BART shooting - looks like murder

I cannot fathom how the police get away with this. I am surprised the crowd didn't turn on them.

A clear video can be found HERE More video below.


  1. This sounds like a horrible accident, and from other angles you can see the shock she speaks of on the shooting cop's face. I do not believe that cop intended to shoot anyone. (He will be acquitted, if ever charged -you ready for that?) What exactly happened, I have no idea. I will also say that the entire context (from the frightened, thuggish mentality of more and more cops these days, to the way the federal budget has militarized cops, to the way most branches of government- and their cronies- treat the law as a useful tool to oppress others, violating its spirit and word with impunity, to the public's rightful distrust and suspicion of cops, etc.) in which this accident occurred is a major contributing factor, and given that it is so pervasive in out society, it's terrifying.

  2. Thanks for thoughtful comment matt - there is a poll on the left side of this page - put in a 'no' vote if that's what you think.

  3. As in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Nazi Germany, Israel, etc. the uniform makes it perfectly legal to kill. This cop knows this. And he also knows that he will get away with this murder. Same as it ever was.

  4. This is a horrific murder. I will never trust police.

  5. This is inexcusable--no excuses whatsoever will suffice in the cold blooded murder of Mr. Grant.

    It's clear to me the fellow officers with him that night have no conscience either. They should have tackled him to the ground and immediately detain him--but they didn't because there is clearly a different set of laws for those who carry a gun and a badge.

  6. So matt, exactly what part of this was accidental? Did he accidently pull his gun out? Did he accidently point it at the victim's back? Did he accidently pull the trigger?
    Even if the trigger pull was accidental,
    if a civilian did this he would be charged with the minimum, that's MINIMUM, of involuntary manslaughter. But since police are above the law, the cop walks.
    Equal justice for all--- right

  7. When an officer pulls a weapon, his safety is on, and his finger is beside, and not on, the trigger. To shoot someone, he must make three decision: 1. pull the weapon, 2. disengage the safety, 3. put his finger on the trigger and pull. The reason this training is in place is so that these "accidents" will not happen. This is not an accident, because it did happen.

  8. almost 900 palestinians are dead tonight.
    this cop should be tried and convicted of homicide.
    and being unfit for duty and whoever passed him allowing him to carry a weapon should be tried too!

  9. While I do not support 'hate crime' legislation, I abhor the hypocritical double-standard which has become status quo in amerikan justice. The abuse of authority by corrupt police, politicians, judges, or anyone in a position of authority within the public trust is bad enough, but the insult added through the standard operating procedure cover-up, paper work shuffle, denial of responsibility, is absolutely sickening. If ANY crime should be treated more severely because of the circumstances of its comission (like 'hate crime'), then crime committed by those in positions of authority should be the most deserving of harsher penalties. While there is no elevated status for crimes of tyranny, as luck would have it, there are hate crimes, and it appears to have been a white perpetrator shooting a black victim. For once, we could see hate crime laws applied in the interest of justice by prosecting that swine and his entire herd of accomplices for the 'hate crime' of tyranny.

    No matter if it is the illegal immoral war in Iraq; supporting, funding and supplying the genicide in Gaza; or allowing attrocities like Ruby Ridge, Waco, and, now this, to go unpunished, it is unacceptable and I am increasingly ashamed to be an american because of it. Enough is enough, its time for the tree of liberty to be refreshed...

  10. I think we can expect to see further provocation of the black community in these times because if you can get martial law going to put out the riots, there goes their right to vote out those who support more blacks coming home in bodybags or wheelchairs.

  11. How does one comment in a state of overwhelm? The advent of readily available video cameras in to-days society is obviously not enough of an anti-violence stance by the worlds police forces. That just goes to back up the boys in blue club immunity for crimes against the public.
    This, agreed, was NO accident. There are actually 5 steps in the process of murdering a human being...The first one being the persons ability to decide to kill in the first place, then it's followed with 2. Pull the weapon, 3. Disengage the safety, 4. place finger on the trigger and then finally 5. Aim and pull the trigger. There is a pervasive bubbling of anger by the populations of the world that is beginning to surface. I give the attending crowd credit for not jumping the police in this obvious, heinous murder of an unarmed civilian. Firstly, because they had no means of defending themselves against the obvious willingness of the police to draw and then use their weapons indiscriminately on other civilians and, secondly, for having the foresight to video this crime for the world to see. I sense a gathering resolve of the populace of this planet to stand up against the controlling forces that would have us all bow to "the man's" will. The people of the U.S. have a second ammendment "right to bear arms" and I would suggest you use your own Constitution to keep yourselves safe. Obviously, your government and their respective armies and police forces won't. The "War on Terror" is in your own back yard, not in Asia or the Middle East. Keith


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