My Torture Dream ...........

I had a dream about American institutionalized torture ending suddenly. I'd read THIS STORY BY JEREMY SCAHILL regarding Gitmo horrors and just had to get away from the news. To add to the the HOPELESSNESS of this matter I came across a similar article (CLICK HERE) discussing the continuation of this inquisition under our newest charmer in the White House.

I need a rest - to close my eyes and forget this nightmare period of American history. From Scahill's article:
"...blows to [the] testicles;" "detention underground in total darkness for three weeks with deprivation of food and sleep;" being "inoculated … through injection with 'a disease for dog cysts;'" the smearing of feces on prisoners; and waterboarding. The torture, according to the Spanish investigation, all occurred "under the authority of American military personnel" and was sometimes conducted in the presence of medical professionals."

Geez what happened to the Hippocratic Oath ? Medical Professionals involved in torture and prisoner abuse? Good thing I wasn't around to see that.

Anyway - the dream started with prisoners at Gitmo, suddenly being freed by a force of people who took the matter into their own hands. In fact it seemed to go just like THIS PRISON BREAK story. From the story:
"The early-morning jailbreak, which took less than five minutes and involved no violence, was carried out by 20 heavily armed men who arrived in 10 vehicles and a helicopter, they said."

Then I awoke and reality hit me. It had to be a dream. After all -how crazy of a thought is it to imagine anyone sticking their neck out for what is right as opposed to for money? Amazing isn't it? A drug cartel can get their folks out of jail without actual violence while we sit here observing our politicians doing no more than running their mouths. The grim reality of modern Amerika - where nothing ever really gets done. Just a lot of hogwash, legal wrangling, finger pointing, excuses etc... until the public attention is masterfully redirected to some trivial manufactured event.

Waking up - unfortunately was one of those times where I awoke from a pleasant dream into a living nightmare.
UPDATE MAY 17, 2009 To Free the Oppressed ...I suppose there is a disclaimer - I guess nobody reads Latin in that outfit - or considers abused unconvicted prisoners "oppressed."
"Their official motto is De Oppresso Liber (Latin: To Liberate the Oppressed)" - might I add: "unless ordered not to!" Get a new motto: here's a suggestion "To further Empire"
UPDATE MAY 18, 2009 Contractors hired by CIA involved per PBS


  1. No comments at this point. That's OK. We'll all just sit here while the "terrorists" (accused) ROT and are abused. Hey, reader, who cares right? After all - this doesn't effect you does it? The hell with it. Who cares about the rest of the worlds problems when we have our own?

    If that's your attitude I feel sorry for you because, if you think about it, if you are an American, your govt. has convinced you that you have to police the world - right the wrongs etc...bullshit go on... And you listen, and you sit there and do zip shit!

    2009 is a horrible time for me to be an American - I feel deep shame and disgrace.

    Hey all you Special Forces Boyscouts, go out there and get 'im! Hell it doesn't matter who does it? Just go kill some raghead! Yeah! Fight TERROR! Don't define TERROR just go fight it you dumbass!

  2. By the way - this story is on Reddit - the torturers voted it down while the rest of the lazy Amerisheep did...well...you guessed it...nothin'

    I have to think about why I spend my time doing this...perhaps Americans are not interested? they are too busy stuffing chips in their mouth watching Jack Bauer Torture a raghead on TV?

    Maybe another article or two and move out of this country. They say love it or leave it. this place is gettin' real hard to love.

  3. I hear ya, Jack Rabbit, I hear ya! I think that the first thing any of us reflexively wants to do when you realize your own house is on fire, as our 'house' is, is to just run out the door and run and run and run and get away as far from the fire as you can. Especially if you have a propane tank or an oil tank in there or next to it.

    maybe that was a bad analogy. but the torture nightmare thing is kind of something you can expect a person with a 'conscience' to have, envisioning the faces of the little boys in Abu Ghraib, being buggered anally by U.S. military personnel while their mother's watched...and had to hear their screams. I think a worse nightmare, Jack Rabbit, from the one you had, is the one where you suddenly 'wake up' and find you are in a nation full of people that have all been completely taken over by something, like in the real old version of 'Invaders From Mars' where the little boy sees the alien spacecraft crash land in the sandy pit behind his house's back yard, and one by one, every person in the town gets sucked into that sand and taken over, till everyone, his dad, the police, everyone are all 'taken over' by the alien things under the sand where their spacecraft landed.

