The Smear Campaign vs. 911 Truth: All they've got!

Don't look at what David Ray Griffin has to say. Don't look at his facts. Listen to the gentleman in the smear video below as he attacks David Ray Griffin with a "paper" (as opposed to Griffin's numerous books) and complains that Griffin is somehow "hiding". If giving lectures at Boston University (video below) is "hiding" well... first some definitions about SMEAR (CLICK) campaigns.

"A smear campaign is an intentional, premeditated effort to undermine an individual's or group's reputation, credibility, and character. "Mud slinging", like negative campaigning, most often targets government officials, politicians, political candidates, and other public figures. However, private persons or groups may also become targets of smear campaigns perpetrated in schools, companies, institutions, families, and other social groups.
Smear tactics differ from normal discourse or debate in that they do not bear upon the issues or arguments in question. A smear is a simple attempt to malign a group or an individual and to attempt to undermine their credibility.
Smears often consist of ad hominem attacks in the form of unverifiable rumors and are often distortions, half-truths, or even outright lies; smear campaigns are often propagated by gossip spreading. Even when the facts behind a smear are shown to lack proper foundation, the tactic is often effective because the target's reputation is tarnished before the truth is known.
Smears are also effective in diverting attention away from the matter in question and onto the individual or group. The target of the smear is typically forced to defend his reputation rather than focus on the previous issue.
Smear tactics are considered by many to be a low, disingenuous form of discourse; they are nevertheless very common."

Please consider the information at FIREFIGHTERS FOR 911TRUTH.

Given the above, please watch the videos below:
Griffin at Boston University:

then please watch the attack-notice the name-calling as in smear definition above:

Did you notice that 911Truth advocates, like Dr. Griffin don't stoop to tactics like name-calling? Why must their critics? From my experience name-calling and ridicule are last-ditch efforts required by those who've run out of rational argument ammo.

I heard Laura Ingraham, a Republican party shill on AM radio in Charlottesville, VA - two days in a row following the Holocaust shooting - equate 911 Truth activists with the accused shooter. NEWS FLASH - THERE IS NO CONNECTION! Laura Ingraham bragged that she went to UVA Law School (cue for reader to be impressed) and was considered an "elite" for some reason. I wonder how she is considered "elite" by anyone when she hasn't taken the time to read the DUST STUDY (CLICK) where ACTIVE THERMITIC MATERIAL WAS DISCOVERED IN WTC DUST. She even brought this up in front of George Will (Columnist) who also remained silent as she made these connections of 911 Truthers with white supremacists. Notice there is no connection.

911 Truth is a reality that must be faced - this means YOU! Please watch the video below:

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