Actions Speak Louder Than Words-Helen Thomas

It's official - Obama is now President of the U.S.. The torture president and his accomplice have left the White House. Now what?

Almost everyone is full of hope. Personally I don't play that game anymore. I agree with Helen Thomas - I want to see action.

Obama's inaugural speech (Click Here) is comforting, to me at least, because he mentions an intent to adhere to the founding documents as he leads the country into a brighter future - and hopefully restores America's role in the world as "Good Guy."

But I'll wait to see where Obama stands on important issues like holding the Bush administration accountable for misdeeds like torture, and 911 truth . Those issues will tell me whether we are looking at true change. If these issues are not addressed one must wonder why. I urge the reader to consider these important points as the hype recedes and reality returns. Actions speak louder than words.

Put me on record as being in agreement with this journalist:

UPDATE GW Blog - Continuity of Govt.- another good test
Good Ideas - Harvey Wasserman
Obama makes previous prez's documents public
January 22, 2009 Very encouraging Obama anti-secrecy moves


  1. I found it amusing that the male reporter in this piece tries to excuse Bush for not calling on Thomas during the last press conference by stating that Thomas has all these opionions "gushing" forth (would he have used the term "gushing" if it were a male reporter, hmmm..). Whether he realizes it or not, his demeanor, the laughter and irreverence shown Ms Thomas, is indeed sharing his opinion with the world. At leastt Ms. Thomas a) is honest and direct in sharing her opinion and b) shares HER opinion, not those dictated to her by her 'masters'.

  2. I believe that Helen Thomas is the epitome of Journalism. If the mainstream media had the guts to report the TRUTH and not just mouth the edicts of our foolish government, a lot of problems might have been avoided. I hope that she keeps the Obama administration honest and puts the press secretary in check everytime they try to put "spin" on the real issues. She is absolutely right, you have to put your money where your mouth is....


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