An Excerpt from: The Art of Contrary Thinking: by Humphrey B. NeiLL

My how things have changed...

Page 76 - Caxton Printers, Ltd. Caldwell, Idaho 1960

So long as the international tension lasts we are going to be more and more submerged in "propagandized" news. We shall need to reach for contrary opinions to keep from being drowned.
Suppose we take a brief look at propaganda "devices" and also wherein, it seems to me, we and the Russians (he means the USSR at the time of printing) are diametrically opposed.

If we are to arrive at some comprehension of the uses of propaganda we first have to try and determine what Russia wants and what the Western nations want.

1. First, let's consider Russia...(USSR)
a. Russia requires a crisis in order to control her citizenry and prevent a revolt of the masses.
b. Without a continuing crisis it is a fair assumption that Russia would collapse because dictatorships must have an excuse for regimenting the people.

2. Now look at our side ...(USA)
a. We wish to get rid of the crisis in order to avoid collapse.
b. Western nations are sickly worried that a major war may result.
c. If the crisis persists too long Western nations will face collapse. (Great Britain, France, and other countries are already about at the end of their ropes and must be bolstered)."

I wonder what Mr. NeiLL was talking about? Here's something of interest from another book I found lying around:

"Ancient and Medieval Warfare" by Thomas E. Griess, Series Editor, The West Point Military History Series, Department of History, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY, Avery Publishing Group Inc. Wayne New Jersey.
ISBN 0-89529-262-9

page 6: regarding war during the Classical Greek period:

" Combat was personal and physical to the extreme, the hoplite's impetus being provided by a sense of duty to his fellow citizen-in-arms. The pressure of war on the economy of both combatants was too great for either to long resist the call of peace. In effect, war was limited by the state of the art and by the social and economic conditions of the age. "

What happened to the restraint of military adventurism imposed by economic reality? (Chalmers Johnson)

History is replete with examples demonstrating the folly of glorious war. I challenge you, reader, to peruse this site and elsewhere, especially history, for more information on this topic.

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