Conspiracy Theory - Reason vs. the Crowd

What is the definition of a Conspiracy Theory? Wikipedia definition here, Another definition of "Conspiracy Theory" from Webster's Online Dictionary:
" A conspiracy theory is the belief that historical or current events are the result of manipulations by one or more secretive powers or conspiracies."

Where on Earth might one hear of such a paranoid idea? How about from President John F. Kennedy?

Or how about President Eisenhower? Watch this segment of the entire Eisenhower farewell below:

UPDATE APRIL 16, 2009 How about Abraham Lincoln? From Lincoln's "House Divided" speech: CLICK HERE FOR FULL TEXT :
"We cannot absolutely know that all these exact adaptations are the result of preconcert. But when we see a lot of framed timbers, different portions of which we know have been gotten out at different times and places and by different workmen -- Stephen, Franklin, Roger, and James, for instance -- and when we see these timbers joined together and see they exactly make the frame of a house or a mill, all the tenons and mortises exactly fitting, and all the lengths and proportions of the different pieces exactly adapted to their respective places, and not a piece too many or too few, not omitting even scaffolding, or, if a single piece be lacking, we see the place in the frame exactly fitted and prepared yet to bring such piece in -- in such a case, we find it impossible not to believe that Stephen and Franklin and Roger and James all understood one another from the beginning, and all worked upon a common plan or draft drawn up before the first blow was struck."
UPDATE NOV 4, 2009
Nixon: International money speculators are the gainers when international monetary crises strike:

Click here for a page with links to articles by many authors stating their case regarding conspiracy theories. Some of the authors state that they "Don't believe any conspiracy theories." I don't see how it is reasonable for a person to state that they don't believe in any conspiracy ever - especially when many have historically been found to be true! And remember - theory precedes conclusion until evidence has been gathered. Also - what good would a police detective be that NEVER considered conspiracy in their efforts to solve crimes - all crimes? The point is - don't let anyone convince you to discount conspiracy - first look at the evidence. Stop and think - if you were guilty of conspiracy, and the law was hot on your trail - wouldn't it be in your best interest to point and laugh at the detectives and claim they were "crazy conspiracy theorists?" That said - let's continue...

So what are the connotations of the phrase "conspiracy theory?" They are negative are they not? Doesn't one immediately think "kooky", "crazy", "crackpot" etc...? Why? If past presidents are among those warning us of the dangers of misplaced power falling into the hands of groups (military-industrial complex) then who are those advising us not to pay attention? Who are those telling us it is irrational to consider that people may secretly scheme in ways that are against the best interests of the public? Jefferson told us "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." He did NOT add "...but don't worry about conspirators or conspiracies!"

If being vigilant means considering conspiracies, which means formulating theories, then do it! Who are the originators of labels, like conspiracy theorist, that discourage Americans from heeding the warnings from past Presidents? Why would so many people in the corporate media ceaselessly label those who dare publicly to theorize about a conspiracy as if it is an irrational act? If one hopes to find truth shouldn't all possibilities be considered? How about the possibility of conspiracy? Do you think Abraham Lincoln would have been well advised to consider there was a conspiracy to assassinate him? What would todays corporate media have to say about a conspiracy theory to kill Abraham Lincoln the night before a conspirator shot him? Would you call Obama's guardians "crazy" for considering a conspiracy against him? Let's take a look at history...

Historical Conspiracies:

1. Gunpowder Plot
2. Rosenberg Conspiracy
3. John Anthony Walker , Click here for another article on the Walker spy family from Pete Early.
4. Abraham Lincoln Conspirators , Click here for more on Lincoln's conspirators.

So if we are to learn from history we must accept that conspiracy theories are rational considerations for Homo Sapiens - because CONSPIRACIES HAPPEN! This means that it is a citizen's duty to consider conspiracies as explanations for events. Yes, consider as a possibility. Why? So that in the case that there is indeed a conspiracy we get to the truth. If the evidence shows no support for the hypothesis of conspiracy then it is eliminated as a possible explanation. The important lesson to learn is to LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE. Just consider it. But please ignore the pleas of the corporate media to disregard evidence because they think you are foolish for considering a possibility that just may be true.