    the 'worse' nightmare, is waking up and realizing that your own neighbors, your co-workers, the people you go to church with, all can condone the 'torture' and the 'killing' of the detainee's in U.S. custody. You try to explain to them that this is antithetical to everything the country was allegedly founded on and or stood for, but they look at you, smile politely, like you're an 'idiot' and explain to you that; "listen, we had to keep the country safe, these guys were HEROES that saved our nation from more terrorism by doing this, so don't tell me that what they did was wrong.."

    that's the worse nightmare. I had that nightmare a few years ago, Jack Rabbit. Over and over again, I would 'wake up' and I would ask my fellow co-workers if the U.S. military invasion and occupation of Iraq was 'justified' and nearly all of them assured me that it was done to keep this country 'safe' and that I was, in fact, very 'wrong' to suspect otherwise.

    that's the real nightmare, Jack Rabbit. the more than seven year long 'ground hog' day nightmare, where you wake up every single day in the same country, and all of your co-workers, your fellow friends and neighbors, even your family members, looks at you in 'disbelief' because you see this as being 'amoral' and, in fact, contrary to everything you were raised to believe in, as a child.

    I never have come out of that nightmare, Jack Rabbit, and the uglier truth underlying it, is that my neighbors, and my alleged friends, and my fellow countrymen, are as 'alien' to me as the things that were taking over the people in the sand pit in 'Invaders From Mars', and I keep wiping the sleep from my eyes, Jack Rabbit, but it's not changing.

    this nightmare will never, ever end, Jack Rabbit.

  4. Not a bad analogy actually - maybe helpful.

    Yes, I look around and wonder why almost nobody else seems to care - that I know personally that is - and wonder if I'm actually that far out of touch with reality. That perhaps this American public and I have so little in common that I'm not representative of the population as a whole.

    Unfortunately I've never been good at quitting. I'll just have to stick with it.

  5. What little hope I had left in me for this country was with the Obama camp. Well that quickly went down the tubes didn't it!

    Now the Dems are giving the war cry and Afghanistan is ramping up to become a real meat grinder and Obama is sweeping the torture issues and the high crimes committed by service personnel and Bush's camp. Might as well kiss the idea of being able to vote change in. Something much more radical is going to have to happen and all the greedy warmongering pigs in Washington are replaced by non-career politicians who have no lobby. This nation isn't the USA any longer and that fact became evident the day torture was sanctioned and made legal. It is a real shame that one of the ideas most despised by our forefathers was voted into allowance in the very same place torture was spat at by our early congress. The people in DC today are nothing more than bought and sold war puppets.

  6. Thank you commenters - it is your inspiration that makes me realize in those moments when I get a little discouraged that good people really are out there. Thanks for participating - please continue to.

    Forgive me for my anger fit above - and thanks for helping me stay on track. I suppose some of the people that will read me words above will find something to call me - anti-American perhaps? Well, maybe anti -Amerikan would be fitting because that is the gulag we have today.

    To the soldiers - if you don't like what I said above - think about this. And let me say first I HATE picking on the Germans and bringing them up as an example - but if history is a guide - we need to learn from it - and use their mistakes as examples to avoid repeating them.

    If any soldier thinks it is honorable to fight a war based on lies - then by that logic the Nazi soldiers that died in wars based on lies were also heroes. Because the mission does matter. And the excuse "I was only following orders" was a phrase repeated over and over again in this country when I was growing up as the epitome of the non-excuse.

