U.S. Money: Will Pay to the Bearer on Demand ? Two Photos

Please examine the bills above - notice the change of wording between the two bills: "Will pay to the bearer on demand" appears on the older bill, but not on the second bill. Then notice the dates the bills were printed. What is the significance?

What would be payed to the bearer on demand?

I should add that I was inspired to drag the bills out for the pic by a discussion on the "What Really Happened Radio Show" this evening.


UPDATE AUGUST 1, 2009 MONEY IS WEALTH blog - check it out

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UPDATE JUN 16, 2009 in silver payable...



  1. 2 dollar bills are fakes. Your point is irrelevant.

    1. This is why there is no hope to stop the NWO. They have made the people so stupid they cannot even identify money.

      Sounds like Freeman has been dumbed down as badly as Shelbyville, TN police.

    2. What an idiot. $2.00 bills have been in use since 1862, and continue right up thru today. In March 1862, the first $2 bill was issued as a Legal Tender Note (United States Note). Hey "Free Man", one who is as ignorant as you, certainly can NOT be Free. see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_two-dollar_bill

  2. Two dollar bills are not fakes.....you don't see too many of them though.

  3. Hey Free man--$3 and $4 bills are fake. I've got $2 bills. Look it up before you make a comment like this.

  4. It doesn't depend on the number if the note is real or fake, the thing that matters is what you can trade the note for. The note at the bottom is just paper, while the US note above is backed by silver. When notes cannot be exchanged for gold or silver, the currency itself is a fraud.

  5. I have heard of store clerks calling the police over these! lol

  6. a swift kick in the balls will be paid to the bearer on demand who actually expects this worthless fucking toilet paper to have some kind of real value or trade value against something tangible and real.

    sad. very fucking sad.

  7. free man is a fcuk tard

  8. Maybe free man was thinking three dollar bill - as in "phony as a three dollar bill" - while the pics are of TWO dollar bills.


  9. Bill 1953 would be backed by gold or silver as per Bretton Woods agreement, or in other words the bill is a receipt. The "Dollar" therefore is not the paper receipt but a quantity of precious metal.

    Bill 1995 is post Bretton Woods collapse and backed only by fiat. The "Dollar" therefore is more or less the paper receipt, but properly it's simply backed by agreement.

    You can also note this difference in the wording as to what the slip represents:

    1953: "This note is a legal tender AT ITS FACE VALUE for all debts public and private."

    1995: "This note IS legal tender for all debts public and private."

  10. The key difference is that one is a United States Note and the other is a Federal Reserve Note.

    If our congress had any 'nads, this "currency-issued-by-Federal-Reserve" U.S. death-sentence would stop.

  11. 2 words.... Silver Certificate. Look it up.

    1. Right. Look up November 22, 1963 as a result of Silver Certificates.

  12. I suppose commenter 3:38 doesn't understand there is a deeper issue here - why silver then and not now?

  13. ah shucks...who gives a fuck.

    just spend your worthless money on some good pussy, alcohol and music...and have a good time.

  14. Listen up ...In 1976 the Fed re-issued $2.00 dollar bills, which had not been printed since the 50's. I went to my local bank & got some, it was a big news event & lots of people were at the bank getting them. everyone took them to the post office & had them post marked, to proove the date they got them from the bank. I still have them in new condition, but as far as I know they're probably just worth the same $2.00, of fed fiat money that is! Which is $0.00 in REAL money! F**K the FED & every law maker that allows them to exist!!!They are the REAL TERRORISTS!!!

  15. You are not alone:
    Any traitorous Government that has allowed the:
    EVIL Federal Reserve to control their money.
    Have suffered the same fate:
    Remember Governments are Business now, no longer for the people, but for the Company.
    They are outside common law, by enacting Legislation, which is company law, and I am afraid, you lot by your birth certificates, are now employees of the Company.
    Welcome to the real world.
    "O" God, where did I put those Red and blue pills.

  16. We are about to learn a very hard lesson on why Contitutional sound money is preferrable to fiat debt-based money. Can you say D-E-V-A-L-U-A-T-I-O-N? It's at the door and coming soon at a bank near you. No fiat currency has every survived in all of history. I'd be surprised if we get 10 cents on the dollar when the FED is through with us!?!

  17. When the American people finally wake up there's going to be a French-style revolution awaiting the Central Bankers and those who allowed the Fed to control our money system! HR1207 is a good place to start!> It won't be pretty...

