Anger Management: BAD IDEA!

Are you angry? No? I am! Look around on this blog - it oughta' be obvious. What about? Can I blame it on my childhood in coal mining country up in Northeastern Pennsylvania? Well... that's part of it - but not the relevant part. (Lots of anger in that area.)

I'm pissed because as an American I'm culpable for TORTURE! If you pay your taxes so are you! (If you are an American taxpayer)

A stretch? What do YOU spend YOUR money on? Do you buy products made in China? Do you buy locally made products? Do you have a choice? Yes - you do - and I won't /can't judge you on how you "vote" with your dollar.

But when you pay your taxes blindly "trusting" your government is spending your money wisely - while remaining uninformed about the ends realized from the means you helped to provide in the form of taxes - there I would find a point of contention.

Years ago my nephew turned his laptop to face me and showed me this:

... a video of WTC7 collapsing like an imploded building. That was a big turning point for me because it made me finally realize the degree of deceit foisted upon America by our corporate propagandists posing as journalists. It's a long story, but after I regained my composure, I started a blog - the one you are reading. My point is that ANGER MOTIVATED ME POSITIVELY TO DO SOMETHING. Am I doing enough? Perhaps not - I'm working on it - but instead of allowing my anger to muddy my rational thought - I've allowed it to push me to exercise my first amendment right of free speech.

If you are not angry about the fact that as an American taxpayer you are responsible for financing a sadistic culture that talks about torture as if the topic deserves credibility - I've got news for you - WAKE UP! Consider this HERO Lt. Watada - standing alone as he takes the heat for upholding his duty as an officer duty bound to disobey illegal orders:

If you have a son, daughter, anyone you care about in the military - realize - your government is setting them up for the most horrible treatment by foes - torture! Yes! That's right! After all, what are you going to complain about if America tortures too?

Get angry - channel that anger into action - speak your mind - bring up the difficult stuff. Speak UNPOPULAR speech!

Citizen > Consumer

I should mention that the idea for this article sprung from a conversation with a good friend regarding anger. It was only after he'd pointed out to me the positive results of channeled anger - that I realized - hey - maybe anger isn't so bad after all?

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  1. Externalizing the anger is a great catharsis, and directing it into meaningful action other than hand-wringing and hemming and hawing, is much better for you than holding it in. We all know these guys pulled off 9/11. We also know that they're looting us blind right now and nobody is apparently too very interested in stopping that, or reducing it. Our troops are in two wars they have no business being in, and we're finding out that our government tortures and murders people, at will, and gets away with it. Add to that this new revelation that the Obombaton is training a form of 'hitler youth' in this country, geared towards taking on the 'veterans' they feel will fight them in an armed revolt. It's all so Orwellian and nightmarish, that even if you've got your shit wired pretty tight upstairs, it's enough to make you feel a little more than just anxious about all of this crap going on and being powerless to stop any of it.

    So yeah, channeling the anger is very good. At some point, when it comes to it, the anger will make it that much easier to draw a bead on someone and squeeze the trigger, or carefully aim the molotov cocktail a bit better than just lobbing it at the tank or apc that's coming down the street at me.

    during the revolution, there was a saying, true or not; "don't shoot till you see the whites of his eyes!" and translated today, it means; "hone that anger to razor sharpness and clarity", and after you've exhausted all reasonable peaceful methods to stop the government from carrying out it's illegitimate and illegal agenda, then in good conscience, don't forever damn yourself for deciding that 'armed insurrection' is the only answer. If it comes to that, we'll need all the anger we can muster to defeat these sons of bitch's.

    Peaceful means first and foremost. But if these fail, we have no other option than to take it to them by force. The anger will be very useful toward achieving a successful revolution.


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