Public Outcry in America: The Sound of ONE HAND clapping

A friend of mine posed a question to the American public this evening: When will you get ANGRY? This question baffles me as well as I reflect on current events in the U.S..
I don't know if my answer carries any more weight than yours so instead I'm going to type out a list as quickly as possible from memory of things that have NOT moved the public to action:

Loss of Retirement
Loss of Equity in Home while responsible for mortgage at bubble market price
Health Care
Police Brutality
Institutionalized Usury
Militarized Police
Spying and Wiretapping
Border Control
911 Truth
Wars of Aggression Based on Lies Based on Torture
Soldiers having to steal water to survive in Iraq due to supply failure
Going to war with no armor
Security problems blamed for 911 remain unaddressed
Repeated Attacks on the 2nd Amendment
Hate Speech legislation proposals that threaten 1st Amendment
U.S. media beholden to corporations must serve their true masters. (Not the Public)

Did I leave anything out?



  1. Add Double Jeopardy/ignoring the 5th amendment. In Kentucky, if the Cabinet for Health and Family Services doesn't get the final verdict that it wants from the State Judge, it retries you in its own kangaroo court. Direct quote from their Liar, er, Lawyer: "We are outside the court's jurisdiction."

  2. Madoff wired 100Billion to Tel Aviv, just before his "confession".
    The bombing of unarmed civilians in Gaza, and Lebanon.
    The Israeli connections to PNAC, it's mission, and dual citizens at the top of Homeland Security, The Defense Policy Board, etc.
    Haliburten insider contracts, paid but not performed.
    Blackwater rapists, and murderers without any legal oversight or possibility of charges.
    A Vice President who got 1.5M per year in deferred compensation from Halliburten, while in a position to insure insider contracts at inflated prices.
    Towers insurance money, doubled for one Tower, all gotten quickly by Silverstein, and now he wants a government bailout.
    $100 Billion in US Aid going to fund Israel, and supply bombs.
    Caryle Group board including Bin Ladens and Bush Sr, with investments in pharaceuticals, weapons and oil.
    GWB purchasing 99,000 acres in Paraguay, over water rights, and sending Jenna Bush with UNICEF to try to buy off the indiginous population w those funds, in what used to be a national reserve.
    Sibel Edmonds.
    Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson.
    Fake evidence presented as real, ie yellowcake uranium, and WMD.

  3. Senator Paul Wellstone.

  4. The boss doesn't me to protest.

    The boss likes me to work two hours of unpaid overtime every day for the cause of freedom.

    That's what the boss tells me.

    It must be true because it is the boss saying it.

  5. Google "mind control" "EMF" "non-lethal weapons" "psy-ops" and "psychotronics"

    ...and starting tomorrow everyone will have a two-way cable box

  6. Illegal aliens. I mean "undocumented workers"

  7. Ahhh but not everyone has cable or dish. :)

    The mind control is definitely real and there are ways to combat it. Needless to say to remain sane, intact and with your full consciousness, you must know who you are and be decisive.

    If you waver and are uncertain in your faith and yourself, you're done with. Will, self esteem and integrity is truly the answer for their attempts at slavery.

  8. So, if we were angry, really, really angry, what would it look like? What would it sound like? Remember, they control television, radio and newspapers.

    We are angry. But we have been silenced. Except for on the internet, where you can read sufficient fury to bathe all of Washington in a lake of fire.

  9. don't forget MONSANTO= genetically modified fruits and vegetables.
    Obama hired the head of the Food and Drug Administration and that guy worked for Monsanto when he got hired!
    The American Government forces its citizens to eat foods that make them sick.
    Then the citizens beg the Government for healthcare.
    Then the Government sells them pharmaceuticals that ultimately kill them.

    What a cuntry!

  10. Don't forget pharmaceutical traces found in public drinking water. Whether this is on purpose or not is irrelevant. The fact is, it is in the water. That is wrong on so many different levels I'm not even going to name one.

