FDR vs. Obama

Here we have FDR talking about what he has done in three months: (foreclosures especially - at 0:50 seconds)

Now look at today - too early to judge Obama - it's only been three months you see...

Do we ask enough of our politicians today? Perhaps they need to act like statesmen - not politicians.
"On April 30 the primacy of special over public interests was demonstrated yet again. The Democrats’ bill to prevent 1.7 million mortgage foreclosures and, thus, preserve $300 billion in home equity by permitting homeowners to renegotiate their mortgages, was defeated in the Senate, despite the 60-vote majority of the Democrats. The banksters were able to defeat the bill 51 to 45. "


  1. no comparison. FDR was helping the average american get on his or her feet. Obombaton is helping the rich oligarch banker stick a shiv into your chest, and wants to shake your hand then as you gurgle bright red oxygenated blood out of your lips.

    there's not comparison. Obombaton is another REPUBLICAN, not really even REPUBLICAN LITE, based on his war mongering and his secrecy policies and his inability to allow his A.G. to prosecute crimes against the U.S. Constitution.

    naw, nowhere close to F.D.R., more closely resembles George H.W. Bush and Billary Clintstoned, the other republican lite.

  2. Yep - I have to agree with anonymous above - on all counts. A complete fraud - a marketing triumph over the American people.

  3. What has three months to do with it? Such a short period of time. Malarkey! All one has to do is look at his cabinet. Many are hold-overs from Bush's cabinet. Then look at them individually and who they are - Globalists and lobbyists. Then, all you have to do is look at the rampant spending he is doing. Oh and the expansion of Bush's wars - now into Pakistan. The guy is seeing to it that he is contining the policies of the former adminstration. Those who keep saying that it's only been three months, will be saying this a year from now as well - "It's only been just over a year, give him a chance." Know what I say to that? "Put down the pipe and stop smoking the Hopium." Look at the real facts as to who this man is and who he surrounded himself with, who funded him, and then look at what he done inside of three months. And whileyou're doing all of that I do wish that you would wake up others to these factsd as well.

  4. Anonymous above: Man you make some great points - the three month comparison is simply to bring history into the discussion since it helps awaken some...

    but... his cabinet? Has anyone ever heard the name Greg Craig? Or however you spell it?

  5. What about that guy? Does he have any connection with previous administrations? Well...not more connected than Hillary.

  6. Did I mention how FUNNY Barack is??? Ha ha ha! He is soooo funny! He's so smart and all - but not effective - but he's so funny! Ha ha ha ha.
    Maybe I can tell some jokes at the hospital if I go for care without insurance - ha ha h aha - it's so hilarious! Hey, I have a heart condition - ha ha h aha - one hundred days - ha ha ha - stupid republicans etc... ha ha ha ha!

  7. yeah, his jokes are a real 'scream' (especially in Abu Ghraib on young boys nite!)

    it's heartening to see the Obombaton kool-aid drinkers finally waking up from their 'stupor' or is it 'stup-id' in their cases.

    hey, did you hear the latest Obombaton joke about Sept. 11th.? it goes like this; "what did the 'hijacker' say to the 'pilot' as he was sawing his head off in a mere 3 minutes without disengaging the autopilot or upsetting the plane?"

    hold onto your seats, this is a real Obombaton punch line; "A little OFF THE TOP TODAY??"

    and, the Obombaton is a little bit OVER THE TOP to the point where if he weren't such a clueless jackass, he's almost be 'funny' now and then.

    when he does the Martial Law declaration sometime in the future, maybe he can preface that one with a few good "what did the 101st airborne paratrooper say to the frightened witless mother and child at the hastily constructed road barricade at the end of their street??"

    that'll go over like a turd in the fishbowl, just like his first 100 incredibly 'doing nothing for us' days, won't it?

  8. hell, Jack Rabbit, it's getting more 'weird' by the day, is it not? The unemployment numbers keep growing. The bank bailout money might just as well be air dropped in on the top of the banks using C-17's, and palletized stacks of the damned shit. Every day we get more 'NOPE' out of 'rope a dope' Obombaton, and the Congress and Senate seem to be bending over and dropping their drawers in our faces and mooning us (I know, it's disgusting to envision that with Pelousy and Harmon, isn't it?) while thumbing their noses at us. Drone strikes kill children in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and our fellow 'ugh' citizens, in the blogs, tell us; "grow up, it's a dangerous world, we've not been attacked since we started torturing" bullshit.

    if it gets any more bizarre, I'm going to have to deduce there's something goddamned 'hallucinogenic' in the public water supply here. I've never seen such bozo-ity out in the open like this in my life!