  18. Once, our money was an evidence of wealth (wealth is defined as INNOVATION + RAW RESOURCES + LABOR). That is why gold worked; not because it was a special color or easy to work with OR rare, but because it was “wealth”. The same reason that silver worked as a wealth based money – it too, is wealth. But, so did wampum beads, pelts, musket balls and tobacco – all have been used as money here in our country. All are wealth.
    Over the course of time, the bankers continually try to change our money from wealth to debt. That is what you see pictured in these two “notes”. The correct way to describe both of these notes is that they are an “evidence of debt”. Whether or not the NOTE (evidence of debt) is from the Illegal, private, Federal Reserve, or the US Treasury, they are BOTH still debt.
    A minor difference between the two notes is that one “promises to pay” in dollars and one says it “IS” dollars. Big problem: “dollar” is a unit of measure, like a ton or a gallon or a bushel (See the 1792 Coinage Act). A Dollar weighs 374.25 grains of fine silver. So, I could have a “dollar” of rice, nails, or gold - and each would WEIGH THE SAME. True. Check it out.
    It’s the earlier of the notes shown that promises to pay in “dollars” BUT does not specify dollars of what? Most assume it is in gold, but the note does not say that. Do a search on “gold certificates” and see that it will specify dollars of what – gold! But on a “Silver Certificate” is specifies “Silver Dollar” or for a $10 Certificate: “Ten Dollars Payable In Silver Coin” – so, it does NOT have to be gold, but it DOES have to weigh 374,25 grains of silver, per “dollar”.
    The later note says it IS dollars. Please do not believe that if I write the words “Ten Dollars” on a piece of paper, that it IS $10.
    Again, once, our money was an evidence of wealth, like a gold or silver certificate. Now, ALL money is evidence of debt and MUST be borrowed into existence. Think this over: when all money is borrowed into existence, it makes all money “loan principal”. If ALL money is loan principal, there is no money that not loan principal. That means that there is NO MONEY IN THE SYSTEM THAT WAS EVER CREATED TO PAY INTEREST DUE – it’s all due as loan principal! Think it over. Don’t “react”; think. It’s an unworkable system until we have debt free money in the system. Now, we have none.
    But, that’s debt money for you. Always more debt than money. That forces you to borrow to pay interest. BORROW TO PAY INTEREST? Now, you know you can’t do that.
    Here’s a National Solution: 1. Pass a law to have the Federal Reserve buy back ALL existing, outstanding US debt – like Treasury Securities. That way all countries get paid in real money (as real as it gets today, anyway) and the Federal Reserve holds the debt, instead of, say, China. 2. Audit the Federal Reserve – it’s only right. Right? 3. If they are found to have been involved in criminal fraud and theft by deception, close them down and let the Criminal Justice System deal “fairly” - just like they would if you had stolen untold Trillions in “cash and prizes”. PROBLEM: We would need a replacement monetary system. SOLUTION: 3. Pass a law allowing The Treasury to create new, wealth based, debt free, money to rebuild out crumbling infrastructure. State-of-the-art roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, levies, electric grids, transportation solutions, desalination plants. You want them “earth friendly”? Go for it. You want solar? Hydrogen (technology is coming online to allow us to burn water; and the exhaust? – water. Amazing)? We would have TREMENDOUS wealth! No Debt. And NO inflation – the new money would be matched step by step with production.
    Minnesota is trying to get legislation passed that would do just this on a state level. In Minnesota search SF 705 and HF 888.
    Learn how to fix our broken economy, and more at: www.moneyaswealth.blogspot.com

  19. If anyone cares to know why our monetary system is jacked up, why we MUST pay income taxes, and why we no longer live in a Constitutional Republic.....and it's all legal. Give me a read.

    As long as the U.S. is in a declared state of emergency, the US Constitution is suspended. We have been in a declared state of emergency since 1917. This is a fact, I linked to all of the laws that tell us this

  20. We have Mr. Greenspan to thank for presenting us with the housing and dot-com bubbles which brought us to this point of realization of what our FED has really done or failed to do for our monitary system. This makes it Easier for the every day Joe to see why the FED needs to be audited and abolished I think! Thanks again MR.G!

  21. Lets see, If the New Jersey black market organ ring gets $160,000 per kidney (each human being has 2 kidneys ($320,000), and there are 300 million americans, the total worth of all of our kidneys is 9.6x10^13 or about 9.6 trillion dollars. They will not use my body parts as collateral for the ODIOUS DEBT others have incurred to the federal reserve. The bailouts alone may reach or exceed 23 trillion (without interest). Whats next? Our hearts and livers too???? End the fed and off with their heads!!!!! Yours truly with chainsaw, Husky 372xp.

  22. For example, let Uncle Mike at WRH in on this video. Stihl like my Husky 372xp with the way I sharpen the chain, fair and SQUARE with the rakers taken down a bit ; ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKSJLop26yI

  23. The FED "note" or debt also leaves out the words "at face value", meaning it has no value and is subject to the worst tax of all, inflation.

  24. In 1971, while in London, I walked into National City Bank office ( Now CitiBank)and one of the tellers was hand counting hundreds of $2 bills...I asked about this and the teller told me that this was how the US Navy was paid while in port...I guess they were the uncirculated "pay in full..." version.