  11. Air France Flight 447

  12. Asassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK, JFK Jr.

  13. Chem Trails
    John Lennon
    Leonard Peltier
    We are the most poisoned,drugged, and imprisoned developed nation on the planet. Why aren't we angry?

  14. The American people are not angry because, quite simply, they don't WANT to be angry. They may complain and bitch about things sometimes, but in general, the American people LOVE their lives. True change only occurs when the people WANT change. If the American people WANTED change and revolution, they would have risen up and fought for it a long time ago----pure and simple, end of discussion.

  15. American citizens are not angry because the Government (although evil) are genius at what they do. Okay, the Government is filled with liars and crooks and criminals- but you have to give them credit. They do it in front on 300 million citizens' faces. They do it right in front of everyone. But they do it right, they make you eat drugs and they sell you beer commercials to make you stupid and sell you hollywood gossip to make you feel self conscious. Its all obvious and most people want to take a stand but everyone thinks they are the only one that knows the truth. Well a lot of people know the truth, but as the old chinese proverb says "to know and not to act is not to know". we dont need a violent revolution or anything. seriously, if everyone, right now, stopped eating the food from nasty, huge corporations and if we all stopped paying taxes. seriously all of us, starting now, if we stopped just giving money to these people then we would have our country back. thats all we need to do.

  16. I wish I could believe most people are furious, but most of the people I have contact with, aren't that angry. They are just concerned how the economy will affect them, if it doesn't improve soon. They don't seem to be able to understand that if we don't stand up and take back this country from the traitors and foreign agents that have control over it,we are finished. They don't seem to care if we have any rights or freedoms! They don't care if we torture, rape and sodomize people! They don't even care if we do it to children!They don't care how many countries we bomb and slaughter on a massive scale! Even If those countries never attacked us! They don't care about depleted uranium, white phosphorus, cluster bombs, or the pain raygun our government created to deal with demonstrations and refusnicks! The only thing they seem to care about is their financial situation and lifestyle not being hampered with too much. What I would like to know is if they all have their homes and everything else taken away, will they finally get angry? Will they finally do something?

    I'm beginning to see why so many people around the world are getting so disgusted with Americans. If they don't start rising up and speaking out, I might just share their disgust! After living through the 60s,and remembering the protesters in the news almost daily, I thought long ago they would rise up. We Have certainly gone down hill as a people since those days!

    Most people believe everything they are told about 9/11 or anything regarding terrorist threats. They believe every word. They think you are paranoid and a loon if you question anything. It doesn't matter if you point out how many things don't add up with the governments stories. Or should I say lies! Because that is what they are!Whether we are talking about 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing,President Kennedy's assassination, Robert Kennedy's assassination, or Martin Luther King's assassination and many other mysterious deaths and incidents.

    It looks to me like most of the wars this country has ever fought, were based on lies and deception! It also appears that no sooner than our country was formed, thanthe international bankers started to scheme the take over of our financial system. The really sad thing is that our traitor politicians helped them! It would appear that everytime a President threatened their control of our monetary system, they either were assassinated,or their was an attempt to kill them.

    This country is in big trouble! The politicians are all lying psychopaths, with no conscience. The media is infiltrated by a foreign enemy. The American people are for all practical purposes, brain dead. All they are interested in is who won American Idol, how their favorite sports teams are doing, or what the latest movies are about,and if they will like them. I don't have anything against any of those pasttimes, but I think the destruction of our country and what crimes this government is committing around the world,deserve the majority of our attention.

  17. stop watching tv, stop paying attention to the government, stop paying taxes, grow your own food. fuck the government. all you need to do is show them we dont need them for anything. too many people say "we need gay marriage", "we need health care", "we need lower taxes".

    who gives a fuck, we dont need a bunch of piece of shit retards with ties on to regulate our fucking lives. how bout go fuck yourselves, we can take care of ourselves you pieces of shit.

  18. Well, if people would stop volunteering for the military... isn't that genius? :)

  19. Oklahoma City Bombing

  20. There is a photo of George Bush Sr. outside of the building where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested o the day Kennedy was shot. Bush says he can't remember where he was that day but that he wasn't in Texas... there's a fucking picture of him and he still denies it!