Some current conspiracy theories:

1. One World Government Conspiracy theories: Article from 321Gold on Warburg
2. 911 Conspiracy Theories vs. Government Conspiracy Theory vs. Coincidence Theory
From- P44 "The Crowd a Study of the Popular Mind" Gustave LeBon:
"However indifferent it may be supposed, a crowd, as a rule, is in a state of expectant attention, which renders suggestion easy. The first suggestion formulated which arises implants itself immediately by a process of contagion in the brains of all assembled, and the identical bent of the sentiments of the crowd is immediately an accomplished fact."

Isn't this exactly what happened on 911 with the difference that the crowd was assembled on a television set instead of as a mob in the street? Was there time for anyone to apply critical thought? Why would anyone on that fateful day, 9-11-2001, apply critical thought when they are watching events unfold on their television? But after later examination of the video evidence isn't it odd how quickly the same conclusion reached by the 911 commission was reached in seconds by some guy in a Harley hat and Harley shirt on the street on 911? The same EXACT story? "Then I witnessed ..."

But who would benefit from such a disaster? In other words Que Bono? (or Cui Bono? if you prefer the Latin.) I wonder how much this gentleman made as a result of the 9-11 "attacks?" Look him up - see what you think.

How about the military-industrial complex as mentioned by President Eisenhower? Do you think they experienced any benefit from the disaster of that day?

But hasn't the government looked into all of this? What about the 911 Commission Report? Hasn't that put all this to rest? I suppose that depends if you've seen the work of private citizens who've taken time off from their lives, like David Ray Griffin , and written many books about the subject, including 911 Commission Omissions: Omissions and Distortions. This is worth examining:

As American citizens will we actively participate in the making of history, or will we sit on the sidelines accepting as fact the unsubstantiated images provided to us via television?

It is every citizen's duty to become informed and involved in our own way. If you are not a citizen of the USA - so what? We need your help in spreading the truth. Knowledge is power - and gaining knowledge is the first step. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - I wish you, reader, if you haven't already, please join those of us who've taken that step.

DEC 29, 2008 Do you recognize the voice?
JAN 10, 09 George Washington's Blog - Good article on disinfo
Jan 18, 2009 Anthony Beever can discern truth but you can't
Please read this on Kennedy - give it some thought
(CLICK) for a conspiracy theorist (whatever that is)
French Professor sacked for 911 conspiracy theory

UPDATE JULY 10, 2009 David Ray Griffin vs. Matt Taibbi -impenetrable logic vs. fallacy
UPDATE AUGUST 3, 2009 LOU DOBBS reporting on Obama going for NAU
UPDATE OCTOBER 28, 2009 Official explains NAU
UPDATE MARCH 27, 2010 JPMorgan, Lehman, UBS Named in Bid-Rigging Conspiracy (Update1)


  1. everyone needs to understand that George H.W. Bush participated in the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, on Nov. 22nd., 1963, acting on behalf of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (AL-CIA-DA). A now unclassified document proves Bush's denial about being in Dallas that day is rather 'moot' now.

    If you google or search engine 'OPERATION NORTHWOODS' you will see proof that the 'false flag' operation perpetrated on Sept. 11, 2001, by rogue elements of the U.S. government and the Israeli MOSSAD, had roots dating back to 1962.

    the United States has not had a legitimate, real government in power since November 22nd., 1963, and it's gotten more blatantly 'criminal' and 'out of control' since then. The F.B.I. is just as dangerous as the SPEZNAZ and the K.G.B., and other criminal secret police organizations, aiding and abetting the obfuscation and destruction of evidence of U.S. government 'wrongdoing' for many many years.

    We are living well inside the 'Rabbit Hole' of Lewis Carroll's tale of halucinatory, surreal, nightmarish proportions, at the hands of a small group of criminals such as Richard B. Cheney and Richard C. Myers, of the J.C.S.

    9/11 was an INSIDE JOB and the world is now figuring that out, and the american 'sheeple' are also waking up to that fact of life.

    It's time to send these criminals to the International Criminal Court in the Hague, to stand trial for MASS MURDER, TORTURE, and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, and this must be punishable by the DEATH PENALTY once these criminals are convicted and sentenced.

  2. jackrabbit, you are not fooling me. your not a rabbit, your a chicken. tell everybody who you really are. i am not scared to die. as gwb said, bring it on

  3. fredumbfrus2 - in time perhaps you'll find out - by now knowing identities it seems to me that the reader can focus on the writing for a change, and stop all the name calling. Doesn't look that way. Anyway - thanks for at least taking the time to look the new site over.

