David Ray Griffin presents impregnable logic-- 911: IT IS TIME to Take a Second Look

I challenge anyone allergic to the alternative conspiracy theories proposed as explanations for the collapse (free-fall in some instances) of the 3 WTC buildings on September 11, 2001 that were hit by two airplanes to watch this...then we'll talk.

Go to time = 3:26


Realize this is an argument between different conspiracy theories


  1. Forget "Investigation"--We've Had Quite Enough--We Need Prosecution, Most Active Counter-Activity
    (Apollonian, 14 Nov 09)

    What?--another "investigation"?--don't we already know quite a lot? Shouldn't we rather be concerned with acting and prosecution of and against the perpetrators/conspirators?

    After all, the relevant, necessary, basic process is INDUCTIVE LOGIC, right?--as peerless Sherlock Holmes would tell us. First u eliminate the impossible; answer then lies in the remainder.

    Thus we look at all the evidence and facts and begin to distinguish the possible suspects. Eskimos and Hottentots are low probability--we want to isolate the most probable suspects and then start asking some serious questions to find out if these characters can persuade us they WERE NOT responsible. "Cui bono" is another relevant question.

    Thus we see Jews, neo-cons, dual-loyalists, Zionists, and MOSSAD operators all over--as detailed, for example, by Chris Bollyn at Bollyn.com.

    And David Ray Griffin himself admits the mass-corporate "Jews-media" is intimately involved in the cover-up.

    Perhaps worst of all the culprits, even at the fringes, are the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref.) hereticalists (who say Christ was "Jew," hence Talmudist) who provide crucial "cover" for the Jews.

    CONCLUSION: For ultimately Jews have no explanations but to merely brazenly tell everyone it isn't morally permissible to accuse or even suspect Jews. So we see then, not only do Jews have no explanation--they actually rather confirm they're the one's responsible for 9-11--fm the most closely associated Jews to those Jews on fringes who insist it's "immoral" to suspecting Jews--and it includes those stinking, traitorous JCs too--simply a large, extended conspiratorial complex, everyone connected to one degree or another. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  2. Appollonian: Can you put your oven away for one minute and realize that:

    1. A new investigation as proposed by R Gage AIA of AE911Truth is necessary because it will take into consideration the new dust study etc...
    2. A new investigation is necessary - as the 911 commission themselves what happened to theirs (Zelikow)
    3. Trial must precede punishment
    4. Being a Jew-hater and latching onto the 911 truth movement - in my opinion - damages the 911 truth movement - because simply spewing hatred turns away people before they have a chance to look at the evidence.

  3. Rabbit-Jack Too Desperate To Defend Jews At All Costs
    (Apollonian, 15 Nov 09)

    "Rabbit of Jack" u imply there's something wrong w. hatred--there isn't as long as it's rational, the only proper question, which naturally, u miss utterly. U're a desperate Jew.

    "Trial preceding punishment" is mere formality, which naturally, a half-baked weakling who is primarily concerned with winning moralistic brownie-pt.s fm Jews, like urself, is always worried about most.

    Fact is USA and gentiles thereof are engaged in most intensive warfare, and enemy Jews and their allies must be eliminated for immediate self-protection. There's already more than enough "evidence" to convict Jews.

    Thus necessary primary target is actually leaders of Judeo-Christians, the "Praetorians" for their Jew masters. Half-baked weaklings like urself are relatively insignificant, but as u're loyal to Jews over true Americans, u can safely be exterminated too.

    CONCLUSION: Can't u see ur treason and irrationality (willful ignoring of all evidence) naturally leads to conclusion u must be Jew urself?--why/how otherwise would u defend anti-human Jews? U're desperation to defend Jews is evidenced additionally by ur invocation of "moralism" and procedural formality over evidence, reason, logic, and truth. U're a disgrace to human race. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

  4. Appollonian says:
    "Rabbit of Jack" u imply there's something wrong w. hatred--there isn't as long as it's rational, the only proper question, which naturally, u miss utterly. U're a desperate Jew."

    1. Imply there's something wrong with hatred? I came right out and concluded it - if all you do is stay on the jew-hater merrygoround - you will simply stun your audience with boredom - and they will go away. That's what I SAID - not implied.
    2. The most difficult part regarding the 911 Truth movement is getting fellow citizens - government representatives - TO SIMPLY LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE WE'VE GATHERED. THAT USUALLY DOES THE JOB.
    But with folks like you dragging this "I hate Jews" mantra - people just go do something else.
    3. Give it a try - just stick to the evidence - keep the audience - get them to SIMPLY LOOK AT THE 911 EVIDENCE - and presto - progress.


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