Firearm and Fire Extinguisher Analogy

I read somewhere recently of an analogy: A Firearm is an inanimate tool with a function comparable to that of a Fire Extinguisher. Also that possession of a Fire Extinguisher DOES NOT imply intention to commit arson yet acknowledges the possibility of fire. Am I making a fair comparison? Should all Fire Extinguishers be confiscated (to protect children perhaps) thereby betting all on the fire department to protect our houses from burning down?

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  1. I like it, but it doesn't work. One could argue that the sole purpose of a fire extinguisher is to extinguish the fire and would have no place in starting the fire.

  2. Thanks anon above - excellent point. But one can start a fire with water as in the old story 'bout the guy who makes a lens out of the water first, then uses the sun's rays to get the fire going.

    Would water make a better analogy?


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