Glutathione Accelerator - Any Good?

I listened to a CD on this topic a friend passed along to me. I wonder how someone who states "Oxygen Burns" can speak on this topic with authority?


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---------update Oct 24, 09
What happened to this stuff? I haven't heard anything since the media blitz that happened when this post first went up.


  1. Really a nice video and good information about glutathione .. MaxGXL is the best Glutathione Accelerator.. Glutathione helps maintain the integrity of red blood cells, as well as protecting white blood cells, assists in carbohydrate metabolism and breaking down oxidized fats. It is famous detoxifying agent.. I am using it and feeling very energetic every day..

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  2. I ned to know more about the product. Why my doctor didn't recommend it?

  3. Sara Reid above is "feeling very energetic every day.."
    then adds a link about weight loss pills - so the sales seems to undermine the comments. Oh yeah - do you know how to tell when a salesman is lying? When his lips are moving. Bwa ha ha ha- terrible joke-


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