    I guess when the troops get deployed into the streets, that'll be the wake up call, or will it be? maybe it's time to see what the bookies in Vegas have in the 'odds' for a 'revolution' due to the collapse of the United States this year??? Are they putting their money on the people sleeping thru the total pillaging and looting of all they've worked for??

    this is like this really bad movie by David Lynch, called "ERASERHEAD", and the Obombaton is he swadling cloth infant thing that oozes brown shit out of his face and makes strangled turkey noises....with Cheney's nematodes falling onto a stage with Hillary Clinton singing some weird song as all of our heads pop off and roll into the street.

    this is turning into one very bad acid trip, this TORTURE GULAG one we're on, eh?

  9. I heard a news blurb on the radio - where Obama is talking about getting the credit card companies under control with some "consumer bill of rights." That's what we need, another bill of rights when they can't follow the first one. I wonder what one cares about credit card interest when the sheriff comes to take their house? BUT IT'S ONLY BEEN ONE HUNDRED DAYS! Time for more stand-up comedy maybe - why didn't FDR have to stand up there and make jokes? I guess he was busy negotiating mortgages to prevent foreclosure.

  10. well, I'm not buying the "it's only been 100 days" line about this asshole any longer. He could have penned a dozen E.O.'s to 'undo' the Bush bastard shit, on day one, ON DAY ONE! In other words, he knew before he was sworn in after the election, that he had a bunch of things to do that required URGENT ACTION, and he did nothing. NOTHING.

    so, this "give him more time" shit is not working for me. The lying son of a bitch has done nothing except subrogate the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights every step of his 100+ days, and quite frankly, he's falling on his sword by being a tool for Israel, not getting the job done for the American public.

    It's 'inexcusable' what the son of a bitch is doing. He's just fucking up. Playing with his fucking dick while Rome burns. He's an ASSHOLE!

  11. Well may it never be said that we don't speak our minds on this blog.

  12. Yeah - I forgot about the Executive Orders. Oh well, I guess it just goes to show that once power is granted to the Executive Branch, or any branch - it's permanent.

  13. sorry about the profanity. I'm just at wit's end with this turd in the Whore House. I don't know whether the fucker is being threatened with death by the C.I.A., or if he's doing this shit to the nation willingly and with malice. Either way, he's doing the nation, every one of us, a giant 'disservice' by being an extension of the Bush/Cheney (I know I got that bass ackwards, order wise) regime.

    but jesus fucking christ, what is it with this lying fucker? did he intend to cornhole all of us before he got elected, or did they show him some good 8 1/2 by 11 inch photo's of J.F.K. on the autopsy table, no brain in skull, or most of it gone, and just not say a word to the fucker?

    either he's an inveterate liar and always has been, or someone wised his ass up to who's really in charge. one or the other.

    I can't believe so many people voted for the fucker, even in light of McCorncob being the other of 'two weevils' forced down everyone's throats by the MSM apparatus that might as well be Lockheed Martin and Boeing, for the way they conspire to fuck the nation in the ass for war profits and endless wars and looting of the U.S. Treasury.

    Obombaton has to declare Martial Law pretty soon. He's got no choice. The country is disintegrating and his playing with his dick about our Civil Liberties certainly is not putting any brakes on the slide into a true dictatorship.

    do I think he's doing it for sport? No. I think he's been taken aside and told; "uh, for what it's worth, puppet man, WE TRULY ARE IN CHARGE, you got that!!"

    apparently he does. apparently he fucking does.

  14. Sorry about Profanity? PulleeZ - I haven't heard anything close to anything I find offensive. Please - pour it on so all these sorry-ass soccer freaks can hear what goes through the minds of THINKERS! APOLOGIZE? ON THIS BLOG? Thanks for your civility - and for thinking about others - obviously an attribute of somebody who cares - but no - this is American Journey - say what you want when you want - your exercise of the first Amendment is an honor - and an example for the public to soak up, so maybe, just maybe, they will see --- no first amendment - no second amendment, no nothing...

  15. my guess, Jack Rabbit, is that the curtain is going to come down very very hard in this country pretty soon. this new HR-1913 or whatever the fuck it is, banning hate speech about Israhell, pushed forth by the conjob Conyers and other treasonous facilitators and fellatrices to fascism's storm troopers, is just the beginning. The last Jane Whoremon 'thought crimes' legislation ended up dying in committee, but with these DINOS in power, they could easily dust that fucker off and push it thru in one session just to shut down the blogosphere. I've already noted that some sites actually are going in a direction of requiring such strident registration that people are already staying out of discussions in those blogs...for fear of being prosecuted by these felonious fucks.