    Bush was the president of the CIA when Kennedy was killed.

  21. the powers that be are desperately trying to hold onto control right now. they know their shit is getting very very weak, 9/11 truth is flooding out, the truth about Israeli complicity in that attack on New York and Washington, D.C. is coming out, and the Madoff transfer of all that money to Israel is coming out. What you're seeing is concentrated Mossad and Pentagon attempts to 'derail' the truth and obfuscate the evidence that is being presented by Dr. Gage and others, especially now that it's been proven that THERMITE was indeed used by TURNER CONSTRUCTION and the MOSSAD to destroy the '3' WTC complex buildings on that day.

    so, the only ting I can tell you about 'anger' is that it will ultimately reach a 'critical mass' and the downfall of the illegitimate puppet regime will begin right like it's supposed to when people have had quite enough of the shit rammed down their throats.

    but they are not below staging another 9/11 FALSE FLAG to buy themselves more time and stampede the herd a bit first.

    it's coming. I can feel it like a dog or a cat can feel the P-waves from a seismic event. It is coming. We're on the brink. They know it.

    their time is running short and they know it.

  22. The problem facing the America is a spiritual problem.

    America's ideas about spirituality are killing people.

    Americans keep trying to solve the their problems as if they were political, or economic, or militaristic- it is none of these. It is a spiritual problem. And that is the one problem Americans don't know how to solve.

  23. spirituality my ass. the only spirituality comes at the end of a 7.62 nato round, my misguided friend.

    fuck this spirituality bullshit. spirituality is what got the human race into this quagmire of endless crusades and inquisitions. one religious war after another, thru time.

    not too many blog posts ago, some asshole came at me with this religiosity bullshit, and I told them to stow that shit.

    organized religion and or 'spirituality' is what is destroying mankind. this 'crutch' that gives people the misguided notion that they're doing this shit for 'god' or they can and should endure any and all hardship for a 'reward' after death, is a bunch of bullshit. truly it is.

    so, don't come at me with this spirituality shit. you can sub in the word 'morality' or 'common decency' or 'humane' but don't try to put any kind of fictional creature from your imagination into my life.

    my life is black or white. it doesn't have cloud beings, holy ghosts, or fuckers who rose from the dead on the third day horse shit anywhere in it.

    and you know what? once I freed myself from that spirituality shit, I became a humanist.

    my morality is based on not wanting to be an asshole or responsible for someone else's misfortune or crappy life because of what I or my government does. don't shove that spirit shit this way.

    spirits are for fuckers who have no clue who the fuck they are. get in touch with your own morality, don't lean on some non-existent deity to be your spirit guide, because you'll go way astray and hurt yourself and others with that mumbo jumbo shit.

    truly you will. enlighten your mind and your ass will surely follow. it's that simple.

  24. When the people are sick of lies, theft, murder, greed and treason as I am change will occur. When the people I try to wake up with just a little prick of the needle of truth stop getting that blank look on their faces, change will occur.

    When we have fewer morons and more alert awake and motivated adults change will occur.

    In other words change will never occur.

  25. The key for enslaving a population, aside from controlling information (MSM)and education (every child left behind" is to leave them with something. As long as the American people feel they have something to loose they will have hope. Hope by very definition is an abstract future that never gets here. Politicians always talk about "the future" never the present. That way they don't have to deliver. How many times has OBomber" talked about "Hope"?? The day there is no food on the shelves and US dollars hyper inflates the revolution will begin and Americans will take their country back. Like Jesse Ventura
    says "Don't start the revolution without me"..

  26. I'm surprised no one mentioned 60 years of drug war against a harmless simple herbal mood enhancer.

    I'm an American and I am plenty angry.

    But to change this we will have to kill other Americans. This is something we'd all better think about,long and hard.

  27. IMO America is drug. Not with illegal drugs but with anti-depressants. There is a huge push to give these mind altering and addictive meds to everybody. To be used as sleeping pills, stress relief, joint pain and treatment of a boo-boo.