  4. I meant above to type "NOT" knowing identities that the focus would remain on the subject matter debated - away from the author for a change. Logic is used to test the soundness of our reasoning. Why is the author applying the logic so important to you.

  5. idenity lends writings credibility fredumbfrus2

  6. lack of idenity. no credibility

  7. jackrabbit, what do you have to hide. lend some credibility to your writings and give the readers your biography. if you have nothing to hide it should be no big deal. fredumbfrus2

  8. again...the square root of nine is three - that fact is independent of the speaker - as are the facts surrounding the issues discussed in my articles.

  9. fredumb please post you ssn, address and phone number since you have nothing to hide.

  10. unless the TV says it, the sheeple will not even think about it

  11. "unless the TV says it, the sheeple will not even think about it."



  12. Anon 11:26 I couldn't agree more - that is the bottom line - somehow the population must see something on TV to affirm their suspicions before they can give any credibility to them.

  13. I went past a well-made private billboard yesterday on I-5 near the town of Rogue River, Oregon. On a white background huge red block letters said simply "WAKE UP". I knew what it meant. I wonder how many others passing by know what it means?

  14. Thanks Tom for taking a moment to share that with us. I can picture it - and yes... I'd know what it meant too. How many others indeed?

  15. Tired… tired… and tired. I am tired of trying to explain deductive reasoning to friends and family. Tired of the protests, and of seeing the body bags. Tired of the uselessness of it all. Tired of the consistency and predictability of the lies every time a politician opens his mouth. Tired of the hand full of courageous leaders, from Jefferson, to Jackson to the murders of Lincoln to King to Kennedy (s) and others that died while trying to liberate all of us and their work for the most part being trivialized and completely misunderstood. Wasn’t 9-11 enough? There are volumes of scientific data from many disciplines explaining almost every second of what happened on that day. Almost ten years have gone by and the majority still believes in super ingenious terrorist with box cutters, and amazing cell phone calls from cruising jets (ten years ago!!!). Well I made a phone call to reality, and the results are in: the public is not ours to save. They believe in global warming while walking in knee-deep snow, and in bailing out of all things… banks! We must try to save ourselves despite the ignorance of the public and despite the tyranny of the international banksters. I for one no longer play the game. The one silver lining in the inevitable New World Order is that eventually the so-called elite will begin to feed on each other. Best of luck to the rest of you righteous liberators, my prayers are still and will always be with you. Good Bye.

  16. Hi anonymous above - thank you for commenting.

    I don't like giving advice - since it may be the worst you'll ever get - but my own experience tells me - take a little time off and let your intuition brew for awhile - you'll come back strong and ready for more. Don't let the bums discourage you - you'll find your wind.

  17. Here's how to turn the tables on blockheads who call, for example, 9/11 "doubters" "conspiracy theorists."

    Tell them that the official story is a conspiracy theory, and that since they believe it, they are, in fact, the conspiracy theorists, remembering that a theory is a belief that isn't backed up by any evidence. People like me, who know that the government was involved, and have researched the subject for years, and seen the massive amount of evidence marking the murderers in DC as complicit, are not offering any theories. Once you have evidence, it is no longer a theory.

    I have to admit, though, I almost feel a tiny of bit of respect for these numbskulls. It takes guts to publicly state that you're stupid enough to believe in fairy tales like plane crashes and kerosene fires pulverizing steel-framed buildings, a 757 disappearing into a 16 foot-wide hole at the Pentagon, a 757 crashing in an open field and vanishing off the face of the earth, and 4 Arabs who couldn't adequately handle single-engine planes commandeering jumbo jets, disengaging the auto-throttle and auto-pilot, and while flying @ 500 MPH, and having no idea of where they were, being able to chart a course to hit buildings that were hundreds of miles away.

    And remember, these people have the right to reproduce and vote. I know now why people commit suicide.

    Just a side question here: if those two airlines lost "jumbo jets" on 9/11, then why is it that neither one of them have ever filed loss claims for any of those flights? Hmmmmm . . . 3 guesses, and the first 2 don't count, OK?

  18. Hopefully, this isn’t getting posted twice, but I’m trying again since I didn’t see it get posted before.

    Here's how to turn the tables on blockheads who call, for example, 9/11 "doubters" "conspiracy theorists."

