Test Your Perceptions: Aluminum vs. Iron

     Don't tell me 911 will ever go away. Time to wake up everybody! Drink a cup of coffee or two if you have to! This isn't kidding around time here. You've been spoon-fed a story - and - to use an expression of a past popular Prez - "Trust but Verify."
     That past Prez. would be Reagan. So start verifying what you've been spoon-fed - take a few minutes - ask yourself - Have I been given information that is consistent with my own observations? Just look and listen - figure it out later. Oh - you don't know anything about Thermite? Let's begin with the "it's only aluminum" cover story and continue from there.

     Please watch the videos below. One of the videos below shows orange-yellow dripping metal at the corner of one of the trade center towers from 911. There was a theory that the stuff dripping out the corner of the WTC tower shown in one of the videos was molten aluminum, but alas, molten aluminum ...well watch the first video for that. Then - please watch the second and third - apply common sense - what makes sense to you?

Molten Aluminum at 1800F

Demonstration of Thermite

Interesting Video

UPDATE JUNE 9, 2009 Obama, as on everything else, agrees with Bush on 911:

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  1. well, it seems that a whole lot of people of the jewish faith want 9/11 to just 'go away', and one has to ask one's self; "why would this be??, why would jewish people in general not want a full accounting for the 9/11 murders on Sept. 11, 2001??"

    well, I got my answers the past few weeks. Seems that in most blogs, self professed 'jews' who'd posted against my posts, didn't seem to like my linkage of Israel to the attacks that day, which have been verified to be real. An explosives residue laden van, driven by '5' israeli MOSSAD agents, parked on the other side of the river in New Jersey, and the occupants were witnessed high fiving themselves and flicking their BIC lighters in total, utter 'jubilation' as people lept from the building or otherwise fell to their deaths, trying to get out of the section they were in that'd just been hit by the planes. Later, these '5' israeli MOSSAD AGENTS, after the U.S. authorities allowed them to fly home to Israel, did a news interview and in that, they more or less dispelled anyone's doubts about who they were working for that day and why they were there. Clearly they had advance knowledge at the very least, and with the explosives residue found in the van, in all liklihood a true link to what happened to those buildings on that day, too.

    There is no mention of these guys in the 911 Omissions report, to say the least. There is also no mention of the nearly half a million dollars the U.S. Treasury paid this fake 'moving company' they worked for, either. There's no mention of their boss, fellow MOSSAD operative, flying home on a specially arranged flight later in September, to make sure nobody could question or interrogate him either.

    So I guess I come to the question in the front of my post here, and that is; "Why do you think it is that so many Israeii's and 'jews' have a problem with prosecution of the crimes or at the very least, a full, impartial investigation about Sept. 11, 2001??"

    It's my best guess is that they know what comes on the heels of the proof of the complicity of the MOSSAD and the Israeli Government. They know that if there's anything left of this country after it's financial collapse, which is imminent, that the people might very well INSIST that Israel be permanently disconnected from the political power grid in the U.S. and told; "if you send agents here, like Jonathan Pollard, and we catch them, we'll at the very least, lock them up for the rest of their lives, and perhaps even HANG THEM FOR ESPIONAGE AGAINST THE U.S."

    I'm not fomenting anger against 'jews' in particular, but I am so goddamned tired of the "anti semite" label at this point, I could strangle any one of them if they gave me the opportunity, and I think I'd be hard pressed to relent when they were clearly choking to death under my grip. I've fucking had enough of this whining and crying about being 'victims' coming from them, when there is hard evidence they did more than one heinous act against this nation (U.S.S. Liberty, 1967) as well as Sept. 11, 2001, and untold others we don't know about because they control our media, that I could just about throw my vehicle across the street in anger.

    I'm not so mad at them, I'm mad at their incessant; "uh, leave this conspiracy theory about 911 alone, really, nothing to see here" approach to what they did here that day.

    What THEY did. And what our own government participated in, as well.

    9/11 truth must be borne out, and the perpetrators must be hanged, shot, or otherwise made very, very fucking dead.

    Every last one of them.

  2. I wonder how honest I can allow commentary - expression of opinion, anger etc... respecting FREEDOM OF SPEECH...until that speech will cause this blog to be shut down?

  3. This blog respects UNPOPULAR SPEECH as well as popular - Voltaire said:

    "I disagree with what you have to say but will fight to the death to protect your right to say it."

    or something like that

  4. http://www.classroomtools.com/voltaire.htm

  5. The sadist part about 9-11 is that many not only refuse to believe in an alternate cause, thereby embracing the “official story,” but that they may not even be able to learn of an alternate reality simply because they are too stupid to understand. Intelligent people trying to educate the masses may actually be a wasting their time and will in all probability find themselves alone and depressed.

  6. Ive noticed that a lot of people simply wont believe that anyone besides "terrorist" could be this evil. Then ofcourse most people were taught in church that Israel is God's chosen people. That may be true but, the current inhabitants of Israel are not the children of David.

  7. People believe the official story of 9/11 because they can't emotionally handle the thought that the government they thought protected them is actually the source of danger towards them.

  8. no, the children of David, according to the genetics, would actually be the Palestinians. Isn't that just freaking insane? The "Israelis" have co-opted an entire race of people!

    You've got to understand how the human brain works. It tries to protect you, and your sanity. It will not easily allow for a reversal on something as big as 9/11. People don't want to live in a world where they are cattle being used by a master race. They simply can't handle the fact the government, if nothing else, allowed 911 to happen to forward their agenda. It's too much, and for some people, would actually destroy their mind, their brain just won't allow them to process this new information, as it will be too damaging to their world view.

    Others will only believe what the evening news, or president tells them, and those people will actually ignore hard scientific evidence if they are told to.

    In the year 1999, steel melted at 1600 degrees, sustained temp. the physics law of conservation of momentum stated that an object can NOT fall through matter at the same speed as falling through air.

    On september 11th, we were told to ignore those laws, and some people did, and still do.

  9. Hmmm
    whenever someone says this terrorist group, or that terrorist group is responsible for 9-11, I keep asking the same question over and over

    Where is the physical evidence linking 9-11 to anyone other than the US government and Israel?
    Physical evidence, powerfull motives and wide open opportunity point directly to them. There is zero untainted physical evidence and virtually zero opportunity for a small group of men living in caves 5000 miles away to attempt let alone carry out one of the most sophsicated crimes in history. And yet the new president is still parroting the old presidents lies. And of course refusing to even consider further investigation. In fact last president and the the current president are using veiled threats against the American people to stop further investigation. Gee wiz, this sounds like the efforts of anther group to make further investigation of their "history" illegal. Now why would anyone with nothing to hide want to make further investigation of something illegal? I mean further investigation would only reveal the truth-which is what they want isn't it?

  10. Yeah, the scary part about this whole caper is its scope.


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