    oh, the reason for the apology for the profanity, is that there is a small portion of the population that thinks that saying the word 'shit' when you have a mouthful of the stuff is pretty horrible and indecent, so I try not to put all of those extended pinky types on edge to denounce me as a foul mouthed bastard for the writings in here. the only thing that gets me spooled up as of late, is the out and out blatant hypocrisy and the lying going on in Washingtoon, District of Corruption, and because of that, it's very hard not to really want to vent my spleen and get that stuff out.

    blogs are a very good and healthy way to air out your buggery damaged spleen, and maybe trigger a few neurons firing in someone else of like mind's brain, and have them think; "hell yeah!" now and then in nodded head agreement. So, the occasional denunciation of a politician/jackass in here using expletive deleted colorful metaphors, is about the best blood pressure lowering regimen I can think of, short of slitting one's wrists in resignation to it all.

    the chinese had a saying; "may you live in interesting times" and fuck, Jack Rabbit, if it gets any more interesting, I'm going to have to sew my asshole shut so I don't get kidney damage from all the deep penetration by my government, in the name of 'helping' me.

    they could 'help' me, and perhaps all of us, if they immediately withdrew our troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, as in TODAY, right this minute. They can ground the drones. They can stop the obfuscation and the endless covering for the Bush/Cheney bastards. They could roll back the heinous acts of destruction against the U.S. Constitution such as the John Warner Defense Act, and the executive order N.S.P.D. 51, and the other one, it's sibling, another N.S.P.D., that I think is '21' or '22' but don't remember it's exact moniker. They could stop handing trillions to the banks and instead give americans a 2 or 3 year moratorium on their mortgages and halt all foreclosures. They could do so many things which would be far less expensive and in-fact, restore our Constitutional Rights and our Bill of Rights to us, and restore the RULE OF LAW in this nation as well. And yes, they could prosecute all of those from both sides of the aisle in the Congress and the Senate for their complicity in high treason, war crimes, mass murder, torture, and breaches of their Oath of Office.

    if all of these things came to pass, we'd have a much brighter outlook. Instead, Jack Rabbit, they're taking us in the opposite direction. We are sinking deeper into dictatorship and totalitarianism, we are, as I type this, a "mass murdering rogue nation armed with nuclear weapons and run by a shadow government, or people not elected by We The People", and we have a 'puppet' in charge that apparently will do the dirty work of his mossad handlers, fed to him by Rahm Emanuel.

    if that's not cause for profanity, I don't know quite what is? do you?

  16. Anonymous above - I can only say thanks for the input - the more candor the better. I am not offended in the least by profanity - especially when the topic turns to torture, ignoring the bill of rights, wars based on LIES! I'm right there with you. In fact - I practice great restraint in my writing on this blog - for one reason - because I want to get this message out to as many people as possible and have been sat down by some very decent friends who've reasoned that a wider audience appeal would result. I wonder?

    But - when folks like yourself participate in the discussion - it seems to me the gloves ought to come off. I wish more readers would take a lesson from your willingness to express what is so severely missing in public discourse - I good solid dose of FREE SPEECH!

    So please keep it coming! Perhaps when some readers take a good hard look for themselves at the issues discussed here, they themselves will realize they should have been mad as hell all along.

    Thanks for participating - as usual I feel honored that someone as spirited and direct as yourself participates in this forum.

  17. Jack Rabbit, we are in a bona-fide life and death struggle right now. Those people that want you and me to 'tone it down' are either fools, knaves, or 'both' of those. This is no time to pussyfoot around with lighthearted banter about the wonderfulness of the world. We are right on the brink of civilization altering things that are coming to the proverbial head in ways that are going to force us either to recognize the 'common enemy' and that is not islam but it is the U.S. Government, and to some extent, the government of Israel, and Great Britain. We are fighting for our lives. Anyone who goes to a street fight with the queen's english dictionary tucked under their armpit is an asshole and and idiot. Fuck these people who think this has to be simplified or toned down or put in terms even the biggest milquetoast can deal with. We're on the brink of losing our entire civilization in this struggle. It's not a 'good' versus 'evil' thing as simplistic as that sounds, but it's a 'haves' versus the 'have nots' (us, or those of us who are not in the upper one percentile bracket that has all the wealth and the power).

    Having said this, we are going to see, in the next few months, sweeping changes where this government goes from appearing to be 'moderately non threatening' to 'very threatening and very non-benevolent and nasty' and it is not going to give people the normal period of time to get used to the harshness of what is to come. We are going to see Martial Law, and a full blown Dictatorship replete with troops in the streets, shooting citizens down in their tracks.

    where I am coming from is that I am doing the 'bee dance' where I am trying to wake the rest of the hive up to the fact that there is danger out there that wants to destroy this hive, our way of life. It's imminent. It's our government.

