If you thought Hitler Youth was bad...enter "Ticket-A-Kid"

You see, kids, when officer friendly hands you a sheet of paper you should react obediently, automatically, and according to a pre-determined set of rules. These are not rules designed to protect the rights so magnificently clarified in the Bill of Rights - no - these are "new rules" as specified on this "carbonless" sheet of toilet paper - and when someone hands you a sheet of "carbonless" toilet paper - you should hand them your money - then thank them, for not increasing your "carbon footprint" while you were being robbed with said carbonless ticket for not brushing your teeth!

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An excerpt from the opportunistic leeches peddling this gruel:

"So, when creating Ticket-A-Kid we used the same format as an actual Parking Ticket. Just as one may receive for an unpaid meter. It is a two-part, carbonless booklet in which the ticket is written out, the hard copy is then given to the child, and the parent's receipt is left in the booklet. In our case, at the end of each week, before our child's allowance is given to him/her, we deduct for any violations he/she may have received. There is also a CREDIT on each Ticket that can be used any way you see fit. For us it has been used in cases such as receiving a great score on a test or an excellent report card. Also, the ticket may simply work as a warning, thus creating awareness, but not deducting from allowance. Since we have been using these Tickets, we noticed great improvements with our children's level of responsibility. Who knows, maybe by the time they are of driving age they will have learned to feed that meter and not park in front of the hydrant!"
JR's commentary:

I need to barf - but since I'm in my own living room, a gag will have to do.

I encourage readers to review the link above - I heard this patriotic idea broadcast via AM brainwashing network after sundown here in Charlottesville, VA. Sometimes the ionosphere does the cause of liberty good - and sometimes bad. Who can tell the ultimate outcome on the psyche of children, this patriotic nationalistic brainwashing program destined to form cookie-cutter robotic obedient slaves?

I can. The inventor of this selectively poisonous (to lovers of liberty) campaign must be a descendent of Joseph Goebbels - and this offspring national socialist would make Uncle Goebbels so proud!

Heil Hitler! Children of the "homeland" learn how to stand at attention while you are issued a ticket. You must obey!

An aside: Where in the hell are these children getting money to pay for these tickets? I grew up in Wilkes-Barre Township Pa - we didn't have any money to pay a ticket, and had even less respect for shakedown artists.

Here is a link to a video that may provide a more valuable learning experience - "How to avoid being arrested." It shows several scenarios - first the arrestee in a situation ignorant of what to do to protect his/her rights, then same arrestee armed with knowledge. Perhaps you will find this video more conducive to the creation of citizens rather than obedient mindless consumers.

Watch "How to Avoid Being Arrested

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  1. That's one of the most awful things I've ever heard!

    What kind of ghoul would intentionally condition their own child to be a slave?


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