TASER: The answer to EVERYTHING!

     The T-word seems to be in the news a lot - with increasing frequency. I don't know where I got the notion that these devices were originally intended to replace lethal firearms - a quick check of available resources raises doubts. Tasers are now touted by their proponents as devices that prevent rather than cause injury. Click HERE to read some marketing information, here's an excerpt:
"TASER ECDs reduce officer injuries by up to 80%.
Law enforcement officers don’t get paid to fight. TASER International offers a powerful and a safer use-of-force options [sic] to subdue violent offenders and inmates that are safer compared to traditional hands-on force tactics. The TASER ECDs allow officers to incapacitate dangerous or violent subjects from a distance - regardless of the physical size of the officer and regardless of the size, strength and mental state of the subject." (emphasis added)

Let's take a look at one of the crazed maniacs endangering America's finest:

     "She WAS squaring off with him" says the commenter from Fox - remember this is the same Fox commenter that defends torture . Feigned alarm whilst great-grandmother Tasered bring big ratings!
     Reader - were you as worried for the officer's life as I was? Perilous! Like they said regarding Taser advantages: "regardless of the physical size of the officer and regardless of the size, strength and mental state of the subject." Yep - I'll agree with that - regardless for sure!

     So are Tasers safe? Look HERE where you can read the following:

" WASHINGTON (AP) — The number of people who have died in the U.S. after being shocked by police stun guns is growing rapidly, Amnesty International says in a report that catalogs 156 in the past five years.      
      Deaths after the use of Taser stun guns have risen from three in 2001 to 61 last year, the international human rights group said. Fourteen have died so far this year, it said, citing police and autopsy reports as well as press accounts.
     The rise in deaths accompanies a marked increase in the number of U.S. law enforcement agencies employing devices made by Taser International of Scottsdale, Ariz. About 1,000 of the nation’s 18,000 police agencies used Tasers in 2001; more than 7,000 departments had them last year, according to a government study. "

Surely - picking a video and repeating "great-grandmother" is going to pull on some heart strings. Let's find a milder example - how about a pregnant mother?

     Heaven forfend! "She raised her arm...the deputy felt threatened..." Is it just me or is that cop a pussy? After all the brawl was over kids fighting and we all know how scared America's finest are of children right? Remember "regardless of the physical size of the officer and regardless of the size, strength and mental state of the subject." - and they MEAN IT!

     FYI - regarding size or strength of the subject - take a look (CLICK) HEREwhere you can read more about a six-year-old getting the old shockaroo:

"The officers tried to reason with the boy, but when he started cutting his own leg, they shocked him with a Taser. They then grabbed him to prevent him from hurting himself when he hit the floor and called an ambulance.

Miami Police say the Taser was necessary to prevent the boy from seriously harming himself with the glass.

Today Governor Jeb Bush told the Associated Press he doesn't know the circumstances of why adults couldn't control a six-year-old."

Yes Jeb - Why indeed?

Finally:  What about self-incrimination via Taser?   CLICK HERE to read how a judge ruled Tasing to get a DNA sample is OK!

I guess the Taser really IS the ANSWER TO EVERYTHING!
Girl tased by police chief - she's fourteen
UPDATE JULY 27, 2009 Cops sodomize with TASER

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  1. hey, if it's good enough for a chihuahua, it's good enough fer ME too!

    tasering is good fer yer heart.

    tasering unclogs arteries plugged by years of greasy plaque deposits.

    tasering enhances your sex life.

    tasering is the same as 'electronic viagra'

    tasering makes a 'protect and to serve' cop a 'how would you like your nuts served today' cop.

    and lastly, tasering thins out the herd, gets rid of the weak sisters who shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.

    let's have tasering for ALL!! YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

    have I told you today how much I fucking hate this gulag we have become??? have I?

  2. I see them being restricted as events like these (and deaths) keep occurring.

  3. The situation is getting worse. Police are killing Americans at the rate of once per week here in America. 22 dead from taser-related causes since Jan 1st.

    peace, Villager


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