. What's purpose of ur blog, anyway?--just so u can pretend to reason and justice for opportunity to bloviate and expostulate, eh?

      U just want to pretend to moralism/Pharisaism, that's all--why/how u so easily sympathize w. Jew monsters against poor Christians whom u look-down on, not caring u uphold Jew monsters.

      See: here's what happens--WAR btwn among humans--UNTIL they decide it's better to be rational--unlike u, who only wants to pretend to "morality," that's all.

      Strict reason is too difficult for most folks, who need leadership, that's why they follow Christianity, or other religions. Jews are simply dedicated criminals regarding their "religion" of war against the gentile. Jews and Jew-like thinking (Pharisaism, hubris, and subjectivism) is the problem. Christianity is the most historically successfully anti-dote to this monstrous Judaism/hubris.

      Anti-Semitism is the necessity; Christianity then is the best form of such necessary anti-Semitism.


    3. Christian Literature Is Most Powerful For Grasp Of Original Mosaic, Critique Of Pharisaic Divergence

      I pride myself upon being one who appreciates the Christian literature, this in spirit of general literature.

      I first began w. appreciation of Homer (Illiad and Oddyssey)--only later did I begin to appreciate the Christian literature, but this was after I finally grasped the full monstrosity and satanic nature of Judaism--as expressed in their own literature, the Talmud.

      So u see, my criteria for this general appreciation is literary and philosophic (I was Philosophy major).

      Thus Christ and Christian literature is only properly appreciated and understood in CONTEXT of hist. circumstances which entailed the Pharisees.

      Thus Christianity teaches its lesson(s) by way of aestheticism and literature--u don't have to "believe" anything, just appreciate the literature and the philosophy embedded within.

      Thus basic story of New Test. is (a) Christ expounded the original Mosaic law, seeking to change not a single "jot or tittle." (b) Christ pt'd out the Pharisees lied and mis-represented Moses and his Torah (Gosp. MATT 23, entire 39 verses--there are other ref.s too). (c) Pharisees thereupon conspired to murder Christ, Christ upholding his principles throughout.

  3. And "religion" doesn't necessarily mean "believing," though it may for most or many--"religion" is simply integration of intellect w. sentiment, conscious w. sub-conscious, that's all.

    Don't forget, reason is religion too--Christianity at its best. "Faith" properly only means loyalty, not "believing," like insisting upon stupid crap that makes no sense.

    It isn't Christainity's fault u can't read, grasp, or appreciate Christian literature, taking kikes' word for what it means, etc.

  4. But Apsterian,

    If the Bible was the word of God in the first place - why did it need revision from man? Don't you sense a contradiction there - or at least hubris? Ha ha ha ha.

    I do agree that without "God" in the discussion - we are left only with "Man." I've written about that in the past - I wish I could remember where- but without an appeal to a higher authority - we are simply left with charlatans like royal families etc... to bow to before being beheaded - or cooked with next-generation weapons systems.

    The American way is to respect the rights of the individual - you refuse to address that issue with respect to condemnation of Jews in general. You cannot escape that problem unless you make a change in your argument it seems to me.



    1. Jews Are Not Rational Humans, Have No Rights; Deserve Death

      Idiot: "Bible" is literature, man-made--get it? Only the Bible itself (or sources within) say it's "word-of-God."

      Respect for traditional, American principle of "rights of individual" is MEANS TO END. "Rights of individual" ARE NOT NOT NOT NOT the end. End would be happiness, prosperity, etc.

      In war, the enemy has no rights--they're to be treated in most economic/efficient way, collectivistically, destroyed whole-sale. Jews are enemies of humanity--BY THEIR OWN ADMISSION--ck their Talmud.

      Criminals, for example, FORFEIT their rights and are executed, this for the safety and self-defense of the society--same goes for Jews, only good one is a dead one.

      U, a traitor, want to deny & ignore reality (like the Talmud), on grounds of moralism, and speak for Jews, insisting, falsely, they're humans (they're not) deserving of respect for their "rights." U're a traitor who should be killed (after a fair trial, of course).

      U will, no doubt, now repeat ur idiotic arguments to effect judgment cannot or should not be passed against Jews collectively, but as they call themselves Jews, thus endorsing their war against humanity, hence murdering monsters, they bring judgment against themselves, consistent w. rules of war (such as they are) and reasonable self-defense. Q.E.D.

    2. Apsterian,

      Thomas Paine would definitely disagree with you.

    3. Apsterian,

      You are still clinging to blanket statements about "Jews" , which you still cannot define -

      You are not doing what Jesus would do - he would NEVER make statements like you are making according to the Bible.

      Law - not religion is the only way to go for peace in the end. If one desires war - stick with the religious angle I'd say -


    4. JR: Demented Traitor

      "[B]lanket statements"--ur term for general statements--are perfectly justified in logic and reason, as anyone can see for himself. U make no sense when u say I "still cannot define."

      U're just a stupid liar. Christ would surely be willing to state plain truth, as I do. Jews are anti-human enemies and should, must, and will be exterminated, along w. their allies, traitors like u.

      And there's no peace w. Jew monsters, stupid, regardless ur psychotic repetitions.

      And if u pretend T. Paine, who was mere propagandist, after all, has something to say, u ought to supply some kind of reference or quotation.

      U're such a moron, desperate to pretend to moralism, but only demonstrating treason.


    5. We notice further, JR, u amazing psycho, how NOW u suddenly invoke Christ--which literature u previously rejected for "hypocrisy"--u now pretending u know all about what Christ would do and/or say, u utter psychotic, lying moron--and this is AFTER I cited for u Christ's rousing denunciation of Pharisees at MATT ch. 23.

      U're so thoroughly stupid and pathetic, u utter, amazing traitorous scum. And don't forget MATT 10:34: "Think not I came to bring peace; rather, I come to bring a sword."

    6. Apsterian,

      I suppose the lesson I can take away from this discussion, that you have succeeded in teaching me, is that there are, indeed, those that cannot be reasoned with.

      That is an important lesson - as we are ending

    7. Apsterian,

      Also, you say
      "u now pretending u know all about what Christ would do and/or say,"

      ...after having made the statement:
      Christ would surely be willing to state plain truth, as I do. "

      Seems to be a double standard on your part here - just wanted to point that out.

      Thanks for commenting.


  5. our present age of reason - you know - the one you and I thought we grew up in.



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