Congressman Larry McDonald KAL007-a media retrospective

I was sent the video below by a friend - some things never change. Although I remember the downing of KAL007 I never knew there was any question as to what had happened. Although the story itself is intriguing the format of the television episode weeks prior to his disappearance presents us with an opportunity to compare media then and now. I've made a list for your consideration-it does not pretend to be complete. But first here is some info from the notoriously manipulated Wikipedia - in this case the article seems to give a fair shake to the involved so I thought it made a good starting point for those interested in more exploration. From the article:

Wikipedia : "McDonald was the only sitting member of Congress killed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. ...
...On September 1, 1983, McDonald went missing when Soviet fighters shot down KAL 007 after the plane entered Soviet airspace. A few hours after the shootdown, media reported that KAL 007 had landed safely on Sakhalin Island. Larry McDonald's press aide, Tommy Toles, was informed by the U.S. Embassy in Korea, relaying the report from the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that "the plane had landed safely in Korea". In addition, the Washington based Federal Aviation Administration informed McDonald's press aid that their Japanese counterpart organization , the Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau had informed them that KAL 007 had made a safe landing on Sakhalin and "it is confirmed by the Manifest that Congressman McDonald is on board".[13] Within a few short hours, this had been broadcast by the media, only to have, within another few short hours, the media broadcasting that all passengers and crew had perished in an explosion over the waters off Sakhalin and subsequent crash in the sea."

Please watch the video paying special attention to:

1. The term "Conspiracy Theorist" has been successfully used to silence independent thought for a long time.
2. The "Conspiracy Theorist" in the video died in a plane crash-KAL2007-.
3. That although television debates more closely resembled a journalistic forum (lacking moving cameras, multiple TV screens etc...) propaganda techniques (name-calling, loaded language, repetition etc...) were employed ruthlessly as they are now to discredit.
4. That strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution back in 1983 was, like today, ridiculed by both left AND right political wings represented on American television.
5. "Silly asinine statement" is a phrase acceptable by "journalists" on a "balanced" TV show.
6. How America has moved Constitutionally more toward warnings of the "crazy" guest -rather than the non-conspiratorial views of the television hosts. Coincidence or plan - which can better explain events?
7. Specifics, specifics, specifics
8. Larry McDonald is called the "biggest joiner" by one of the show hosts. The host then cherry-picks two firearm clubs to mention on air. Why?
9. How everybody in the studio gets along once the enemy (guest) is no longer present.
10. How effective the Lefty representative is at making Larry look dumb just by saying "Conspiracy" because he knows that most people will be successfully redirected to unimportant stupid stuff - instead of trying to figure out for themselves what is. Is use of loaded language in a repetitive manner the act of a person seeking truth?
11. How no matter what the guest says - he never gets anywhere because he has already been "discredited" by the hosts.
12. How American pundits cling to their television limelight through decades like barnacles. With so few holding so few spots only the ideas of a chosen few can be transmitted to the minds of viewers.
Is it reasonable for a sane person to consider conspiracy? Ever? Or is a nefarious PLOT to kill only reasonable when the authorities make the claim?

UPDATE JULY 10, 2009 Webpage on this topic with references at bottom

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  1. It is a real shame and a crime that an articulate intelligent and well-reasoned champion of the truth was lost. In an era of open lies and disinformation, the question of whether, or not, he was taken from the American people by actions of the US Government is really immaterial at this point. What is crucial is that a great voice on a major stage was lost and that it has still not be replaced at that level. This is even greater when you remember that Larry McDonald was a conservative protector of America and a member of the Democratic Party. For that reason alone, the establishment in Washington needed to purge him as quickly as possible.

  2. It is laudable to identify the media relations techniques employed by those who would seek to subvert. The only way to effectively combat this menace is by creating and distributing your own media carrying your own message. I guess in the end though, you may look a lot like those you despise, but hey, at least your on the side of 'truth'. Keep posting.

  3. Hey all I can say is at least I'm trying to get the discussion going. Better to try and fail.

  4. I just thought about anonymous commenter 10:24 - I will try not to resemble "those I despise" by refraining from looting the Treasury, torturing people, and starting wars of aggression based on lies. I will also try to avoid arguments based on logical fallacy as much as possible instead pointing out these poor arguments. I like your term "media technique" for the repetition of the phrase "conspiracy ..." as in this video and many today. I'm glad you think what I am doing is "laudable" but based on your comment I don't think your opinion can be of much value when you say there is "only one way to combat this menace..." I would suggest to you that there are more than one. Anyway, thanks for reading. I intend to keep posting with or without your valued approval.


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