Venezuela Says US Violating Airspace From Curacao

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" A spokesman for U.S. Defense Department's Southern Command in Miami, Stephen Lucas, denied that U.S. military flights out of Aruba and Curacao are violating Venezuelan airspace. He said a U.S. Navy plane accidentally strayed into Venezuelan airspace on a counter-drug mission seven months ago, but he said ''that is an anomaly, not standard operating procedure.''...

''The point of the existence of our operations on the islands of Curacao and Aruba is counter-drug, and it has absolutely nothing to do with political or other events in Venezuela,'' he said."
Note: For the die-hard Republicans out there - remember the words of your holy icon Ronald Reagan - "trust but verify" - does that not apply to your own government? And for the so-called "liberals" who voted this administration into office - do you support the expansion of American military power and the expansion of the war on drugs as long as there is a Democrat doing it? Or is it easier to blindly support without evidence any projection of force because it is "anti drug?"

-- also - for those who have forgotten the lesson of alcohol prohibition in America - that first "war on drugs" that led to an escalation of gun violence - and finally provided a market for the Thompson submachine gun. A weapon nobody wanted when machine guns were legal to own by the general public. WWI had just ended and WWII hadn't started yet. There was no civilian market for the Thompson submachine gun - and no need for laws to ban the weapon because NOBODY WANTED TO BUY IT! From the previous link:

" Thompson Submachine Gun Navy Model 1928
In a catalog published by Auto-Ordnance in the 1930's this model is referred to as the "Navy Model," .45 caliber. The U.S. Navy ordered 500 of this model and helped keep struggling company alive. ...

later on linked page:
The truth was, the tommy gun was no more popular during the Beer Wars of the Twenties than "assault weapons" are with criminals today, for much the same reason -concealment (The tommy-gun-in-the-cello-case ploy probably worked for about a week). Gangland assassins, then as now, generally preferred a pistol at close range, or if silence was needed, an icepick or garrote. "
But with prohibition and the profits of bootlegging - all of the sudden the Thompson found a demand as rival gangs armed themselves and became an icon in the public mind with media attention. It is debatable whether the real violence matched the perception of violence embedded in the public mind with the help of the media - and what was the result? Laws against machine guns nobody ever wanted in the first place.

Can you see the parallels with our situation today? Is it necessary to trample the Bill of Rights and the rights of people in other countries because we refuse to learn the lessons of history? Prohibition doesn't work - it is that simple. Facing that fact would move the cause of liberty forward more than any single action under consideration today.


  1. Well said, and thanks for your alacrity of mind and spirit with respect to exposing the fraud of using the so-called "drug war" to cover up what's really going on vis a vis Venezuela and the ongoing effort to undermine the Chavez government.

    US Military Agression against Venezuela escalating

  2. U.S. is run by a gang of socio-pathic, power-mad thugs. Disgusting.

  3. We all want the same thing - peace, liberty, some food on the table, opportunity to pursue our dreams according to our abilities and drive - so what is the problem? Isn't it time to start acting like adults while we lecture children on what it is to be a "grown-up?"

    When my country, the USA, claims to forward the cause of freedom anywhere - but hasn't made arrangements for those in said country to enjoy the Bill of Rights we are supposed to have here in America, and meddles with other governments giving them lectures, while trampling on the Bill of Rights here in America - I have to ask myself and you the reader - don't action speak louder than words?


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