Rep Eric Cantor: We must answer enemies with renewed vigilance

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"Have we not been down this road before?" Eric Cantor asks. Answer: Yes.

I remember Colin Powell holding up a test tube of corn starch asserting Saddam had WMD - and we marched off to war. I know the 911 attacks are the basis for the opium/oil war in Afghanistan-despite evidence to the contrary regarding who pulled that off. Now this gentleman, in addition to his job of representing his constituency in Israel - does a decent job of reminding us Americans of the grave dangers facing the 51st state (Israel) and how important it is to submerge America into more debt and war because what threatens Israel threatens America.

I wonder where this gentleman thinks we will find the money to fight more foreign wars? I wonder why he was blessed with more wisdom than George Washington himself who warned Americans to avoid foreign entanglements?

I know Israel is important - but as an American citizen I don't know what business it is of mine being the world's policeman. It is likely that I won't be going to the wars this man cheerleads. Someone else will be fighting those wars - probably children of some readers. I'll be fighting the war here at home trying to get Americans to ask themselves - for what?

While America's roads and bridges crumble from time and use - American dollars will be used to turn the roads and bridges of other countries into crater-pocked moonscapes. That's what I call progress. With friends like Israel's congresspersons - who needs enemies?

Open Secrets has good campaign $ info-check it out
UPDATE NOV 11, 2009 Scott Ritter on Israeli foreign policy

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