Video: Chuck (Gun Grabber) Schumer: "One of the most important things I do - guarding Israel"

Note: Is it me or is America not that important in this speech? Listen to all the rhetoric about how Obama is going to free us from a dependence on foreign oil - now look at the actions of said leaders. Looks like war for Israel to me. Schumer - to me at least - seems like a violent religious extremist - and he has been at the forefront of stripping Americans of their right to bear arms. I wonder why? This joker needs a new deck of cards - he has nothing to do with preserving the Bill of Rights does he?

Anyone trying to convince us that they have the power to take away our rights, as spelled out in the Bill of Rights - is my enemy. Schumer fits the description.


  1. ANother ANTI SMOKING.Anti Pitbull Fool

  2. Hopefully, one day we will see the fall of Zionist Israel. They have eroded our country. We have no United States. Our freedoms are being removed in the dead of night under the AIPAC flag. Chuck Schumer is part of the global tumor and epicenter of the cause of hatred for the United States known as Israel.

  3. Check out the USS Liberty link left column of this blog.

  4. Check out this video - Jewish gun grabbers


  5. 25 years ago, an old wwII marine vet, one of the
    first to invade the guadalcanal islands, said to
    me when I was about 16, that this country should
    be renamed: "The Jewnited States of America", he
    continued to say about how much all the lawmakers
    and politicians, are controlled by people who are
    jews, he said:"They are all(meaning politicians),
    controlled, bought, and sold, by jews, and one day, they will completely control the USA"! ..that was TWENTY FIVE years ago...please God,
    help this country, Jesus come back to earth, especially start with our country and "clean house" like you did in the temple, only this time, I will pray to God Your Father, that He
    gives you the power to "Finish the Job"(meaning
    condemn all bad people, and raise up all the
    respectful,non-greedy, you know who you are!!)


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