Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Show

Take the time to listen to the first segment. Alex Jones challenges viewers to question him on the facts.
Paraphrases from the show:
JV "I can't think of a single benefit of these wars"
JV"If we didn't fight these two wars we would have enough money for health care."
JV"I cannot believe that people are not protesting these wars..."
AJ "The real objective is to launder drug proceeds"

Quotes paraphrased from the discussion on the 911 episode number 2:

JV "When it came to 911 no one from the govt. would talk to the show, no one from the 911 Commission would talk, no one representing any kind of government agency would talk to the show"

JV "A victim pleaded with me, a victim who lost her daughter and her potential grandchild, her daughter was pregnant the infamous day of 911, and her Mom came to me feeling I could bring about a real investigation of 911 and not the one they did"

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