  25. What about all those neoCON three dollar bills running around ? Ice the faggots.

  26. The one in the red lettering is a silver certificate. It is backed by silver. When the dollar is backed by a commodity, the term dollar denotes a certain weight. Originally 1 oz of silver was 1 dollar & 1 oz of gold was $20. That leads me to a question. Is the silver certificate worth $2 or $36 (ie 2 oz of silver)?

  27. There will be no revolution.

    The wars have financed and trained an army of highly skilled and well paid mercenaries owned and controlled by the corporations that dictate US policy - Blackwater, Haliburtan, etc

    these mercenaries do not answer to the US government, and are not required to follow any treaties. their owners are global, therefore they do not have any country connections, they will fight Americans as quickly as any other countries.

  28. I could be wrong but I don't think the word legal is even used in the Constitution. Shouldn't we have lawful currency if this Republic was truly inspired by Divinity that can be depended upon as a measure of continuity as a right of a Sovereign, rather than a legal currency based on a fictional system created by greedy factions that have only the power to create rules and regulations, NOT LAW, that are used to entrap the naive into servitude by forfeiting their rights for privileges and using their fiat currency that they manipulate at will and rape and pillage the true Sovereigns.
    The $2 bill from 1953 still uses the term "a legal tender" which still raises my suspicions

  29. if we use federal reserve notes we are contracting with a private corporation hence legal tender.I wish I could fully understand the
    concept of issuing private credit and thus using only lawful money.

  30. Oh just buy real silver the Gentleman's way:



  31. Hey the one with red looks very much like the $5 "united states notes" that JFK put out shortly before his death in 1963.

  32. Silly. How does one get fiat, gold or silver? Who do you sell it to and what do you sell it for?

    Whether it's fiat, gold or silver, it is all controlled by the money changers. All YOU control is what you're willing to accept for your time and service. Let the money changers do what they do; you do what you do.

  33. George Wanker BushNov 18, 2009, 10:39:00 PM

    That $2 note hooker's money. It would get you an hour with one of my daughters or two hours with my wife.

  34. the comment about kidneys is silly. if everyone sold their kidneys it would deflate the value of a kidney

  35. What you have is the evidence of Slavery by Usury (straight from the Old Testament) staring squarely at you in the face.

    YOU ARE A SLAVE to the ISSUERS of "Federal Reserve Notes", do you people NOT get it?

    No really. If you will not KILL the money issuers who have enslaved you, bankrupted you, and have you embroiled in foriegn wars for their profit, then what WILL you fight for?

    That's the question I want you to seriously answer. I do mean seriously.

    1. Murder is never acceptable - not for anybody. Not even bankers.

      We the People are better than that - that's why not only liberty, but justice for all - must be available to everyone.

      No extrajudicial murder - not by the government - not by We the People - is ever acceptable -

      We the People must set the example - even though it is a much more difficult task - we must set the example for standards of law that we command our government to strictly follow.

      Replacing one murderous cabal with a new murderous cabal accomplishes nothing.

      The high road - the peaceful way - is tough - but in the end - is the only way.



  37. The $2.00 Bill is real & I have two of them .

  38. The feds are the real terrorists along with all those who are currently employed by the gov't. this includes cops, mayors, city coucils etc... they never work for us always against us.

  39. The older bill, with the red emblem, is backed by gold, the younger bill, with the green emblem, is funny looking toilet paper.

  40. If anyone here believes that the dollar is nothing but "worthless fucking toilet paper", I have a great deal for you.

    Send it to me.

    It's worthless right?

    1. At today's rate of inflation of the Federal Reserve dollar - it would cost more than a dollar's spending power to "send" the dollar to you.

      By your definition of worth - it is worthless - right?

  41. Free man thinks he is FREE but in fact he is a Zionist SLAVE, screw you FREE MAN you are an IDIOT indeed just like the SOB OBAMA!

  42. Money is "a promise to complete a trade". It gets that definition from the extension it makes to direct barter making trading more efficient. When the medium of exchange (MOE) is properly managed, these notes of promise take on value and circulate. But the borrower (the original promise maker) must complete his trade by returning the MOE as agreed. The Manager of the MOE (MMOE) keeps track and enforces the relation: INFLATION = DEFAULT - INTEREST. His charge is to back a free supply of trading media and to maintain INFLATION at zero. He does this by collecting INTEREST equal to the DEFAULTs he experiences.

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  63. The change in wording took place in 1933, when the US government also made it illegal to hold more then $100 worth of gold. Everyone had to "sell" their gold to the government or go to jail.

    As one person mentioned your dollar was backed by gold, and the ability to print money was based on a countries gold reserve.

    now, with the statement "legal tender" allows the Central Bank to print all the money they want, and lend it to the government at interest.

    Since this is the only way the US Government gets their money, how can you pay debt with debt?

    Did you know that the US Central Bank is also privately owned?

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