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-------------Tom Tomorrow
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  1. boy and look at him today--- torture

  2. fuk cheney, waterboad the garbage bag

  3. Gotta wonder what the heck happened to make him do a 180 like that. Did someone blackmail him?

  4. Dadeojo, you make a common and basic mistake, you think Dicky does in some sense fit the description of a normal human. You think he is like you, having conscience, emotions and second thoughts on his actions for the fate of others, care for the planet etc.
    None of that apply.
    He is a friggin' genetic psychopath. Get up to speed, what that word means.

  5. Lying to incite War is a War Crime. It is, or ought to be, punishable by death. Sorry Dick.

  6. Sure,Cheney sucks but let us remember which country was the biggest cheerleader for the invasion in the first place...Israel
    No only that,Israel had willing agents/citizens such as Dov Weinstein,Douglas Feith,Richard Pearl and Paul Wolfowitz in the office of special plans which fed our CIA "yellowcake lies".
    Unfortnately our media is easily intimidated from discussing the above facts by thuggish Jewish pressue groups,so all that we'll hear is "how evil Dick Cheney Is".

  7. I trust Dick Cheney because he speaks the truth. I donot trust this web site at all. Thank goodness you reach only the outer fringes of the nut cases.

    1. having ones head buried in their anus is sure to leave ones eyes covered in shit. but i was not aware it could soak through into ones brain

  8. Dick Cheney needs to be hanged by the neck until he is dead, with the rest of the Bush criminals, Addington, Feith, Cambone, Wolfowitz, Abrams, Libby, Rice, Powell, and of course, the rest of the scum, such as John Ashcroft, and Robert Mueller, as well as Richard C. Myers and the rest of the NORAD scum that carried out 9/11 attacks against Americans. THEY ALL MUST BE HANGED! This means the puppet, George W. Bush, right next to them all. I know, I left a lot of names out here, but there should be gallows enough for all of them built in Ft. Levenworth, KS.

  9. To Anonymous above who said: "I trust Dick Cheney because he speaks the truth. I donot trust this web site at all. Thank goodness you reach only the outer fringes of the nut cases."

    JR Thanks for participating - your opinion is appreciated.
    I wish you would define your version of "nutcase"

  10. To anonymous who wants death penalty for certain people -

    I can't go for any kind of punishment for anyone without a trial.

  11. hey Jack Rabbit, you know that according to St. Obombaton, no trial is needed, all that he needs to incarcerate you or anyone else, for that matter, is a 'hunch' you are going to do some harm in the future, and you're gone for life.

    now, take that to the logical conclusion: why the fuck should ANY OF THEM BE AFFORDED A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT THAT THEY HAVE SHREDDED FOR THE REST OF US??

    riddle me that one, batman. riddle me that.

    don't give me the; "uh, we sink to their level" thing because that won't wash. 'they' would execute every fucking one of us without a trial if they'd also incarcerate us into INFINITY without even being charged with a crime.

    think about it. the gloves are coming off, no fucking double standards. what's good for the prole/plebe is good enough for the dictator mass murdering prick, too!

    1. if you believe in justice then you must offer it to those accused. if you dont then you WILL sink to their level. the premise we must follow is innocent until proven guilty. there is no doubt that these people need to be held accountable and i would be happy to pull the lever on the gallows but they must face a fair trial first.

    2. I totally agree - fair trial - for everyone.

      Our system of justice is to protect the innocent - and there is no way to protect the innocent without a fair trial.

  12. To anonymous above May 29, 2009:

    Sorry for the delayed response -

    Please check out the article on Sunstein where I deal with this from the perspective of his attempts to scapegoat the 911 truth movement - you can find it here:

    Domestic enemies are not a new phenomenon - as JFKennedy said:
    "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable."

    I guess Sunstein and Obombya will have to arrest Kennedy for being a terrorist since he so eloquently pointed out the order in which things will happen. He also mentions in a speech I've inserted into "Conspiracy Theory - Reason vs. the Crowd" where he mentions that Freedom of Speech is the 1st Amendment - and as commenters to this blog have pointed out, that when that 1st Amendment (inalienable right definition at top of Sunstein article) is infringed by traitors, well, all the patriots have left is the Second Amendment to get the first Amendment back - which is the one we all want to use to conduct our daily life, as well as the functions of our nation.

    So - perhaps we see things the same way. In the Sunstein article where I go through his paper - I also mention the mind-boggling irony of a person of the Jewish faith (which I've been told he is) claiming to be a Constitutional Scholar (can't be the one I read for USA) - after American citizens - some relatives of yours and mine - went to Germany - and used firearms against NAZIs who were intent on exterminating Sunsteins predecessors - that this Harvard Professor of the Jewish faith - ignoring a lesson persons of the Jewish faith above all should have learned from (disarming public = no more power for the people) would thank us by attacking the 1st Amendment - then going after the 2nd Amendment as well -here in the very country that gave him that podium.

    Long winded answer -sorry - but perhaps Thomas Jefferson put it best when it comes to a fraud like Sunstein - and Obama if he agrees with that loser - (seems to since he is imprisoning people without trial) - the only conclusion is that they are traitors if they betray that Bill of Rights - there is no other way to put it. I hope I made some sense.


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