  7. the gauntlet got thrown down back when the bush bastard uttered these words in a semi coherent sentence: "you're either evil or you're good...you're either with us, or you're against us..", and the moron son of a bitch had no clue what he truly had just said, putting it into the proper context. what he essentially said was; "We're evil, and if you're not with us, you are NOT EVIL..", and when I heard the stupid son of a bush say that, I thought; "you stupid fucking coked out moron, you have no clue what the fuck you are talking about, do you??"

    there's 20 or so percent in this country that are exactly like this miserable prick. they'll polarize like a cheap dime store compass, with any right wing windbag that comes along, and force a real civil war when the necessity to revolt comes. unfortunately for the Obomaton, they're not going to align with his sorry treasonous ass, because they're being programmed to hate his guts, too! so the u.s. government has a beeg problemo, in that even their infra-guard army of vichy business traitors will not be enough to bolster their ranks and prevent the eventual restoration of liberty in this country. their troops will defect and go home to protect their own families in the insurrection. inside of a year, the only thing left of the regime will be the rotting corpses of the primary mass murderers still hanging by hastily thrown up ropes on tree's outside of the white house.

    being against this 'regime' is not being anti-american, Jack Rabbit. you have to realize that there is a growing movement of us in this nation who absolutely will not tolerate the total slide into a fascist dictatorship, whether it's a bushian nightmare or an obomaniac one, in either case, it's still a NIGHTMARE.

    if they push it to the inevitable conclusion of a full scale, gloves off revolution, it is my personal hope to participate in the hanging of as many of these scum as is humanly possible, and to sit on the tribunals of as many as is possible, and to convict and sentence as many of them as is humanly possible. and it would please me greatly to be the one pulling the trap door handle or jerking the chair out from underneath as many as is humanly possible.

    it's not revenge. it's a new concept, actually, it's called JUSTICE, not JUST US as they spell it.

    the time is coming. they know it. we will defeat them. but it'll come at a terrible price. in the end, we will prevail. so, to the bush bastard; "dickhead, we are against you, and your scummy family, and we will hang every single one of you if you're not fled to paraguay by the time we encircle your fucking ranch to burn it to the fucking ground.."

  8. hey jack rabbit. v here from WRH. jack believe me brother when i say i feel your pain and a whole lot more. things are so bizarre anymore. i have lost so much sleep ever since 911. i will never forget what happened that day. everything has gone hill rapidly since then.

    it is to the point now that my entire days seem like nightmares and the only time i can get away from it is when i am sleeping, you know?

    i have to agree with the previous poster. the worst part of it all is to try break other people from thier trance. frustration beyond belief.

    fear, fear, and more fear mixed in with apathy, cowardice, ingnorance and a healthy dose of cognitive dissonance and here we are.

    please just realize that people like us are not alone. we are the majority in fact, although most are the silent majority. thats our lot in life. don't give up the fight.

    "by the power of truth, i, while living, have conquered the universe"

    i always find those words comforting. truer words were never spoken.

  9. one of the things that gives these sleazebags in government false hope they can prevail or beat us in a revolt, is the fact that they are counting on everyone marching off the cliff like blind lemmings, or staying glued to the couch to watch 'amerikan idle' until a storm trooper with a flag patch on his or her arm kicks their door down and hauls their catatonic ass out of there to one of the KBR camps.

    there is a lot of cognitive dissonance going on, in other word. people are so freaked out that their own government was indeed capable of mass murder and torture now, and even some of the kool-aid drinkers are snapping out of their trances just long enough to realize that as long as we're so bitterly divided, we're so easily 'conquered' by them. so that's their game plan, keep us polarized right versus left, red state versus blue state, and they can rule indefinitely over a bunch of scared and cowering fuckers who are living more in fear of them then in respect.

    once the financial collapse fully manifests itself, that will no doubt force the 'amerikan idle' ostrich's to get the fuck off their couch nad grow a vegetable garden to survive with, maybe even participate in a community garden and not depend on a fucking thing from the collapsed and totally failed police state.

    if the vast majority of 'lemmings' are 'hungry' and 'without shelter', methinks that insurrection and rioting and wanting some payback for all the misery they've been subjected to, is going to become a very very strong urge. they won't be able to put enough 'amerikan idle' shit on the tube, because nobody will have fucking electricity at that point.