    Tell them that the official story is a conspiracy theory, and that since they believe it, they are, in fact, the conspiracy theorists, remembering that a theory is a belief that isn't backed up by any evidence. People like me, who know that the government was involved, and have researched the subject for years, and seen the massive amount of evidence marking the murderers in DC as complicit, are not offering any theories. Once you have evidence, it is no longer a theory.

    I have to admit, though, I almost feel a tiny of bit of respect for these numbskulls. It takes guts to publicly state that you're stupid enough to believe in fairy tales like plane crashes and kerosene fires pulverizing steel-framed buildings, a 757 disappearing into a 16 foot-wide hole at the Pentagon, a 757 crashing in an open field and vanishing off the face of the earth, and 4 Arabs who couldn't adequately handle single-engine planes commandeering jumbo jets, disengaging the auto-throttle and auto-pilot, and while flying @ 500 MPH, and having no idea of where they were, being able to chart a course to hit buildings that were, in some cases, hundreds of miles away.

    And remember, these people have the right to reproduce and vote. I know now why people commit suicide.

    Just a side question here: if those two airlines lost "jumbo jets" on 9/11, then why is it that neither one of them have ever filed loss claims for any of those flights? Hmmmmm . . . 3 guesses, and the first 2 don't count, OK?

    P.S.: what is with the Cass Sunstein video? I’ve seen it superimposed on videos and text on two separate pages.

  19. fredumbfus2 is a government agency plant as part of the pentagon plan to infiltrate blogs as part of their propaganda/provacateur campaign as was Hal Turner. Pay no attention to the idiot.

  20. To anon May 26, 2010:

    Well said.

    As for the Crass Spinstein vid: Superimposed or juxtaposed - I don't know what the heck happened on the side of this main page - and I haven't fixed it yet because I was doing other things - and was concerned that in a hurry I might delete the wrong stuff. They I noticed how nicely is meshed when reading the article where I pick apart the great professor's paper attacking free speech - which can be found by clicking on the "Old Glory" pic on top left of blog.

    I noticed yesterday that there was a section of text missing from the first paragraph where I was quoting part of his paper - italics and fixed that yesterday. On another occasion I had to put John Adams' test back in after it disappeared from the blog post. All that cutting and pasting sometimes ends up with mistakes.

    If you see anywhere I should fix up by all means please let me know.

    Thanks for commenting - you really hit the nail on the head. The idea of these non-pilots flying those jets in the manner the 911 commission and the people they covered up for say - demonstrates how ignorant the general public is regarding the skill of an airline pilot. That - to me at least - is one of the most insulting parts of this whole scam. Like flying a jumbo jet is equivalent to driving a "dodge-em" car.

    Which possibly brings us to the real problem in the country - ignorance in general.

  21. To anon May 26, 2010 10:46 - yeah I think Fredum and I settled the issue eventually - we continued that discussion through a few posts.

    The shills are definitely out there, definitely organized - and easy to defeat. They always end up stuck in their own words -

    It seems they protest too much - it seems they are getting more and more desperate - it seems that a linguist could help figure out about how old many are and their nationality - most seem younger than me and I'm in my forty's - most stop talking when you ask them if they agree that there should be a death penalty for treason - most rely on the same ad hom etc... attacks - most never discuss the evidence.

    One wonders why there is such a "strong" (fake) anti-911 truth movement when there is no equally strong anti-UFO movement, anti-Elvis-is-still-alive-movement, anti-anything movement as is the fake anti-911-truth shill group - a group that seems to work in shifts? One wonders why 911 truth above anything else is a topic that must be silenced by people with the president's ear - in other words - with the pressing problems in the world - would a bozo like Spinstein have something more important to work on - like maybe - peace?

    Sorry for the rambling...

  22. The debate on 911 is no longer needed. A preponderance of the evidence clearly points to a neo-con, cia and Israel- mossad operation. Anyone denying the facts is either willfuly ignorant or a paid agent/shill of the criminals. I suppose you might add illiterate people as well since TV is all they have to learn from.ceo

  23. This needs said and repeatedly, How do you root out a government mole, infiltrator, spy, agent provocateur, etc.,
    1. They usually go straight to the ad hom. or plainly said, attacking the person, such as Jackrabbit was attacked by fredumbfrus2.
    2. They will not ask questions, in general and will destroy their own argument. For example the government tool, fredumbfrus2 wants Jackrabbit to identify himself, well what about fredumbfrus2 identity? fredumbfrus2 looses his argument right off the bat.
    3. Shills usually post comments near the top of an articles comment section. Why? because they are paid, they troll the internet for their work which they do far more than people like me who must take care of biz first and do not have the luxury to do this all day.
    4. Misdirection, ad hominem attacks, other political issues, etc.,
    5. Hide their identity, it would not take long to find out a government plant once you know who it is. In this day and age, following the money is easier than ever, who pays them is who tells them how to act.