    Add in the fact that 95% of america get's thier news from TV - which is government sponsered and that only 6 mes control our entire media - and the attempt to discredit the internet - well, there's the mix.

    People are simply brainwashed. Between medications, self medications such as booz, pot, ect and the media's BS - people are simply brainwashed.

    They see what is happening but don't know what to do, cannot think clearly and have no idea why it is happening. It's confusing, scary and in most opinions beyond thier control.

    The average american isn't a sheep but a brain dead zombie. 9/11 thruth is too complicated for them. The Fed - to complicated. The bail-outs are too complicated for them to understand.

    Need to find one simple battle cry. The lowest common thread to get them off the kool-aid and wake up.

    Until that happens, untill there is a common cause that the zombies can understand, we are stuck.

  28. To Ray Barnes:
    I don't think violent revolution is necesssary. Why?
    Everyone has there idea of what is wrong - one is the lobbyists.

    But perhaps lobbies are powerful because they are involved, organized, and they benefit from the results of their labor.

    Americans, the public, is NOT organized, NOT active, NOT focused on the problem - for a number of reasons. BUT it is the public that has the greatest of all power available - and that power is presently absent from the world stage. If this power were utilized by the public those seeming to have such a grip on power today would be dwarfed. With power like that - nobody would have to go to guns.

    I agree - the "War on Drugs" - whatever that means - is a phony money-machine for crooks on both sides of the law, while the public whithers in the crossfire and fills the corporate jails.

  29. Surely you are aware that the American sheeple are trained and indoctrinated in the American education system primarily to “get a job”. Such an expectation and the resultant educational system creates workers for business and industry, not citizens who have the background, training, and skills necessary to exert control over their social order. Exerting control over their social order means exerting control over the social systems in which jobs exist. What is the point of getting a job only to have the people in the upper class destroy the fabric of the economy out of greed and then lose that job?

    Democracy is described as “a system of government by which political sovereignty is retained by the people and exercised directly by citizens. In modern times it has also been used to refer to a constitutional republic where the people have a voice through their elected representatives.”

    In either case, a citizenry who are not alert, knowledgeable, and possessing of essential civic skills cannot exercise appropriate political power. Voting in any capacity, either directly ( democracy ) or indirectly ( representational/constitutional republic ), is like giving car keys to someone who does not know how to drive an automobile. When they crash the vehicle, who would be surprised? In the case of our society, when the population elects officials into a system of corruption and bribery, and those officials then cater to the needs of the upper class and the oligarchs to the detriment of the general population, then the people have crashed the Republic.

    This being the case, are not social engineering, civic responsibility, and political science not as fundamental to an education as the ABCs? . Without this fundamental training, Horace Mann’s reference below to “a Republic devoid of intelligence” is ensured. Yet these areas of study are relegated to the status of electives.

    The citizenry must monitor and control their social order, regardless of the political framework. Without the proper education, they will never be able to do this. Social engineering is not a hobby any more than any other field of complex systems study is a hobby.

    The American social order has been subverted by and is now dominated by a small segment of society who have molded the structure of government and industry into a holistic framework ( the classic definition of fascism ) through which they control the lives of the general population. Without the proper education and training in the fields of study which will enable the citizenry to see and understand this framework the citizenry will never be able to exert the kind of social control envisioned as the essential component of a democratic society.

    Warning of this fascist framework was provided by President Abraham Lincoln in 1864 in the following manner:

    “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”

    Our society has in fact arrived at this point. And the single enabling reason why we have reached this point is that the citizenry is mainly concerned with “getting a job” and leaving the affairs of state to a small subset of the population. This is not democracy. This is not constitutional republic. This is oligarchy.

    To read more on this perspective visit www.spectareveritas.org

  30. DepletedUraniumIsWeaponOfMassDestructionJun 12, 2009, 10:02:00 AM

    Depleted Uranium is WMD !!!

    Tell the soldier the truth about Depleted Uranium, and the soldier won't go to war.