    as for the poster above, you're right. we are not alone. my best guess as to how many of us are absolutely not going to stand for this shit, is approximately 75 to 80 million, give or take 5 million or so. they cannot kill all of us unless they use nuclear weapons, which, in fact, is what Cheney tried to do back in September of 2007, based on a whole lot of very good evidence to that having been the plan. Put options in place, probably another Krongard and Company stunt to get rich off the nuking of american cities, are a matter of fact. I urge you all to check these two links out and realize the probability of this entire crew being 'deceased' now in 2009, is very very very low. And, higher ups' in their chain of command, are now pushing up daisies under questionable circumstances as well. I smell a Cheney hit squad gig right here in Amerika.




    we dodged a bullet in the end of 2007, at the hands of the Cheney murder team. I don't know if the Obombaton has a clue that a lot of these right wing dominionist bastards are still pretty 'legion' in the U.S. Air Farce and other branches, and they'd love nothing more than to fulfill biblical prophecies about armageddon and the end times.

    that's what we're facing now. Obombaton has no power to stop it, and he could, in-fact, as a military industrial complex 'whore' that he seems all to very much, he could potentially look the other way when they do the next 9/11.

  10. WOW, those couple of posts are the most honest, heartfelt, and acurate things i have ever seen. inspirational beyond belief.

    words of a true patriot. an american with a brain and some balls and a righteous anger pointed in the right direction.

    thank you my brother for expressing what millions are feeling. there is no doubt we will win this thing. if 80 million people have that mindset we can not be defeated. we will lose some battles but we will win the war.

    just knowing that there are people like you out there prepared for the battle restores my faith in humanity.

  11. Well, Jack Rabbit, I hope that I'm right about people generally having enough balls to not only say "NO" to the government as it marches us further over the proverbial cliff, but to eventually take up arms and be ready to fight for their freedom. Right now there's a bill that Rahm Emanuel and a bunch of politicians are pushing thru, which, in-essence and intent, will give the government very sweeping authority to begin to disarm large numbers of us. Back during the Bush bastard reign, there was a memorandum and or Executive Order, likely penned or written by David Addington for coke fried boy Dumbya, that detailed the plans for U.S. military to rotate home post haste to put down an american insurgency here. That directive, per my read on it, is 'authentic' and was not a fabrication, but reality. Within it are the door to door searches of american residences suspected of aiding in the revolution, and detailed plans for military control of communities with checkpoints, special identity cards, and lists of citizens suspected of being against the government. You can see that document at this location, and judge for yourself. We don't know what N.S.P.D. number it was given, but it very well may have been a SECRET NOFORN portion of N.S.P.D. 51, which a prominent Oregon politician tried to get to the bottom of, but was thwarted, in 2007.


    now, if this doesn't speak to intent, I don't know what does. as far as I'm concerned, Obombaton has not cancelled out or nullified a single one of these N.S.P.D. 51 or N.S.P.D. 20 directives yet, and hasn't indicated an intent to. logic dictates that he intends to use them if necessary, and recent moves to disarm the population seem to suggest that he indeed intends to suppress a revolution.

    it's imperative that everyone realize that these folks are playing for keeps. this is not a drill. we are in it for real and we must be ready to do whatever is necessary to prevent the nation from fully descending into a complete, no more denials about it, dictatorship.

  12. US Preparing Domestic Clampdown?
    TBRN News

    Green Zone Follies

    BAGHDAD -- "Yesterday, one of my good friends from another office was telling me they were going to start issuing armored vests to us office types because of the growing danger from mortars. We are being shelled daily and, like everything else, casualties are way underreported . But more important than the flak vests was a file he had copied out and which he gave to me to smuggle out of the country. As I have said, we have strict censorship here on all incoming and outgoing snail mail, email, phone calls and so on. This report is so serious I am making a précis of it and am even now sending it around to various news outlets, both Stateside and elsewhere. I have my sources and believe me, the CIC people here are so stupid they couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the directions were on the bottom.

    It states that because of "growing popular unrest in the United States, caused by the prolonged war in Iraq .coupled with obvious Congressional inaction," the U.S. military has drawn up plans for combating domestic U.S. civil insurrections. This is not a theoretical study but a very specific one. Units to be used domestically are listed in detail as are detention centers, etc.

