Newport couple witnesses to airliner attack

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" Once grounded, the passengers were left on board for about 20 minutes before being escorted inside the airport to customs, where they were kept for about six hours without the ability to contact family.
"It was sad and disorganized," Mr. Haskell said. "They didn’t seem to be prepared."
A bomb-sniffing dog was sent in to check the bags, and something was detected in another passenger’s carry-on bag, Mr. Haskell said.
"I can’t believe they let us stand by him for almost an hour," he said.
The security in Amsterdam was similar to the United States, Mr. Haskell said, but he still is baffled how a person without a passport would be allowed to board a plane.
"I’m concerned that someone with a one-way ticket, no passport and no luggage could just get on a flight," he said."
Note: Does it seem contrary to the ostensible purpose of the entire excercise that there is absolutely no regard to the safety or rights of the public? Let me guess - the public is herded like cattle and abused for their own safety. What exactly are we the people gaining from all of this when we the people are the ones that must suffer and pay for this madness? Has anyone in power other than Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich and maybe a handful of others ever considered that if we stop dropping bombs on other people and wiping out their families that we might be able to make friends with them? By the way - I'm still waiting for an acceptable definition of "War on Terror." What a fraud.


  1. Read your rant - Why I Fear for My Country and you should be afraid. Armed revolt is impossible and the end results at best will be FEMA camps for anyone disagreeing unless we can start a new nation(s) inside the boundaries of the US. The Pilgrims did it and the Native Americans have their own nation, so why can't we force the government rid themselves of dissidents by allowing like-minded freedom-seekers to live on a 'reservation'? Go to www.jcbooks.org to read how a small mid-west town is seeking to do just that.

  2. Hi James,
    I think there is a time to be scared - then it becomes time to get brave and start looking at solutions.

    My rant was an honest expression at a moment of clarity - that doesn't mean I need to live in fear - just the opposite. It means I have to show courage by facing that fear and taking action to do something about it. That time is now. We all know what we can do individually - it's a matter of taking those seemingly meaningless steps anyway. Think how many dissidents - each in their own way fights their individual battle and suffers the consequences - for gains they themselves may never benefit from - but will benefit the very people surrounding them who haven't seen the light yet and are discouraging their patriotic actions.

    We already have a system of government that is the work of genius - all we have to do is our part - WE are the government - and if the government is doing things out of line with our values it is in the end our own fault.

    I am not advocating armed resistance although it is a bit unrealistic to pretend that this country wasn't started with an armed rebellion.

    As one of my neighbors who fought in Viet Nam told me - armed revolution is a crap shoot - you may end up with something worse than the last guys. Peaceful revolution is not only possible - but the preferred method. Peaceful revolution requires just as much courage and sacrifice as armed revolution - why do you think so many people haven't started making the sacrifices necessary already? It is because they are real and painful - but not as painful as tyranny.


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