Where Does OSHA fit into American Torture Procedure?

This may seem a bit odd - but I have to ask the question: Where does OSHA stand on torture procedure?

Let's start with some TORTURE PICTURES. Not to get too technical here but I see a lot of blood from the tortured victims visible in these pictures. How can I be sure proper procedures were followed to protect the "employees" who were torturing the "terrorists?" Actually I don't care if a torturer gets a bloodborne disease - I figure - hey they deserve it. I mean - doesn't every torturer deserve to have their own eyes poked out too? Isn't what is good for the goose good for the gander?

But I'm not a hater - but I'd probably hate anybody torturing me. Or, how about anybody torturing ... ANY CREATURE? I would not allow the torture of anybody or anything in my presence. I'd have to resort to physical means to stop torture if words didn't work - for example - in my front yard. I can assure the reader that if I walked outside of my home and saw any type of torture going on - say a dog, a cat, a child - isn't it my DUTY as a HUMAN BEING to put an immediate stop to it?

But since I'm dealing with what seem to be zombified Americans - I'd like to stick to procedure. What I am interested in is whether or not the torturers I financed, as an American taxpayer, didn't suffer hearing damage from the screams of their victims. I want to make sure my tax dollars are not wasted on sadistic robots who can't hear. I want sadistic robots with GOOD hearing! I am not an audiologist - but from the amount of blood spatter visible in the pictures linked above, I'd say there were a lot of horrible screams going on. I know I would scream if someone was smashing my face in, or using BUGS (insects) to torture me, or "persuading" me with electric current to my genitals to admit that I am indeed a witch. Hell - I'd tell them I was the tooth fairy to make it stop - but...

CLICK HERE for genuine guidelines provided by OSHA. If anyone can decode this government document it may be helpful to ensure our United States Torturers' hearing is protected. Heaven forfend their precious ears suffer damage due to "high noise" levels! After all since my fellow Americans, for the most part, seem apathetic to the suffering of torture victims, maybe they can find a place in their black hearts for the torturERS they finance.

What happened to my country?
UPDATE MAY 17, 2009 Thug Squad continues under Barry O
UPDATE MAY 17, 2009 Wiki on Scream Levels
"The human range for screaming in decibels is between 0 and 112.8 which is the world record held by Alan Myatt.[2]The pitch varies depending on the justification for a scream."
--JR--> I'll bet the "terrorists" you and I paid to have tortured via tax dollars would give the world record holder a run for his money--
UPDATE MAY 17, 2009 OSHA on bloodborne pathogens
UPDATE MAY 17, 2009 Jeremy Scahill's article HERE paints a grim pic


  1. They probably already wear OSHA approved earplugs. It's what's between the earplugs that's unsafe, and what can OSHA do about that?

  2. Any government that will TORTURE will ENSLAVE. Once they decide they can get "information" (no matter it is bad info) by FORCE, they will decide to get work/labor by FORCE. Torture is the "Gateway Drug" to SLAVERY. Torture has been discredited for hundreds of years. The Inquisition, Nazism, Feudal Europe with dungeons, all proved it wrong. Yet here it is again. If torture is effective, why are we NOT torturing our Bankers and Politicians to get some TRUTH out of them? After all, the Terrorists destroyed only a few Billion, and 3k dead, the Bankers have destroyed TRILLIONS and 10s of thousands dead from no medical insurance, stolen retirements, suicidal despair, heart attacks...............

  3. o.s.h.a. probably did an ergonomics study to show torturers how to propel a detainee's head into a wall without causing repetitive shock to the torturer's forearm.

    the o.s.h.a. that I am familiar with is so completely co-opted and bought out by industry, they just about pat unethical companies with serious health violations on the back for injury or death of employees, least that's the case with asbestos and lockheed-martin in eagan minnesota.

    but you can rest assured that there must be some o.s.h.a. guide that describes how to administer torture to a detainee without hurting one's self too badly in the process.

    that'd be uber cool for the new homeland, ja wohl?

  4. Gitmo is nothing but an "enhanced" version of what they do to American citizens. Once upon a time, Americans were innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. I can tell you from first hand experience that, unless you have large amounts of money, that is no longer true.

    I was arrested back in '99 on a charge of Custodial Interference in Maricopa Co., AZ. Up until that time, I was a Law-abiding citizen, didn't even have a traffic ticket on my record. But I did have a psycho-ex. I was 3 months pregnant by my new husband. Didn't have the money for bail, so I had to sit there for the months it took them to "break" me.

    First thing the guards ("they") did was scream at you every hour or so that you wouldn't be there if you weren't guilty and that we were punks, etc, for not just pleading guilty. These rants would go on for 15-30 minutes at a time. The Sheriff lives to get his face on the news, so he fed us food that shouldn't be fed to a dog (in fact, he fed the dogs better! And bragged about it!) I saw inmates Tasered for walking too slowly. I had guards throw my Bible away twice, read my court papers, and chain inmates together so closely we couldn't walk, and then threaten to Taser us if we didn't walk. When we fell over each other, the guards laughed at us, and then wrote us up as "disciplinary actions". They went through our commissary and ate what they wanted (candy bars, etc.) And when my husband complained to the Jail commissioner, I was pulled aside and told that if I didn't shut up, they would shut me up.