    As a result of this, plans are now in train to segregate, retrain and reequip certain anti-insurgent U.S. military units now serving in Iraq and to prepare them for quick transfer back to the United States for use "as needed" The Pentagon command believes that such civil insurrections are not only a possibility but a very real probability in the event that the President and his advisors maintain their present course vis a vis the Iraqi war.

    It is interesting to note that "foreign intelligence representatives, now active in the United States" (read Mossad) are to be subject to "arrest, confinement and eventual deportation to their country of origin."

    The report and several attached ones, run to almost 900 pages and cannot be put up in their current form. However, I will list some of the more important data here:

    Classification: Top Secret-Noforn as of 1 June 2007

    Distribution Restriction: Distribution authorized to the DOD and DOD contractors only to maintain operations security. This determination was made on 1 June 2007. Other requests for this document must be referred to (redacted)

    Destruction Notice: Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the document. .

    This publication uses the term insurgent to describe those taking part in any activity designed to undermine or to overthrow the established authorities

    Counterinsurgency is those military, paramilitary, political, economic, psychological, and civicactions taken by a government to defeat insurgency (JP 1-02). It is an offensive approach involving all elements of national power; it can take place across the range of operations and spectrum of conflict

    In dealing with the local populace, the primary aims must be to:

    ·Protect the population.

    ·Establish local political institutions.

    ·Reinforce local governments.

    ·Eliminate insurgent capabilities.

    ·Exploit information from local sources.

    An insurgency is organized movement aimed at the overthrow of a constituted government through use of subversion and armed conflict (JP 1-02). It is a protracted politico-military struggle designed to weaken government control and legitimacy while increasing insurgent control. Political power is the central issue in an insurgency.

    An insurgent organization normally consists of four elements:


    Combatants (main forces, regional forces, local forces).

    Cadre (local political leaders that are also called the militants).

    Mass base (the bulk of the membership).

    A perceived serious potential of dissident American groups rising up against constituted authority has been clearly identified by counter-intelligence agencies.. The stated cause for such an uprising appear to be growing dissatisfaction with the course and conduct of the war in Iraq, the chronic inability of Congress to deal with various pressing issues and the perception of widespread corruption and indifference to public needs.

    The support of the people, passive or active then, is the center of gravity. It must be gained in whatever proportion is necessary to sustain the insurgent movement (or, contrariwise, to defeat it). As in any political campaign, all levels of support are relative.

    Insurgent movements begin as "fire in the minds of men." Insurgent leaders commit themselves to building a new world. They construct the organization to carry through this desire. Generally, popular grievances become insurgent causes when interpreted and shaped by the insurgent leadership. The insurgency grows if the cadre that is local insurgent leaders and representatives can establish a link between the insurgent movement and the desire for solutions to grievances sought by the local population

    Insurgent leaders will exploit opportunities created by government security force actions. The behavior of security forces is critical. Lack of security force discipline leads to alienation, and security force abuse of the populace is a very effective insurgent recruiting tool. Consequently, specific insurgent tactical actions are often planned to frequently elicit overreaction from security force individuals and units.

    Insurgencies are dynamic political movements, resulting from real or perceived grievance or neglect that leads to alienation from an established government.

    A successful counterinsurgency will result in the neutralization by the state of the insurgency and its effort to form a counterstate. While many abortive insurgencies are defeated by military and police actions alone, if an insurgency has tapped into serious grievances and has mobilized a significant portion of the population, simply returning to the status quo may not be an option. Reform may be necessary, but reform is a matter for the state, using all of its human and material resources. Security forces are only one such resource. The response must be multifaceted and coordinated, yet states typically charge their security forces with "waging counterinsurgency." This the security forces cannot do alone.

    These imperatives are-

    · Facilitate establishment or reestablishment of a 'legitimate government'.

    · Counterinsurgency requires perseverance.

    · Foster popular support for the incumbent US government.

    · Prepare to perform functions and conduct operations that are outside normal scope of training.

