?: Glenn Beck And Alex Jones Working Together To Destroy Debra Medina's Campaign For Texas Governor (Rogers Report)

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" The Debra Medina for Texas governor campaign is clearly being sabotaged by both Glenn Beck and Alex Jones in a carefully staged divide and conquer operation. Medina’s campaign of limited government, lower taxes and state sovereignty has not made the establishment powers happy. When Medina was interviewed by Beck on his show he used the issue of the 9/11 truth movement in an attempt to make her look bad in the eyes of Republican voters. It was an obvious operation by Beck to try to sabotage her campaign in favor of other establishment cronies like Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchinson who are running against her in the Republican primary. Although this sort of action was to be expected from someone like Beck who is an obvious paid propagandist that engages in all sorts of dishonest journalism, it was of more interest to see Alex Jones use the same issue to also demonize Medina. "
Note: Can't play favorites here - Alex Jones' site has presented valid information and produced helpful work but there are anomalies that raise red flags.
UPDATE FEB 26, 2010 Glenn "Rotiart" Beck and the Mob vs. John Adams


  1. Well I have followed both of these people on this issue. Beck is a CIA employee. Jones is a journalist. Medina called 911 Truthers despicable for questioning the governments report on the 911 attacks! Jones handled his end with professionalism and dignity. Medina betrayed Jones and many Texan's with her statement during a radio interview.
    Beck is a CIA employee, Jones is the best America has in journalism! Don't forget the difference next time you post articles.

  2. Thanks anonymous above - As a Socratic Ironist I can only claim awareness of my own ignorance - so I acknowledge that I don't have all the answers.

    But I saw a video of Alex Jones, which you can find a few posts below this one, in what appears to be an arrogant display of megalomania - resulting in a "takeover" of a protest already underway - with an already established speaking platform - that he took the liberty to not only ignore - but to shout over - creating a divided and confusing environment for the audience that had gathered to hear what speakers had to say.

    I also appreciate your help in reminding me of my duty to remember differences between Glenn Beck and Alex Jones the next time I post an article. In fact - I will take your advice - and I will never, ever, ever, ever forget that there is a difference between the two - but...

    Where is evidence for your assertion that Beck is a CIA employee? Also by what measure can I also conclude, as you have, that Jones is the "best?" "Best" is a term that relies on subjectivity - so ...

    I have a video at the bottom of this blog made by A Jones and a link to his site plainly visible on the left of this blog. That ought to be evidence of my acknowledgement of his fine work bringing important and timely information to the public.

    But I, as a blogger, and muckraker don't have the luxury of giving anyone a free pass and will never give anyone a free pass because that would immediately make me part of the problem - just another blind zealot with foregone conclusions.

    Watch the video of Alex in Texas and explain to me, or better yet leave a comment in his defense for the actions in the video. I have no beef with Alex - but you need to back up your fine words with a rational explanation for that event.

    Thank you for visiting and especially for commenting. Alex Jones deserves a fair shake - and an opportunity to defend an event that may not fairly portray his actions.

  3. Hmmm. My choices for Governor of Texas....

    Rick Perry - Bilderberger, friend of big Pharma and Big Oil.

    Kay Bailey Hutchison - Fake Conservative, neo-con.

    Farouk Shami - racist, gay, Palestinian with hidden anti-American agenda.

    Bill White - ultra-liberal democrat in love with illegal immigration.

    Debra Media - Rookie, trying to make things better.

    I think I'll choose Debra Medina.

  4. We all know Beck is a shill, but Alex? He called it like it was. SHE FLIP-FLOPPED!! Unless you're totally delusional its clear as day. How much more could we expect from her on other important issues? Would she do the same thing in regards to 2nd Amendment issues? Despite all of this Alex stated that those of us who love freedom should still vote for her. I'm beginning to have second thoughts on the credibility of this site and possibly even Mike Rivero's site for linking to it. Some of us can still think for ourselves, thank you very much.

  5. alex jones is a pure hack, shyster apologist for israel.

  6. As far as I've been following the issue, his only beef with Medina is that she flipped flopped. As far as my memory and knowledge go, he later said "still vote for Medina" until things clear up (like an explanation or an apology), or something to that tone. If Medina is so naïve to walk into a trap á la Glenn Beck, it, in my opinion, serves her right. No place for amateurs in politics, where their decisions may influence the livelihoods of millions of souls.

  7. Yeah, it's tough picking a good governor from that list. What happened to Kinky? the rick perry ad at the top of this site is disheartening. maybe the palestinian is the best choice or who is that debra media (sic)? Seriously, maybe we can wake her up. I sent her a bunch of links to 9/11 truth sites ...

  8. There won't be decent politicians until the public has a reasonable idea of what they want. I think we're making huge progress in being able to recognize scam artists, but what do we want instead? Hashing that out is our current and pressing challenge.

