Jack Rabbit REFUSED Rifle Purchase

My buddy was visiting. We went to a local gun shop. He found a great deal on a certain rifle. I tried to purchase the rifle. Filled out two forms. Salesperson took my drivers license (Virginia) and another card with my address on it. He walked away to do the background thing - I don't know who that is. I gave him a little time to make the call or whatever they do- then went back over to him and he told me "They have a hold on you." When I asked the guy behind the counter why "they" had a "hold on me" he told me "they" don't tell you the reason. I figured as much since my rights aren't REALLY protected by the CONSTITUTION.

I told him forget it and we walked out of the store - my friend astonished that I was turned down since he knows I haven't done anything. On the way home he asked me if I thought the blog had anything to do with it. We figured probably not - probably a glitch in a computer somewhere.

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  1. you still here jacob rabbit ??

  2. John-

    You haven't been reviewing any funny books lately, -have you?

    Maybe -it's the company you keep?


  3. Don,

    Thanks for dropping by - I'm honored.

    Maybe a little of both as you mention above.


  4. Can anyone figure out what the anonymous poster above means by:

    "you still here jacob rabbit ??"

  5. Could it be he/she is implying that you are Jewish?


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