    · Coordinate with US governmental departments and agencies, and with vital non-governmental, agencies.

    Urban operations.

    · Protection of government facilities.

    · Protection of infrastructure.

    · Protection of commercial enterprises vital to the HN economy.

    · Protection of cultural facilities.

    · Prevention of looting.

    · Military police functions.

    · Close interaction with civilians.

    · Assistance with reconstruction projects.

    · Securing the national borders.

    · Training or retraining a national military police and security force.

    Establishing and maintaining local government credibility.

    · Contributing local government is both tangible and psychological. Local security forces must reinforce and be integrated into the plan at every stage.

    · Facilitate and use information and intelligence obtained from local sources to gain access to the insurgent's economic and social base of support, order of battle, tactics, techniques, and procedures.

    Army forces help local pro-government police, paramilitary, and military forces perform counterinsurgency, area security, or local security operations. They advise and assist in finding, dispersing, capturing, and destroying the insurgent force.

    US forces may conduct offensive operations to disrupt and destroy insurgent combat formations. These operations prevent the insurgents from attacking government-controlled areas.

    There are many organizations and extensive resources available to aid counterinsurgent forces.

    Commanders should not overlook the aid these organizations may provide. All forces assigned an AO or function should determine which departments and agencies are assisting in that AO and coordinate actions so that there is no duplication of effort. Such departments,

    councils and agencies include-

    · National Security Council.

    · Department of Defense.

    · Department of State.

    · Department of Justice.

    · Department of the Treasury.

    · Department of Homeland Security.

    · Department of Agriculture.

    · Department of Commerce.

    · Central Intelligence Agency.

    · Department of Transportation

    Various governmental departments directly administer or support other governmental agencies. Examples of these US agencies are-

    · The US Coast Guard (under Department of Homeland Security).

    · The Federal Bureau of Investigation (under Department of Justice).

    · Immigration Customs Enforcement (under Department of Homeland Security).

    · Federal Communications Commission

    . The proper application of force is a critical component to any successful counterinsurgency operation. In a counterinsurgency, the center of gravity is public support. In order to defeat an insurgent force, US forces must be able to separate insurgents from the population. At the same time, US forces must conduct themselves in a manner that enables them to maintain popular domestic support. Excessive or indiscriminant use of force is likely to alienate the local populace, thereby increasing support for insurgent forces. Insufficient use of force results in increased risks to US forces and perceived weaknesses that can jeopardize the mission by emboldening insurgents and undermining domestic popular support. Achieving the appropriate balance requires a thorough understanding of the nature and causes of the insurgency, the end state, and the military's role in a counterinsurgency operation. Nevertheless, US forces always retain the right to use necessary and proportional force for individual and unit self-defense in response to a hostile act or demonstrated hostile intent.

    The media, print and broadcast (radio, television and the Internet), play a vital role in societies involved in a counterinsurgency. Members of the media have a significant influence and shaping impact on political direction, national security objectives, and policy and national will. The media is a factor in military operations. It is their right and obligation to report to their respective audiences on the use of military force. They demand logistic support and access to military operations while refusing to be controlled. Their desire for immediate footage and on-the-spot coverage of events, and the increasing contact with units and Soldiers (for example, with embedded reporters) require commanders and public affairs officers to provide guidance to leaders and Soldiers on media relations. However, military planners must provide and enforce ground rules to the media to ensure operations security. Public affairs offices plan for daily briefings and a special briefing after each significant event because the media affect and influence each potential target audience external and internal to the AO. Speaking with the media in a forward-deployed area is an opportunity to explain what our organizations and efforts have accomplished.

    Continuous PSYOP are mounted to-

    · Counter the effects of insurgent propaganda.

    · Relate controls to the security and well-being of the population.

    · Portray a favorable governmental image.

    .Control measures must-

    · Be authorized by national laws and regulations (counterparts should be trained not to improvise unauthorized measures).

    · Be tailored to fit the situation (apply the minimum force required to achieve the de-sired result).

    · Be supported by effective local intelligence.

    · Be instituted in as wide an area as possible to prevent bypass or evasion.

    · Be supported by good communications.

    · Be enforceable.

