Is it True?? Blackwater/Xe Mercenaries (Hired Killers) Train Charlottesville, Virginia Police

Have you heard of Blackwater/Xe? If you haven't perhaps you should take a look at the following:

Maliki Alleges 7 Cases When Blackwater Killed Iraqis

IRAQ: When Blackwater Kills, No Questions Asked

Blackwater Baghdad shootings
Blackwater security guards kill Iraqi civilians
Blackwater 'Blood Money' Angers Iraqis

Given the above articles and many more regarding these merchants of death - am I out of line asking why the government of Charlottesville, Virginia hired these assassins to train our police? What for?

Perhaps they didn't and the Wayne Madsen report is wrong. Can someone from the Charlottesville, Virginia police assure me and the rest of Charlottesville, Virginia that our police were not trained by killers?

Look at this article regarding Blackwater in Lexington, Kentucky - go to the section where the police departments trained by the mercenary outfit Blackwater/Xe are listed - look for Charlottesville, Virginia.
CLICK HERE to read about mercenaries training police including C-ville, VA From the article:

"On October 14, the Washington Post ran a story, which included photographs from Blackwater's Moyock training center. However, what was most intriguing was a photograph of a police and military patch board at Blackwater's headquarters that indicated police agencies that have sent officers to Moyock for training.

Blackwater is secretive about its non-federal, as well as its foreign clients, which the Post pointed out includes Jordan, Azerbaijan, and Burkina Faso, but a WMR inspection of the photograph of the police agencies has yielded the following list of agencies that have used Blackwater for training: 1. Iowa Department of Natural Resources, 2. Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff's Department, 3. Matthews, North Carolina Police, 4. Atlanta Police, 5. Chillicothe, Ohio Police, 6. Charleston, South Carolina Police, 7. Port Chester, NY Police, 8. Highland, Indiana Police, 9. Unalaska, Alaska Police, 10. Metropolitan Washington, DC Police, 11. Charlottesville, Virginia Police,..."

What exactly do paid killers have to do with training police? What training was given? When? What is the difference between law enforcement and killing for hire?

Here's audio from Bill Moyer's Journal regarding hired guns in America and Blackwater/Xe - are these the people Charlottesville, Virginia police look to for police training? I hope not.

Jeremy Scahill interviewed by Bill Moyers - shocking

JULY 29, 2009 Washington Post article on shooting incident
July 29, 2009 Sad story
JULY 29, 2009 Evidence destruction alleged
JULY 29, 2009 Blackwater seeks GAG ORDER-Scahill
UPDATE AUG 1, 2009 Good article by S. Goff on this topic
UPDATE AUGUST 4, 2009 BLACKWATER FOUNDER implicated in murder
UPDATE AUGUST 4, 2009 MURDER INC. training US cops including the town I live in
UPDATE AUGUST 5, 2009 Mercenary TESTs illegal bullet by killing Iraqi
UPDATE AUGUST 8, 2009 Blackwater founder and employees accused of killing for fun
UPDATE AUGUST 9, 2009 Blackwater guy killed Iraqi bodyguard
UPDATE AUGUST 11, 2009 Congresswoman: U.S. ties with Xe, formerly Blackwater, must end
Deadly contractor incident sours Afghans
UPDATE AUGUST 21, 2009 C.I.A. Said to Use Outsiders to Put Bombs on Drones

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  1. of course it's true. we now live in a fucking torture gulag. no rule of law. just power. greed. corporations running amok without the individual having any rights of any kind.

    this is the new Amerika. the Prescott Bush and George H.W. Bush and Carlyle Group AMERIKA.

    brought to you by George W. Bush, and Barack H. Obombya

  2. I'm wondering what the UN Global military/police will do with the "regular" cops/military thugs after FUSA's (Former USA)ultimate take-down?

    Think they'll keep them on board? Perhaps they already are? And if not, will it be worthwhile to go to the bother and expense of (re)training them to be part of the one world government dictatorship?

    Soldiers going off to pursue the empire's invasions are pumped full of toxic vaccines prior to their leaving.

    During their stay, in said invaded countries, they are, as are all people in the area, subjected to DU fall-out etc.

    I'd say, based on those facts, that the Global "elites" want the US military expedited, but quick. Cops? Yeah, them too.

    "Kissinger referred pointedly to military men as '"dumb, stupid animals to be used"' as pawns for foreign policy.

    That says it all.

    As an aside, has anyone done any research on how much asbestos, molten steel particles etc. (carried by the wind) been inhaled/ingested by all North Americans on and since 9-11?

    Or to what extent DU fallout has travelled (also carried along by the wind) across the globe?



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