Living in the Past: Dan Rather "Disappointed" by unjust court ruling

Read entire article here- From the article, Dan Rather is quoted:

" “Naturally, I am disappointed in today's ruling because we know it is a grave miscarriage of justice,” Rather said in a statement today. “Most of all, I am disappointed that no court or jury studied the evidence and heard the actual facts of the case. The case was dismissed on purely technical grounds. My mission continues to be working to ensure that the media can gather and report news unfettered by the influence of government and major corporate interests.""
Note: Welcome to the real world Dan Rather - where it doesn't matter what is right or wrong - what matters is whether or not you are "connected" - meaning you've got somebody bribed, blackmailed, or otherwise compromised to do your bidding.

No wonder CBS stabbed you in the back - you obviously are out of touch with Amerika. Justice System? What's that?
This country locks up mothers for growing 3" tall marijuana plants - and you thought you were going to get justice from this same system - or support from a cowardly pathetic gutless faux-news corporation? These propaganda outlets assisted in mass deception to get us into wars, and are guilty by omission of evidence in many other issues - why in the world did you think they would do what we all know is ethical and in line with American values? No wonder they betrayed you - you're honest. Apparently you tried to do the "right thing", but failed to realize the "new rules" in NAZI America. But your opposition knows the new rules don't they?

Dan - get with the program. Amerika tortures. Amerika hires Murder Inc. to fight unjust wars of aggression. Amerika confiscates Americans' firearms during emergencies. Amerika imprisons people without charging them or bringing them to trial. AmeriKa has replaced AmeriCa. And we have a "Constitutional Scholar" in the White House - can you say "Dictatorship?" How about "Fascism?" Practice it in the mirror a few times. You may also want to work on your NAZI salute. Remember to get on your knees when speaking to public "servants."

There is no more Bill of Rights Dan. There is no more Constitution Dan. Why are you the only person unaware? Your inability to grasp such obvious perilous realities demonstrates that you are unfit for duty - you live in the past. You are clinging to a past where America was a republic of the people, by the people, and for the people. A free press was a sacred part of that republic. I'm not disappointed regarding the outcome of your case - because it went exactly as predicted. To be disappointed one must cling to delusions of honest judges and lawyers who have respect for the law. Why do you cling to false realities? Why do you think there is any justice in Amerika? Time to retire - you are really living in the past.

And as far as no jury examining the evidence - that reminds me of the 911 Truth situation - where your words draw a direct parallel - that is - with regards to nobody actually examining the overwhelming and damning evidence. And it is because people like you, Dan, just didn't speak up about that evidence. No affirmation for the public from the TV set - so it doesn't exist. Maybe you didn't follow this crime of the century as citizen-detectives did all the sleuthing suffering great sacrifice - after all why would you? As a journalist - you have better things to do like report on Michael Jackson's ghost's latest cosmetic surgery. But isn't your situation exactly the same as the 911 Truth cover-up? The evidence is all there yet nobody will examine it. The courts don't provide an avenue for justice.

I've often wondered why you (and your peers) never stepped forward for 911 Truth when you are the very person who said on the air that it looked like "well placed dynamite" when you were live on TV describing the 911 building collapses? I guess you were busy fighting your own battle within a corrupt mafia-style "justice" system filled with liars, cheats, and traitors doing the bidding of corporations.

The moral of the story is that miscarriages of justice are not exceptions - they are the rule when you accuse the "connected" or well-heeled in NAZI Amerika regardless of the magnitude of the crime or the evidence available. Your case is just another train on the track. Enjoy the ride.
UPDATE JAN 13, 2010 Insouciant Americans by Paul Craig Roberts
UPDATE SEPT 10, 2011


  1. 4 out of 5 patriots surveyed say that hanging together helps prevent hanging separately.

  2. Man, I enjoyed reading that. Thanks.


  4. Before anybody gets to feeling too sorry for poor 'ol Dan, that paragon of virtue and journalism, remember that he was interviewing a FEMA rescue team leader (Tom Kennedy) on Sept. 12, 2001, who stated, before he "got his mind right," that they were sent into NYC on the evening of Sept. 10, and went into action on Tuesday, Sept. 11. Rather just stood there, and made no attempt to ask this guy why they would have been deployed into NYC THE NIGHT BEFORE THE ATTACKS!

    His role in the coverage of the JFK assassination is also well-documented. I'm somewhat surprised that he wasn't a member of the Warren Commission.

  5. Nazi America??????? First of all this term was coined by a jew. Second of all there is no National Socialism in America and there is no fascism as well. What we have going on the way of jewish communism. Actually it has been here for a long time.

  6. No Fascism? Fascism is when CORPORATIONS are the government. How could this not be Fascism?

  7. As much as I would LIKE to believe rather is a genuine person and concerned for "truth" the facts indicate otherwise.

    He was invovled in the JFK coverup, both in reporting on that day and also long before any members of the public saw the Zapruder film, he flat LIED abouot whoch way Kennedy's head went, which is BACK and to the LEFT. His lie abouotu seeing the Zapruder film showing Kennedy being hit from the back keep the conspiracy going for over ten important years.

    Also, even though there is the clip of him saying this looks like controlled demolition we have all seen so many times. HE ALSO, within TEN MINUTES of the 2nd plane hitting, blamed "al quaeda" as well. This guy is out for himself and was a willing puppet for decades to supress the truth from reaching ordinary Americans. It seems fitting to me that he will be denied "justice," seems just like a precursor to more "karma" to befall him and others of his ilk.


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