    It's too bad the soldier doesn't know, Depleted Uranium kills, and the soldier is expendable.

    350 tons used in the first Gulf War, and the current Iraq war has expended an estimated 5 times more tonnage of DU than was used in the first Gulf War.

    The U.S. has used more depleted uranium since 1991 than the atomicity equivalent of 400,000 Nagasaki bombs.

    Since 1943 the military has been aware of the extreme toxicity of uranium as a gas.

    Of the veterans who served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm, more than 300,000 have sought VA healthcare, and more than 200,000 have filed VA disability claims.

    518,000 Gulf-era vets in 2004 are now on medical disability.

    Four reasons why using depleted uranium weapons violates the UN Convention on Human Rights:

    The United States Government are horrific liars!


    Four reasons why using depleted uranium weapons violates the UN Convention on Human Rights:

    TEMPORAL TEST – Weapons must not continue to act after the battle is over.

    ENVIRONMENTAL TEST – Weapons must not be unduly harmful to the environment.

    TERRITORIAL TEST – Weapons must not act off of the battlefield.

    HUMANENESS TEST – Weapons must not kill or wound inhumanly.

    BTW: 9-11 Was An Inside Job!

  31. U.S.S.A united socialist state of america.

  32. Maybe people are not angry bc there is too much floride in the water?

    The Nazis used floride in their camps to keep people passive.

    We know that floride is a toxic waste, and does nothing for teeth. There is no other reason to put that stuff in our water, than to passify the public.

    Plus, all the other additivies that mess with people's minds in the food, combined with the drugs that they get people to take like Wellbuten, etc.

    So, maybe we are drugged to passivity?

  33. "People are simply brainwashed. Between medications, self medications such as booz, pot, ect and the media's BS - people are simply brainwashed."

    People are PHYSICALLY brainwashed by electromagnetic waves and its probably been going on since post-WWII. Using EMF to control behavior is relatively easy. Of course, mind control technologies grow more advanced and subtle each day. Guess which country leads the way?

    Google "Hideo Murai" - he's a Japanese brainiac who was murdered on Japanese television before planning to disclose the people responsible for the Kobe earthquake. His last word was "Yudea", Japanese for "Israel." Yes, I know this all sounds crazy. That's the world of the 21st century and you'd better get educated.

    It's much easier to blame "Joe sixpack" than to work to expose these technologies. You are all probably victims in one way or another yourselves and don't even know it.

    If the average Joe or Jill were allowed to be THEMSELVES, they would care.

  34. To anon 10:37-who says:

    " Yes, I know this all sounds crazy"

    Regardless, the readers a capable of sorting out truth for themselves. I know nothing of EMF stuff you mention.

  35. This is my message to all the above commentators, Regardless of what you say and believe, nothing will ever change for the 'good' in America until each and every one of you is prepared to stand up and die (literally) for you what you 'say' you believe in! Any fool can make comments, from the safety of his home, with no risk to his life.

    I challenge every one of you to go to my blog,


    and take a good look at me and read my words! On my forehead is a foolproof formula for the Destruction of Ignorance. Out of those ashes will come the Phoenix of World Peace.

    I have lived as a 'guest' in your country for the past 20 years. I did not come here to become rich & famous or live the delusions of the American dream. I came here to warn you, well in advance, what was coming down the line. In 20 years of living here, not one man, woman or child has ever asked me what is the meaning of the Tattoos on my forehead!..not one!!

    Until the day arrives that you can match my state of Unconditioned Love and Integrity, none of you will survive what is coming! There is no 'hope' whatsoever for me. I have accepted that and live my life accordingly. There is no hope left for any of you either. You are all still living in fantasies and dreams.

    My main 'warning' to everyone is this; '85% of the world population is going to be wiped out, one way or another'..THAT IS A FACT! The response, I received from everyone I warned was this, "NOT IN MY LIFETIME!"

