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This is artwork that was being tossed around as an exercise in symbolism - of course at first glance it appears a bit radical - but a message we were trying to work into it is that the pen is mightier than the sword - or maybe the discussion is mightier than the rifle - or... well it is art in an unfinished raw state just for the heck of it. It doesn't really mean anything but here it is. What ideas are conjured up in your mind by this image? Why?

Freedom of speech is nothing to be afraid of. Remember a few weeks ago we were supposed to restrict blogs due the work of Hal Turner? Come to find out he admits HE WAS AN FBI INFORMANT AS ASSERTED BY BLOGGERS. So by shutting down blogs in a hissy fit of fear we risk silencing the truth.

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  1. The saying is old but the message remains the same. Information is the key. We outnumber "them" a million to one. Wake up, speak up, rise up. Never stop being angry.


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