    · Be lifted as the need diminishes.

    · Be compatible, where possible, with local customs and traditions.

    · Establish and maintain credibility of local government.

    A control program may be developed in five phases:

    · Securing and defending the area internally and externally.

    · Organizing for law enforcement.

    · Executing cordon and search operations.

    · Screening and documenting the population (performing a detailed census).

    · Performing public administration, to include resource control.

    Support to the judiciary may be limited to providing security to the existing courts or may lead to more comprehensive actions to build local, regional, and national courts and the required support apparatus. To avoid overcrowding in police jails, the courts must have an efficient and timely magistrate capability, ideally co-located with police stations and police jails, to review cases for trial.

    Cordon and search is a technique used by military and police forces in both urban and rural environments. It is frequently used by counterinsurgency forces conducting a population and resource control mission against small centers of population or subdivisions of a larger community. To be effective, cordon and search operations must have sufficient forces to effectively cordon off and thoroughly search target areas, to include subsurface areas.

    PSYOP, civil affairs, and specialist interrogation teams should augment cordon and search orces to increase the effectiveness of operations. Consider the following when conducting cordon and search operations:

    Cordon and search operations may be conducted as follows:

    Disposition of troops should-

    · Facilitate visual contact between posts within the cordon.

    · Provide for adequate patrolling and immediate deployment of an effective re-serve force.

    Priority should be given to-

    · Sealing the administrative center of the community.

    · Occupying all critical facilities.

    · Detaining personnel in place.

    · Preserving and securing all records, files, and other archives.

    Key facilities include-

    · Administrative buildings.

    · Police stations.

    · News media facilities.

    · Post offices.

    · Communications centers.

    · Transportation offices and motor pools.

    · Prisons and other places of detention.

    · Schools.

    · Medical facilities.

    Search Techniques include-

    · Search teams of squad size organized in assault, support, and security elements.

    One target is assigned per team.

    · Room searches are conducted by two-person teams.

    · Room search teams are armed with pistols, assault weapons, and automatic weapons.

    · Providing security for search teams screening operations and facilities.

    Pre-search coordination includes-

    · Between control personnel and screening team leaders.

    · Study of layout plans.

    · Communications, that is, radio, whistle, and hand signals.

    · Disposition of suspects.

    · On-site security.

    · Guard entrances, exits (to include the roof), halls, corridors, and tunnels.

    · Assign contingency tasks for reserve.

    · Room searches conducted by two- or three-person teams.

    · Immobilize occupants with one team member.

    · Search room with other team member.

    · Search all occupants. When available, a third team member should be the re-corder.

    · Place documents in a numbered envelope and tag the associated individual with a corresponding number.


    Screening and documentation include following:

    · Systematic identification and registration.

    · Issuance of individual identification cards containing-

    A unique number.

    Picture of individual.

    Personal identification data.


    An official stamp (use different colors for each administration region).

    Family group census cards, an official copy of which is retained at the local po-lice agency. These must include a picture and appropriate personal data.

    Frequent use of mobile and fixed checkpoints for inspection, identification, and reg-istration of documents.

    Preventing counterfeiting of identification and registration documents by laminat-ing and embossing.

    Programs to inform the population of the need for identification and registration.

    Covert surveillance is a collection effort with the responsibility fixed at the intelligence/security division or detective division of the police department. Covert techniques, ranging from application of sophisticated electronics systems to informants, should include-

    Informant nets. Reliability of informants should be verified. Protection of identity is a must.

    Block control. Dividing a community or populated area into zones where a trusted resident reports on the activities of the population. If the loyalty of block leaders is questionable, an informant net can be established to verify questionable areas.