    I don't know how much more directly I must put this, but this government is as intrinsically evil and out of control as the one in the Weimar Republic that later became Nazi Germany. That is what this government has morphed into. This is not an overstatement. It is reality.

    that's what we're dealing with. That is the nature of the threat to the world. This government will kill anyone and anything that gets in it's way...without so much as a moment of regret. To me and you, this means they'd like to grease their bogey wheels of their tanks with our fucking guts. It's what they really want to do. If we refuse to blindly obey like the 20 or so percent that are brainwashed into this authoritarianism and totalitarianism, then they will round us up and exterminate every single one of us who resists.

    Am I making myself crystal clear, Jack Rabbit? There can be no sugar coating this threat.

  18. and I didn't mean to sound so wound up. I just think those out there who urge you and myself to 'mellow out' are foolishly treading on ice they're not aware of, reality wise. They have a very rude awakening coming up, Jack Rabbit.

  19. Yes anon above: I suppose what bothers me most - is that there are Americans in American uniforms prepared to shoot their fellow citizens. Some of these Americans are wearing the uniforms of officers. How can I know this? It can be deduced rather easily from recent history. American cops Taser and shoot civilians on what seems to be a daily basis. Non-violent drug offenders keep the cash flowing to the cop-shops. 90-year-old's are shot to death by cops in Atlanta then evidence is planted to demonstrate "she was a drug dealer." Cops walking around dressed up in all this black crap - they look like Nazis and are proud of it! Certainly SOMEONE will do something so they can shoot them!

    I don't see a military of Lt. Watadas out there - I see the opposite. I see those kiss-asses who go along to get along. Who think it is cool to take human lives "serving their country" even if that means taking the lives of American citizens.

    I hope I'm wrong - but so far I've seen practically no signs that those who wear uniforms of any kind in the United States have the cajones they use to justify their swagger. No, for the most part I'm looking at bullies from high school who need a gun to be a man. Disclaimer - the cops in the Charlottesville, VA area are decent from what I've seen so far. But I'm speaking in general terms - overall in the nation - the trend demonstrates an adolescent gun fantasy - a fantasy of "shooting the bad guys" that makes me wonder what happened to a sense of honor in this country?

  20. Jack Rabbit, we have an 'all mercenary army' now, and the kind of fuckers they give 0-x (officer) designations to, are so completely 'low grade' now compared to thirty years ago, which, by the way, was when I last wore a uniform, in 1979, wasn't much to brag about either. Oh, we had the clueless dufus officers that couldn't pour piss out of a boot with the instructions engraved on the leather soles, and for the most part, a good portion of those were pretty harmless. not true anymore. I recently worked for a former bird colonel from the Air Farce, a turd who was cubbyholed out in the california desert, allegedly supervising test pilots. Let's put it this way, this fucker is such a dominionist psychopathic murderer, it's very fortunate for us that he wasn't a Titan Missile Silo launch control officer instead.

    what we've got in the military now are Air Farce dominionists who can't wait to 'get it on' and bring about armageddon TOMORROW, and hence bring about the Bible pipe-dreams in 'Revelations'. you saw the recent expose on Al Jazeera about these theocratic crusaders in Iraq and Afghanistan, converting muslims to christianity, which is against the fucking law.

    and lastly, Air Farce jackasses took aloft, the nuclear armed AGM-129's on a B-52H out of Minot A.F.B., and flew them down over Nevada and then doglegged over to Louisiana to Barksdale, all allegedly without anyone in higher chains of command authority, which means it was authorized at a much lower level in the chain of command than is necessary for Nuclear Weapons Protocols that were in place last time I dealt with them.

    I guess that you could say that it's much more than 'disgusting' now that we have these same jackbooted fucks running around with american flags on their sleeves, raping children in detention centers and killing whole families in Iraq's many towns and villages, and more or less getting away with that.

    it won't be any problem for them to shoot us in the streets, Jack Rabbit. None whatsoever.

    Unfortunately for them, they're not the only ones in the world who are well armed and know how to use small arms with accuracy and proficiency without ripping off a whole magazine of semi automatic ammunition. And, last time I checked, their body armor doesn't cover their armpits or their groins very well at all.

    I heard the best place to shoot in most cases, is go for the american flag on the sleeve, it either goes up and slips in under the helmet, or it goes in between shoulder pad armor and takes the heart and lungs out and drops them dead right there. How sad we have to now plan for that necessity, eh Jack Rabbit? It'll be self-defense. An act of self-preservation, when the time comes.

  21. Regarding the nukes from Minot - take a look at the 'oddities' section at CLG, (scroll down to bottom of page - that's their headlines I linked), go to their main page and look at the section they have on that Minot nuke thing if you haven't already. More coincidences for the sheep to rationalize.


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