Test Your Lie Detection Skills - Video

UPDATE JUNE 19, 2009 Torture-coerced confession of supposed 911 mastermind "made up"
Please watch the video below. Can you determine who is lying? Can you see who the hero is?

I feel it is important to bring attention to the video below for two reasons: First because it provides more evidence that torture in fact does NOT work. Secondly to publicly applaud Matthew Alexander, former USAF interrogator, in the video for stepping up and speaking out against torture for what it really is - an enemy generator. Hopefully his heroism will serve as an example to embolden more to come forward and make America great again.

No torture required for this confession: Confession during therapy session

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  1. Neither of them are lying.

    Cheney really DOESN'T have any regrets, and he really does believe that torture works (which, from his point of view, it did because he got what he wanted from it).

  2. Cheney was the mastermind of 911, along with PNAC and extremists Zionists. He tortured these people into confessions for crimes he, PNAC, and the Zionist extremists committed.

    THAT IS the truth. They then tried to link Iraq into the attack, which the anthrax attacks were a part of - a continuation of - the 911 attacks, and were almost successful in doing that except when DNA testing showed that the anthrax used was the Ames strain and could not have been produced by Al Quida, but in fact came from Jefferson Battel labs, Fort Detrick Maryland.

    Dick Cheney was the mastermind behind the operations of the 911 attacks.

  3. so many treasonous bastards, and so little rope!

    it's time to start rounding them up and holding trials in the Hague for them all. count in the U.S. Congress and Senate who aided and abetted the treason, as well. It's time.

  4. The American Inquisition or the United States of Torture? There's no either, or. Both terms are applicable.

  5. Who is reading a prepared speach, and who is speaking extemporaneously?


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