The New Scarlet Letters: ‘NC’ The Quest for Clearance

Please do read the entire article here:

This snippet made me laugh till I hurt. I guess the truth really does hurt:

" As I was processing the above information and reasoning, the man, Joe, straightened his shoulders, and if I’m not mistaken, kind of puffed up his chest…you know the body language I’m talking about; right?
He said: ‘I’ve got TSC; Top Secret Clearance. I’ve had it for almost a year now. My pay went up 25% the day I got it.’
Since the other two were obviously familiar with his line of work I was the one with the first question: ‘So who do you service?’
He put on the coolest and most aloof expression he could manage, which ended up being neither cool nor aloof: ‘I can’t talk about it. All I can tell you is that I’m a software programmer and we’ve got big contracts all right…’ "
Note: Perhaps readers will find the linked article worthwhile? If you are not privy to the elitist attitude of our Federal servants, this article, from an insider, and without varnish, accurately portrays the adolescent mindset of the Washingtonian-corporate-robot-piss-in-a-cup-for-lab-analysis "protectors" of our unclaimed classified freedoms.


  1. Thank you Sofia - this was an irresistible opportunity - kind of like spiking a perfectly set up volley ball and I couldn't help slam it into a deserving smugage.


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