Lou Dobbs Leaving CNN-Video

Read more Lou Dobbs' farewell address VIDEO here:

"New York (CNN) -- CNN's Lou Dobbs stepped down from his controversial role as an advocacy anchor at the network at the end of his show Wednesday night after announcing plans to seek a more activist role.
"Over the past six months, it has become increasingly clear that strong winds of change have begun buffeting this country and affecting all of us, and some leaders in media, politics and business have been urging me to go beyond the role here at CNN and to engage in constructive problem-solving as well as to contribute positively to a better understanding of the great issues of our day and to continue to do so in the most honest and direct language possible," Dobbs said during his 7 p.m. broadcast."
Yep - Lou recently had a shot fired into his house - he knows we have real problems in this country. I am a fan of Lou Dobbs.
Audio Lou Dobbs' house being shot into:

UPDATE NOV 11, 2009 Bullet hits Lou Dobbs' NJ Home
UPDATE NOV 11, 2009 Update: Lou Dobbs to Quit CNN-New York Times

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