    My desire is for PEACE ON EARTH & GOOD WILL TOWARDS ALL MANKIND. Will you support my desire? Would you die to support my desire? Would you have the guts that it takes to stand up, alongside of me and be ridiculed and laughed at, to support my desire? Would you be willing to give up everything that you worked for..to support my desire? If not, you will not survive! Your words, that you write, are simply empty rhetoric. I've heard it all before.

    Let me remind you of one simple fact..anyone who is in debt has no power! The moment you attempt to act on behalf of Humanity, your debtor will pull the string and you will be put back in your place. Without Integrity you will not survive! You will be herded like sheep into forced labor camps. I am qualified to talk about sheep..I shore sheep in the Outback of Australia for 18 years.

    For those of you who do not want your life to change then do not go to the Blog and read it. I guarantee you this...the moment you see the photograph of me, your life will change. (whether you like it or not!) As you know your life now, you are all doomed!

    My last question to all of you is this; How are you going to go..with least resistance or kicking and screaming? I, unlike you, want nothing from you..you cannot help me, I am beyond help. There is no loss or gain to me whether you read the Blog or not. There isn't even a place to comment on the Blog..I blocked it. I am not interested in your comments. I do not require your praise or blame to live a life of Integrity.

    Should you not have the courage to go on the Blog then contemplate this; HOW DOES A CONDITIONED SOCIETY MANIFEST UNCONDITIONED LOVE FOR EACH OTHER? Unless you can answer this question, you will not survive! You will die on your knees. When the day comes that you can answer this question, you will know what the WORK is and you will know who I AM!


    After reading this, you will have either positive or negative feelings towards me. Either way, it makes no difference to me, whatsoever.

    I wish you all well,
    Compassionately yours,

  36. "I know nothing of EMF stuff you mention."

    EMF = Electromagnetic Field

    Like I said, do some research on the internet. You should also read "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" and "Controlling the Human Mind", both by Nick Begich.

  37. Stop buying insurance
    Stop paying taxes
    Stop buying inorganic foods
    Stop praising the military
    Stop voting for democrats and republicans.
    It's that simple, you don't actually need to DO anything, just stop giving the crooks more and more power.
    Take a deep breath and pull your heads out of your asses people. Stop giving money to people that cause sickness and violence.

  38. To Michelle York above:


    I beg to differ in my case. They've tried everything on me - instead I'm putting myself on the list for brain transplant.

  39. I am not American and I am really concerned about what is happening in America. Why? Because America has is presence and influence EVERYWHERE in the world. Everyone on earth has a right to criticize America because America walks the earth and uses the earth like it belongs to her. I don't need to give examples, it is self evident. I was raised in an American Christian boarding school and culturally know what Americans are. I was raised to be one myself even though I don't hold an American passport. I completed school in the United States. I returned out of disgust when the first gulf war started in 1991. Thats when my eyes opened about the true America.

    Almost no one cares in America because they have been raised that way. They have been brainwashed by a propaganda system far more effective than any Communist country's. In fact American propaganda has been the only successful propaganda in recent times. This system has successfully created a situation where if one questions what is told officially you officially become a nut or conspiracy theorist. Nobody wants to be branded a nutcase so nobody questions. People are too busy getting on with their lives as if no one else on earth matters besides them. Americans will crib and cry only when gas prices go up - which is also part of the reason American govt has made sure they have access to stolen oil - cheap and plentiful, to keep the masses happy. Throw in a few retarded hollywood films and television shows and the masses are happy and content. Americans don't care if rape, murder and theft are the means by which they live their affluent and wasteful lives. If one American is killed by a foreigner that is enough justification to kill millions overseas. Other people don't matter to them. Only they matter. I have many American friends, and many who have got citizenship, and sadly most of them don't care either. Every once in a while I post a link just to remind them of the atrocities their government is involved in and they think I am a nutcase conspiracy theorist - even though I post only hardcore 'facts' reported by their mainstream media just to be on the 'safe' side. When they say 'worry about your own country' I say that I do, because America is in my face everywhere. I have as much right as Americans do object to American policies(which they rarely do, if ever). Americans 'believe' that they have the right to do as they please anywhere on earth. By and large it's people are the most ignorant in the world - again an engineered thing - they are blissful in their ignorance. They are told what to like and dislike and are very happy with that. The system is such that even if the truth comes out about 9-11 and other events - there will always be scapegoats to blame and the people will be 'horrified' on cue. They will never take responsibilities for their actions yet at the same time preach to the world how they are 'free' and how the ordinary citizen has all the power.