    There are a few 'tools' (unwitting government helpers) who are simply people not clear-minded enough to think or fearful of loosing their jobs because most major corporations are in control of the government such as JP Morgan/Chase bank.

    Free people, such as I, who are unemployed, already have nothing left to loose and see these agent provocateurs easily and completely. This allows us to speak freely and most objectively. 911 was an inside job and the criminals have mostly been identified, they are zionists which include George Bush (both of them) Jeb Bush, Condi Rice, Netanyahu, Cheney, Powell, Kissinger, Blair amongst others.

  24. anon aug 30 2011 12:14 - great commentary and logic. It takes a newbie awhile - but eventually anyone can spot a "tool" - nice work, in my opinion anyway, explaining the details. Absolutely essential remarks for the newcomers - like I was such a short time ago....

    Thanks for reading and commenting.


  25. No death penalty! Stick them in a cage on Alcatraz Island and let people pay five cents a go to throw rotten cabbages at them for the rest of their sorry lives!

    Anything but the death penalty. It's what they would advocate and things have to be done differently. All live is precious.

  26. Good point anonymous. Rotten cabbages! I love it.

  27. The NDAA is literally a declaration of war on ME by my government.
    Cabbages will no longer do - only hot lead in a nice warm steel jacket can replace the "pigs-in-the-blanket" (I'm of Slovakian descent)

  28. The Killing has to end. If you cannot accept this then don't complain when you have a bullet in your own head.

  29. vindication really is bittersweet. it is not at all like i thought it would be, a feeling of "accomplishment"...wow, what WAS i thinking? i've known for a very long time about the corruption and evil that is the usa government. but, the damage is done, the loss of life irretrievable. there is no way to undo the damage. if only people had listened! but, no in order to respect free will, one must allow the stupid and the willfully ignorant to have their say as well, or there is no freedom for anyone. that being said, to try and reason with unreasonable knee jerk reactions is a lesson in folly. now, however, it seems that people are really waking up to the evil that has been going for as long as i have been alive. but that doesn't help the millions who could have been spared. it makes me very weary and tired of the whole mess. i do not feel vindicated by my beliefs. i feel crushed by ignorance. and i just don't care. blow the world up already....just get it over with.
    i'm sorry, i don't really mean that, i am simply disgusted with the way things are turning out, and the knowledge that none of this was even necessary is soul wounding.

    1. Thank you anonymous August 6, 2012,

      Your point resonates profoundly with my meager attempts - being right doesn't "feel good" when the damage has been done.

      Vindication does, however, over time - bring credibility - as those warned that would not listen get picked off one at a time with the ability to learn from mistakes change "sides."

      I have felt great frustration at times - your comment is right on target - but I think we are in this for the long haul - those of us on the "right side" of liberty and justice for all may not see the just society we are all fighting for...

      There is only one thing to do - press on...

      Thanks again for taking a moment to share your thoughts...

    2. .....those of us on the "right side" of liberty and justice for all may not see the just society we are all fighting for...

      (I meant : "in our lifetimes")

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  81. The missing video was of Larry "Pullit" Silverstien admitting that they "pulled" WTC7 .....

    It used to be that all one had to do was type "pullit" into Google and Lucky Larry would show up saying....well there was such a loss of life that day, blah blah we called the fire dept commander and decided that the best thing to do was Pullit - and we watched the building collapse.

    The video is damning evidence that they said "pullit" and the building responded by collapsing. Quite a magic trick wouldn't you say? Well - yes - if the charges were positioned properly way in advance etc...

    Look for WTC7 pullit, WTC7 collapse, WTC7 demo, etc... and find the short video before "they" take it down. "They" being those in control of this blog and the video servers. Can't be that hard to figure out - the buck has to stop somewhere doesn't it? Why does that video keep on disappearing from this article? I'm getting sick of replacing it but I'll get to it.

    Do a little searching and you can find the video of this admission that just isn't Kosher if you know what I mean.

  82. " man can be what he was born to be....... " then the vid cuts out the audio

    the end of the audio of JFK speech - I thought ended in ...."free and independent"


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