  9. WTF, Rivero linked to a negative story on Bullhorn, maybe he's learning from Jack Blood

  10. both of them are shills for zionism
    alex jones true colors were exposed here
    www.realzionistnews.com , and GBeck works for zionist network
    the aim is the same for both , to shift blame of the 911 attacks from israel mossad to else were
    Gbeck by undermining the 911 truth movement as lunatics and Alex jones by saying bush and Chenney did it


    Alex Jones wants to know if Medina is a flip-flopper because on his show Medina declared that people are free to have their own opinions even if they want to have another 911 investigation.

    Glenn Beck called Medina "nuts" because in his twisted words "she is a 911 truther".

    To even hint at Alex and Glenn working together is moronic.

    Alex rips on Glenn constantly. Constantly.

  12. Whatever...whatever....screw all this BS. We have to vote for Debra Medina or all will be lost. Perry is about to go into turbo mode in bringing Texas, ergo, the nation to its knees. Then the globalists win. Game over.

    Vote for Medina and then we can deal with this other stuff more openly at least.

  13. To put Alex in a category with Beck is absurd. One is a hard working heavyweight, the other an overpaid lightweight. If Alex has "cracked" under the pressure of the mission he assumed in rallying informed resistance, we critics must not forget the enormous pressure from globalism/zionism or from the high paid agents they employ to fragment the movements that arise contrary to the obviously corrupt and vicious system. For me the answer is total boycott of voting and of the media machine that continue to front for the big casino "democracies"

  14. Anon - thanks for the heads up on the Rick Perry ad - they are automatically placed by AdSense via Google depending upon the content of the site - almost impossible to control


  15. Thanks all for commenting - no answer though from the Alex Jones supporters regarding the video linked showing him shouting down the folks who already had a protest set up.

    Avoidance of facts distracts from your credibility. Let's hear somebody explain that - then you can cry about my credibility.

    When I hear blind zealots claim someone is beyond reproach - and I mean for the bullhorn thing - sorry - you're just a follower and now part of the problem.

    If I didn't see the video I'm bringing up - I probably wouldn't have gave this story much time - but now I have to.

    I you AJ supporters can't come up with some reasoning behind that bullhorn incident - then I can't help you.

  16. 9/11 was an inside job

  17. next time maybe we could support someone who knows
    9/11, oklahoma bombing were inside jobs, and someone
    who knows what a false flag attack is, like project northwoods and uss liberty.

  18. First of all I dont see what the video has to do with Medina. When i heard her say thoes things in the interview I felt sick to my stomach. I dont care what you belive but she said we basicly have no right to question the goverment. Alex may be the biggest jerk in the world for all i care it has nothing to do with What Medina did. You are the one with the divide and conquer plot clear as day using some lame video of Alex Jones doing what he always does to try to get us to turn against him and comparing him with Glen Beck even saying that they are working together. Where is your proof? Expose him for being a jerk but stop the BS

  19. To anon 3:56
    I don't think Alex is a "jerk" - I never said that - and again- he's done lots of good work bringing important issues to the public. How many times must I repeat that?

    But - again - all you do is say that I "use" a "lame video" ...

    Still - no explanation for that video - and it needs explaining.

    Also - there is nothing wrong with hearing criticism and contemplating ramifications of actions - the young lady in the video was treated very rudely by Alex - why? If Alex Jones was interested in forwarding the same cause those first on the scene were forwarding - why didn't he coordinate his efforts with theirs - instead of "stealing the show?"

    Finally - as long as it still lasts - it is my duty to ask the tough questions.

    Let the critics have their say - answer them with reason and explanations - and the truth will be revealed.

    Also - it isn't Jack Rabbit comparing Alex Jones to Glenn Beck - I think nothing of the sort - that was the title of the original article I linked - then preceded by a question mark showing that it is for the reader to take into consideration - examine the facts and opinions at hand and draw their own conclusion.

    But the video of Alex at that rally has not been addressed - and it was when I saw that video that I became duty bound to bring up the discussion.

    Thank you for participating and your involvement in this discussion.

  20. Lets, see. Glen Beck is a neo-con, lives in New York, but Alex Jones lives is Texas, claims champion freedom. You would think the restoration of property rights,2nd amendment, trans Texas corridor, education,nullification, EPA out would be of up most importance to any freedom loving Texan. The truth about 911 will come out.Why would you try to destroy the only candidate who wants to restore freedom in Texas now?She has never flip flopped on her platform. Do you smell a rat? Jack Blood, who use to work for Alex Jones gave a very telling Radio broadcast that has shown some light in the darkness. Texas, right now,has Debra Medina, shining a beacon of light for Texans, if not the country. Who scared of that? Alex Jones with all his drama and grand standing makes most of us look foolish to the people who have not awoke. Medina is passionate about freedom.Her message is what we can grasp and spread to others. Is matters not who trashes you if the job gets done. Intelligence backed up with action over Emotionalism and immaturity is what we need. Do not continue to be lead by anyone who does not have your best interest at heart.

  21. I distrust Alex Jones. He does not seem authentic to me but I align with many of his ideas. Therefore, I tolerated watching his show. Not now. After watching his actions with the bullhorn it is clear to me that he is more interested in boosting his ego than he is in empowering people, for whatever reason. Whether or not Beck and Jones are working together is a moot point. The time is critical to stand united. Can we?



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