Chris Matthews and Friends:

Videos below: But if you will allow me a few words of commentary about our brave journalists on mainstream media I'd like to share some thoughts with you after I read this article.

Name-calling, "They're Crazy!" - the last gasp of the debater that has run out of rational arguments. Ad hominem attacks from the corporate-owned media shills directed toward the masses serve the careful viewer by highlighting the sameness that is the U.S. media mushroom factory. More on that in a minute but first let me call your attention to Chris and friends.

I almost feel sorry for Chris and his psychologist-wannabee friends as they scratch their chins and giggle like schoolgirls condemning citizens who show the audacity to do Chris Matthews' job for him. What is that job? That job is watchdog. FYI Chris - the job of a watchdog is to bark when something is amiss - not to silence other watchdogs that are barking because you, Chris, keep telling them they are crazy. You see Chis, it works like this. There is something wrong. You, Chris watchdog... bark. Unfortunately for the viewing public, you Chris watchdog, are one of those ankle-biters that never stops barking, and barking, and barking about .......nothing.....giggle..... tee-hee. Anybody have a fiddle to play while we watch the country burn?

Chris Matthews poses as somewhat of a lefty but amazingly spews the same drivel as Glenn Beck who poses as a righty. If they are so far apart - why do they agree on one thing...that people questioning their government are "crazy." Not only is this logical fallacy - it is allowed onto the public airwaves with very little criticism pointing that fact out. I don't see good journalism here. Anyway, here are a few videos to show you the vast spectrum that is politics in America today. I differ with Chris and friends - I feel that the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked. So ask away and put your governments feet to the fire. Exercise your rights to protect them. And when the watchdogs turn out to be lapdogs it is time to expose them, fire them and get some big dogs on the case.

First non-watchdog ad hominem psychologist Chris and Friends:

Second another completely different viewpoint - NOT

Third some "crazy" citizens

Fourth a former prez who never tells a lie:

I find it fascinating that these people all agree on one thing - that they are the only sane people left. Go to the links on the left side of this blog: Patriots question 911 Truth has General Wesley Clark as a member. Many more. Let's all stop the name-calling and get the facts out first. Let's examine those facts as adults and investigators. Let's use the scientific method, not logical fallacy to frame debates. Let the chips fall where they may.

Please read the articles on this blog under "conspiracy theories" so you can be ready to defend yourself against such attacks.

---------UPDATE JULY 28, 2009

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  1. Who's nuts? The Chris Matthews can not differentiate between a Certificate of Live Birth and a Birth Certificate. By the way, how many lies have been told in the "August White House Press Briefing Room"? The psychology professional has been repeatedly implicated in harm to individuals and whole societies. I would not use the MMPI or any other diagnostic tool of the field of psychology to make my case. Chris if we would use such tools would likely be diagnosed with delussional tendencies due to his irrational conclusions. Chris is in other words projecting his short-comings on to others. His failure to grasp reality and to come to terms with reality is the only way he can keep his job. That must really be a tough position to be in. Chris is living the lie.

  2. I think this subject has had enough play - the recent findings of magnetic opposed structural negative synergy along with Seffen's math models puts most of these discrepancies to rest. Let us move to punishing the terrorists - and thank God no one important was taken during the 911 incident.

  3. To commenter 4:11:

    I would laugh but by doing so would be to laugh at a joke I don't understand.

  4. I didn't get it either. you know, Jackrabbit, that now that the blogs are being infiltrated by scum and villainy of the u.s. government and the national seccurity agency, one can only wonder who or more precisely, 'what' posted 'what' here. was the 4:11 commenter cracking a joke, or was he the joke? e.g.: government jackass posting. not bad enough we have the garden variety 'trolls' in the blogs but now the government pays these sphincter muscles to jump in here and damage blogs with inane and stupid, often pornographic postings.

    don't try to understand. what we have is a government that is so scared shitless that some of them will be hanged for what treason they have done, and they're running very scared. very very very fucking scared, Jackrabbit.


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