The WTC7 collapse: 911Truth vs. Fantasyland

David Ray Griffin vs. Matt Taibbi

Please consider the links below. The grassroots 911 Truth movement relies on science while the anti-911Truthers rely on Dark Fire.

STEP 1: Observe WTC7 collapse:

STEP 2: Consider eyewitness who mentions countdown:

STEP 3: Consider testimony of WTC7 collapse survivor who was inside the building:

STEP 4: Consider "Dark Fire" to explain collapse:
Dark Fire Manuel Garcia

STEP 5: Consider Danish physicist discussing findings of WTC DUST STUDY (Active Thermitic Material ...) :

STEP 6: Consider that the BBC reported WTC7 collapse BEFORE IT HAPPENED:

STEP 7: Watch 7-year NIST study implode under scrutiny:

As the steamroller that is the grass-roots 911Truth movement ineluctably paves a road leading directly to the truth one wonders when those protecting the phony official conspiracy theory will begin running for the hills - much like animals do when they sense the approach of a tsunami. Pay attention for signs of desperation resembling kamikaze attacks from those defending the official conspiracy myth as they realize the end is close - will they rat each other out? Stay tuned.

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