TIME: Japan Protests U.S. Military Ahead of Obama Visit

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"While more police officers patrol Tokyo's subway and train stations in preparation for U.S. President Barack Obama's two-day trip to Japan this week, people in other parts of the country have already sent the American President a message. On Sunday, thousands of Japanese — with estimates ranging from 6,000 to 21,000 — gathered in the Okinawan city of Nago to demand that U.S. military personnel, who have been continuously stationed on the island since 1945, find a new place to go."

My thoughts - they should save their breath. Why should Obama listen to the wishes of the Japanese people when he hasn't served those who actually elected him? On second thought - as president of the world maybe he will listen to them. But why? Military bases aren't about elections - they are about the projection of military power. From what Obama has done so far - his actions say he will be projecting more military power not less. After all - did "we" elect him to morph the Afghan war to the AFPAK war? (PAK stands for Pakistan - another entire country added to that war.)

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  1. For a flavour of the US Military Base issue, here's an interesting ground level view of old wounds in Okinawa - the sort of thing that must be addressed for progress...



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