    They assigned me a "Public Pretender" who showed up at all my court dates drunk, and the Judge refused to give me another Lawyer instead. The Prosecutor kept trying to charge me with a misdemeanor, but "someone" had decided to make an example out of me, and kept refusing the paperwork unless it was for a felony.

    Every time I was taken to court, they locked me in an 6x12 cell, filled with cockroaches, from 3 a.m. until 5 p.m. I couldn't lay down on the metal bench, because the roaches would start crawling on me. I tried to kill them as they came close, but there were so many, they just kept coming. One time, I killed almost 100 (I counted them, to pass the time), and then watched as ants came out of the wall cracks to eat the carcasses. I still have nightmares 10 years later about those damned roaches.

    After 2 months of bad food, brutal heat (it was summertime in AZ, and no A/C for we "horrible criminals") and constant stress, I miscarried my son. I figured it was a matter of time before they made good on their threat to "shut me up". They thought that now I would, of course, plead guilty to get out of Jail (yeah, this was JAIL, where those awaiting trial and presumed innocent are held, not PRISON, where those found guilty are kept). When I kept making a fuss, demanding a trial and my rights, they locked me in the psych ward and drugged me until they got my guilty plea. By that time, I was willing to plead guilty to anything. Heck, I would have plead guilty to assassinating Kennedy, if they had asked me. (For the record, I was born years after he was shot)

    Now here is the result of all this: They took a law-abiding citizen who was trying to keep her daughter from being abused, and turned her into someone that would fight against them in a heartbeat. They are evil, they are corrupt, and if they will mistreat American citizens and deny those citizens their rights, what makes anyone think that what happened at Gitmo or Abu Graib was a fluke. It wasn't, and it WILL happen again, and keep happening, until WE stop them.

  5. I don't doubt the story above one bit. This nation has been going in this direction for a very long time. I even, as a service member, had to draw my .45 cal. semi-automatic pistol and point it at shore patrol personnel who were beating a fellow crewman nearly to death with billy clubs at the end of a ship's gangplank. Though I was actually given permission, I would have done the same thing anyway, and I had to warn the 2 shore patrol thugs that one more swing and I would start pulling the trigger.

    a few years ago, a female friend of mine and I attended a concert in northern minnesota. I had not had a drop to drink, but the girl had a couple and was legally over the limit, though not really impaired or I would have insisted on driving the car. to make a long story short, once they pulled us over under the pretense that the 'high beams' of the vehicle were on, and that it blinded the oncoming trooper, which was not true, the one trooper demanded of me my identification. As he was arrogant and nasty and did not ask politely, I said to him; "I'll be happy to show you identification just as soon as you can tell me what I'm being charged with as a passenger in this vehicle.." Needless to say, his partner realized that I was not going to cooperate, and he stepped in and took over. He asked me politely for my identification, and I handed it to him. I asked; "when did you guys get the authority to shake people down, at will, without informing the person that they were being arrested or under the suspicion of xyz crime??", and he was very polite and said; "the Patriot Act gives us the authority to demand identification of anyone we please. Little did I know, he was, in fact, absolutely correct.

    I guess that the story I'm trying to impart here is that we've been doing this slow, oh so gradual slide into a dictatorship for a long time, and now we are finally living in one. You have no rights, the Constitution has more or less been suspended until furher notice, the S.C.O.T.U.S. is the absolute law of the land, and it is manned up with a majority of right wing sycophants who just chortle and giggle when they get to fuck you in the ass with a night stick and make you like it.

    so, nothing surprises me anymore. I carry a firearm within arm's reach in my vehicle wherever I go, with no less than '7' magazines to reload it with, also in very close proximity. Though this is very illegal in virtually every state, the way I see it, is that you cannot and should never trust a person wearing any kind of badge or any sort of official law enforcement credential, because that misplaced trust may in-fact, cost you your life. If any law enforcement officer breaches the 45 degree arc off centerline of your body with their firearm for any reason, I will, in fact, draw my weapon and begin to hoze them with it. This is self preservation, not paranoia.

    we have become a police state. we have no rights, and we can be murdered and tortured at will of the dictator and his henchmen. if you assume anything else, you are seriously delusional and need help.

    the day has come whereupon any citizen in this nation is a fool to presume they will be treated humanely, fairly, or otherwise afforded their rights under the U.S. Constitution, and to be honest, after you're 'shot' or 'beaten to death' it's too late for you then.

    I am not advocating everyone take my position with regards to what is a bona fide threat of death from anyone in authority, but in today's day and age, to assume you are living in anything less than a torture gulag, is a serious and grave miscalculation. They can, and will, at any time, take your life, and then proceed to cover that up and get away with it. Rule of Law is no longer applicable here. Deadly force in your possession, is your only reasonable guarantee you will not be either beaten, tortured, or murdered at the hands of corrupt or out of control law enforcement personnel. It's a sad fact, but it is a fact.


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