  40. There is no "America" - America has not been a sovereign nation since 1948. Our own leaders say we must subjugate our interests to those of Israel. The whole world has bowed down to the beast. Jews control Europe as much as they do America. Now they are turning their sights on Russia and China.

    Why are there no photos from Pakistan? Why is there not talk of a draft with war expanding? Because there is no more "conventional" warfare. Tanks and soldiers are just for show. Planes are run by remote control (like the ones used on 9/11) but mostly it's about "non-lethal weapons" and "directed energy."

  41. To Anon above who said:
    "I am not American and I am really concerned about what is happening in America. Why?"...

    JR says: Thanks for taking your time to write the thoughtful comment above. I agree with you very much.

    I worked for a few months in Europe back in the early nineties - that was the first opportunity I had to live outside the American propaganda bubble. My classmates were not Americans but from many countries. Boy did one guy from Canada let me have it relentlessly for the whole time. So did some others. But at the time they all still didn't hate us, and most liked us a lot since they felt we had saved their skin in the past. Anyway, when I returned to the US my work began - reading, questioning things - things I had felt were true - but needed verification. I'm glad I did because without the knowledge I picked up along the way believe I'd not have caught on.

    Your points are well made - it's the ears they are falling on we are both frustrated with.

  42. Anonymous 8:40 P.M. some of us are angry and upset! Unfortunately it isn't enough of us to make a difference. You are seeing some of their comments on this blog. And it isn't just Americans that need to awake. I was on the Sun's Internet chat site months back. I had to leave because of similar comments towards me. That is a British tabloid. The people on their site are mostly British. If you mention anything about 9/11 or that the Jewish State is anything less than perfect, be prepared to get attacked. I just got tired of it and figured what is the use of it, and canceled my subscription. Within the last few days I seen a poll, I'm pretty sure it was posted whatreallyhappened.com and that showed that most people around the world still don't believe the U.S. or Israel had anything to do with 9/11. What really surprised me was that the majority of people in the Arab countries also didn't believe those two countries had anything to do with it. It isn't just Americans that have been drinking too much Kool-Aid. We are not the only people that believe the lies. American troops aren't the only troops that committed war crimes in Iraq. I recently seen a report that told about crimes committed in Africa by United Nations Forces. None of those crimes mentioned in that article, were committed by Americans. They were mostly Europeans.
    There is a lot of truth in what you said and we deserve criticism, but we have to remember that the people that have control of the U.S. and are behind these crimes, are an international group of people. They don't only have their tentacles wrapped around America, but around the rest of the world as well. And they are getting more dangerous as time goes on.
    I believe there are still many Americans that are capable of waking up and smelling the coffee. When I first started using the computer a couple of years back, there wasn't near as many people speaking out, as there are now. It seems so good to me to see people on various blogs finally feeling like I do!
    My advice is to keep at it, and as tempting as it is to call names, resist it. Make your points calmly and rational like you just just did here. I've noticed on other blogs that when people from other countries make angry statements, and call names, Americans on those blogs say, see they are American haters. Americans need to hear what the rest of the world thinks of our crimes and hypocrisy. Hopefully somewhere along the line, they will wake from their long coma. At least enough of them to make a difference.

  43. To anon 4:28 directly above:
    Thanks for your insight - I'm glad you commented because you've brought such important points up regarding this discussion - that the usurpers of America are internationalists - this is no small detail - it helps to explain a lot!

    On your point regarding commenters speaking up more now than in the past - I see the same trend - where people are speaking with more boldness than just a short time ago.

    Thanks for participating - I wish more people would.

  44. Let me update this by adding that Sibel Edmonds' testimony attesting under oath that our public officials are being blackmailed by foreign entities.


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