    Units designated for counterinsurgency operations

    · 115th MIB, Schofield, HI

    · 704th MIB, Fort Made, MD, Collaboration with NSA

    · 513st MIB, Fort Gordon, GA in Collaboration with NSA

    · Arlington Hall Station, VA

    · Aberdeen Proving Ground (Maryland)

    · US Army Intelligence and Security Command ­ INSCOM- Huachuca ( Arizona )

    · INTELLIGENCE THREAT and ANALYSIS CENTER ( Center Analysis for threat and Intelligence )

    · 501st Military Intelligence Brigade EAC

    · 3rd Military Intelligence Battalion Exploitation Area

  13. I, too, suffer from this nightmare. But my version is much more intolerable. I know because I had to run. I ran away from the USA. Everything about the USA is a lie and I was too confused to try to explain it to my children.
    Who can tell their children lies? I couldn't. Who can discuss freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with a straight face anymore?
    But I didn't want to tell them the truth either. I think they are too young (hell, I am too young) to understand that we were living in a "bad country"==the kind that tortures people with genital mutilation, rape and sodomy.
    That is definitely NC17.
    So we had to leave.

    I mean, what will it look like in the USA in a few more (downhill) years? I shudder to think.
    Even worse, what does it REALLY look like now? I mean with all the secrets unveiled?

  14. Thank you V and anonymous posters above - the comments are really the best part. Such an encouraging reminder that we are all out there doing our part - whatever that part is - to stop these crimes. I am honored to have such company in this forum.

  15. Let me give you a sneak peek ahead into the U.S.A. of the year 2015, if the coming revolution is not a success in breaking the strangle-hold:

    1.) military checkpoints everywhere, exactly like East Berlin and Nazi Germany. You will not be able to travel interstate without all of your paperwork in your possession.

    2.) employment will be based on government vetting, this is almost the case today but it's not quite there yet with just the I-9 form you have to fill out presently.

    3.) most of american suburban neighborhoods will be boarded up as half of the population will have been evicted by this time.

    4.) food will be rationed, as will heating oil and gasoline.

    5.) disease will run rampant as most hospitals will have to, by necessity, close their doors, and so will clinics, especially the 'free' social clinics that exist today. Those will be gone.

    6.) martial law will have been invoked.

    7.) sporadic outbreaks of violence against the authority apparatus will cause a situation where helicopter gunships and fighter aircraft are bombing and stafing parts of Los Angeles and Chicago, as well as Houston, Dallas, and other major cities, as well as Detroit.

    8.) international travel by U.S. citizens out of the U.S. will be either curtailed altogether or severely restricted.

    9.) foreign troops will be on U.S. soil to enforce the martial law and curfews in major metropolitan areas, with 'shoot to kill' orders.

    10.) all property owned by any dissenters to the government will be seized and no longer be the property of the dissenting owner.

    there'll of course be several other aspects to this that I cannot see, but this is what I believe will come to fruition in this country, based on the imminent collapse of the U.S. economy, brought about by the U.S. default on it's debt obligation. Most of the ugly things I have left out, by the way.

  16. jack you have bought one common theme our Chosen media enjoys selling. This product is called the innocence of the state. Some presidents and some leaders may be bad but the state is sacrosanct and innocent.

    The innocence of the state is establishing the state as a father figure. Using parental language against those who do not submit before chosen rule. The media also work on the common trick of morphing the innocence of the individual with the state. Just as you cannot contemplate killing your neighbor down the street and grabbing his car, wife and daughter the media says the state and fearless leader would never ever contemplate murder, torture and theft.

    Most people are dense enough to ignore reality except when they lose their own jobs

  17. the state is pretty scummy, actually. the whole entire federal apparatus at it's higher levels is like a rotting fish corpse with the head falling apart and the tail fins still barely hanging on.

    a reality check is coming to everyone. real unemployment is around 23 percent right now, and rising. by the time it's around 75 percent, and nearly everyone is living in their car or a tent somewhere, it just might sink in.

    there'll still be 20 or so percent of the really brain dead moron's out there still pissing and moaning that it'd be better if Bush were still in office. Little do they know he still is, but now he's got a much darker tan.

    the state is corrupt all the way to the core. it must be abolished. a new one built from the ground up. maybe we'll get another 230 some odd years on the new one, if we don't blow ourselves up in a thermonuclear exchange, precipitated by the current Bush with the dark tan.

  18. V,

    "by the power of truth, i, while living, have conquered the universe"

    I was just re-reading the comments and forgot to thank you for this.


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