Is the Amero for Real?

UPDATE AUGUST 3, 2009 LOU DOBBS reporting on Obama going for NAU

Have you heard the rumor of the "Amero?" My first exposure to the term was on C-SPAN. During his closing speech, Stan Jones, the Libertarian candidate for Montana Senator delivered the eyebrow-raising speech you may wish to watch below. I wonder if it will capture your interest as it did mine?

Pretty scary stuff huh? I thought so. But who is Stan Jones and what is this North American Union he speaks of? In his speech Stan Jones acknowledges he risks sounding like a Conspiracy Theorist by so much as mentioning topics like the NAU and the Amero because he knows the masses respond to such phrases with reflexes rather than higher thought. Let's take a more reasoned approach here and give him a listen, examine the available evidence, and just become better informed.

The North American Union (NAU):
The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) (Click here) for U.S. Government SPP Website Take a look at the myths and facts section where myths are dispelled.
Wikipedia entry on NAU: Wikipedia article Notice Wikipedia uses the term "Conspiracy Theory" to describe the NAU. I find this label unfortunate as it implies the author has made up their mind ahead of time that the subject matter has no credence.
There are also those predicting the opposite - that the US is about to break up. (Click here) to read WSJ article from Professor Igor Panarin with map.
Assigning credibility to the subject of the North American Union is left to the reader. But there have been movements that imply that parts of the overall idea have credibility. Take a minute to watch this segment from Lou Dobbs:

Now look at this video where someone who never lies is "amused" about what actually happens vs. what is portrayed in the news. Well, fine - educate us please.

Here's another:

Who is talking about the Amero?

Who is the originator of the term Amero?
Meet the inventor of the Amero:

Here we find out that the subject matter is too boring for the general public - kinda like philosophy, math, science and law:

Why are people concerned about the Amero? There are those (Click here for Rob Kirby article) who believe that central banking, the Federal Reserve, is part of a patiently executed plan to rob Americans of their Constitution and place America under a one-world government. Why would the Amero be introduced - Cui bono?

When is the Amero to be introduced if it is real?

Where is the Amero to be minted?

Where will the Amero be accepted as currency?

How will the Amero be implemented?
When will the Amero be implemented?
UPDATE MARCH 19, 2009 Kremlin to pitch new currency at G20

UPDATE July 10, 2009 Medvedev unveils world currency coin

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