Pakistan Uncovered

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" Pakistan has been labeled the most dangerous country in the world, (a safe haven for terrorists). The leaders of our country are eager to invade and the mainstream media is working tirelessly to create the fear that will allow them do so. The fact that only six corporations dominate our major media outlets, it’s obvious that our information sources serve the interests of the controlling. For that reason, I set out on a trip to Pakistan to find out what is actually going on in that country. What I discovered shocked me."

Note: Define Terrorist

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  1. Re Comments on this story at 911 Blogger -

    Someone mentioned that they haven't been presented evidence of the existence of Blackwater in Pakistan -

    OK - what evidence can any commenter tell me is enough to convince them that Blackwater - involved heavily in our other resource wars/religious wars/war of aggression/pre-emption

    ...that Blackwater is actually in Pakistan that they will admit after seeing...OK ...that's enough for me.

    What is that bit of evidence I wonder?


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