Police Car hits Pedestrian in Wheelchair- charges against pedestrian dropped

Please watch this video of the incident involving the police vehicle:

You can read more about this case and another involving a truck and wheelchair pedestrian HERE. From the article:

"... the case of Gerry Mitchell, who was struck by an Albemarle County Police cruiser on November 5 and then ticketed. His charges were dropped on January 6, and Mitchell has not announced whether he’ll pursue a civil case against Albemarle County Police or Charlottesville Police who ticketed him hours after he was struck."

I thought the rule was that pedestrians had the right of way - I suppose there is an "unless" in there somewhere.

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  1. clearly the officers fault, there was no green arrow meaning the pedstrian had a green "walk" sign at the time

  2. Clearly, it was the officer's fault. How the story did go so far? Is the woman taken to the hospital? She should be, so she can be checked for injuries. Have she filed for a lawsuit against the officer? I hope she was fine that day. This video is leaves me hanging with so many questions.


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