Osama bin Boogeyman is DEAD - What is the Mission in Afghanistan?

Osama bin Laden's funeral notice*

Osama bin Laden is dead. That's spelled D-E-A-D. Deceased. Pushing daisies. Taking a dirt nap. Passed away. No longer with us. Finished. Six feet under. Dead as a doornail. Departed. Gone. So what is the mission in Afghanistan?

Perhaps (CLICK) this previous post will provide reasons you will accept I base my assertions on. By the way - if you want to argue go ahead - but without a live Osama to show me you will have one helluva' time making your case - because - he's dead. If you wish to dispute my assertion simply produce bin Boogeyman and I'll take this post down. Oh yeah - he has to be breathing. But since he's dead what is the mission in Afghanistan?

Perhaps (CLICK) this audio of David Ray Griffin will help you enter the realm of reality if you still believe the boogeyman is still alive. Dr. Griffin has just finished "Osama bin Laden Dead or Alive?" - yet another exhaustively researched book demolishing the official conspiracy theory our lying government arrogantly branded into the public mind using shock and repetition. I differ with Dr. Griffin in his pro-world-government stance while I prefer the preservation of the United States under the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Regardless - he's dissected the official fairy tale from many angles ranging from exposing fake evidence to simply pointing out contradictions in the official lie. Those pushing the official lie and those shilling to demonize 911 Truthers protest too much in light of the mountain of evidence collected by the grass-roots 911Truth citizens movement. The evidence in the 911 case does not point to a troglodyte like bin Laden but more towards a military-industrial bad-guy with access to nanotechnology. So what is the mission in Afghanistan?

Since bin Laden is dead and has been since December 13th, 2001 (or 14th) - all communications from bin Laden are either the result of lies our government fed to us via the military-industrial-corporate-controlled media or the U.S. government has some very talented clairvoyants in their employ. I suspect the former. Regardless of your own conclusion can we agree that the U.S. government WANTS WAR? If bin Laden turned up dead tomorrow are you naive enough to think our military would retreat from the over 130 nations in which they are entrenched?

Wait - hold on a minute you say ... Jack Rabbit is a crazy conspiracy theorist. Only a crackpot thinks their government conspires to construct FALSE REALITIES . But Sean (sissy) Hannity, Rush (the pill) Limbaugh, Neal (my dad was a Marine so I am too) Boortz, Laura (shrew) Ingraham, Thom (DeminwythousOK) Hartmann, Ed (Blind) Schultz, Glenn (Crybaby) Dick...somebody in the media wouldreport this? No they wouldn't because they are paid to grow mushrooms not to inform citizens.

So getting back to the reason we are in Afghanistan- if you've taken some time to look at the hyperlinks above - isn't it easier to understand current U.S. policy if one starts with the premise that capturing bin Laden is NOT the basis of the phony war on terror - that instead the war on terror is a lie marketed to the masses so wars of aggression can be expanded? Yes it is that simple. Luckily new weapons are online now to make fighting this war easy.

Drones allow the U.S. military to slaughter people across the globe without breaking a nail, or missing a soccer game. It's kinda' like running a prison camp - go to work in the morning - machinegun a few people in the morning, have lunch, then get the afternoon missile attack on the Paki wedding over before 15:30 hours so damage assessment can give the OK to go home to pick up junior from soccer - or get to the day-care in time not to pay a 10-dollar-a-minute late fee. After all - it's all about the children - American that is.

Wars of aggression are losers in the long run and very unpopular in the fatherland. For this reason mercenaries are used to subjugate the indigenous people in the occupied countries. This allows the concealment of casualties taken in the occupation since they are hidden from the public. Mercenaries are a tacit admission that the fatherland aggressor nation is fighting an unjust war because if the war were a just one Americans would line up by the thousands to fight as they did following the false-flag 911 attacks.

So I ask you reader regarding the bloodbath in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and soon Iran: What is the Mission?

UPDATE AUG 30, 2012 Mike Rivero's "What Really Happened" has this GALLERY OF FAKE BIN LADEN PHOTOS - MUST SEE -  - see how poorly your tax dollars are spent creating fake images - then getting caught!
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UPDATE AUG 2, 2009

UPDATE AUG 8, 2009 bin Laden's funeral notice PIC in this OPEDNEWS article

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*Note: Picture above borrowed from bin Laden's funeral notice PIC in this OPEDNEWS article


  1. Jct: Save Afghani women from the burka?
    Set up supply routes surrounding Iran?
    Find the technology that let a few cave-commandos melt 3 buildings with 2 planeloads of gasoline?
    Lots of new good reasons for chasing the guys who didn't do 911.

  2. gotta get that pipeline for natural gas run thru, and that's why the Georgia conflict. U.S. needs to have the backdoor into the Caspian Sea for their oil and gas grabs.

    and yes, osama has been dead for a long time and U.S. intelligence bastards have always used him as a 'patsy' when the Bin Laden family and the Bush family are almost 'siamese twins' and 'buddies' for many many years.

    have you ever wondered why the american sheeple just cannot fully get a grip on the fact that Osama Bin Apatsy had nothing to do with 9/11, except to be a handy tool for propaganda?????

  3. You are crazier than a shithouse rat.

  4. ah yes -"crazy" - the last pathetic weak-kneed argument of the weak-minded - also known as the ad hominem attack. Nice work but I take "crazy" as a compliment - and I'm sure that's how you meant it. Thank you!

  5. Osama = Goldstein (1984)

  6. Yes - I had the same thought reviewing 1984

  7. UPDATE AUG 8, 2009 bin Laden's funeral notice PIC in this OPEDNEWS article leads to... http://americansjourney.blogspot.com/2009/07/INSERT%20URL%20HERE

    Could you perhaps fix the link?

  8. Hi anonymous Sept 16, 2009 - I fixed the link - sorry about taking so long


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